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Chapter 862: Yours and Mine

Chapter 862: Yours and Mine
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Far away from Jun Yinglian, an elder didn't seem so happy about it and said, "My Queen, that lady is too arrogant… You acted so humbly to accompany her to travel our place. How could she act so shamelessly? I say we should give her a real lesson."

"Shut up." Moon Queen looked at her coldly and said, "Give her a lesson? You? What do you have to give her a real lesson? Your own life? Or do you want to spend all the lives in our place so that you can feel better? Can't you understand why I did all that to her? She is a woman who has just lost her beloved one. She could give up her life at any second. She will definitely go destroy the three factions… even die with them… We have been dreaming to destroy them but we never dared to… And you are telling me you want to make some troubles on her? If you want to die, just let me help. I can't let you risk my entire palace to mess with this woman right now!"

"Remember, we must help her stay in a perfect condition. We may even help her to attack the three factions so that they won't have the chance to overtake us. Just give her whatever she asked for…" Suddenly, she stopped.

She remembered something that greatly shocked her.

In the Flower Villa.

This was the quietest place in Qiong-Hua Palace.

There were no walls, only flowers and trees around the villa. The branches and vines grew together and made a natural wall and a huge green roof. This was a villa built by plants.

There were flowers falling in the air all year along.

That was why it was named Flower Villa.

Jun Yinglian walked to the door. It was a door of fog. As the fog drifted away, it revealed the inside of the villa.

She stepped on the fallen flower on the floor and entered the building.

In the yard of the villa, there was a woman in white waiting for her.

The lady was in all white. Her long hair was akin to a waterfall. There was no other color. She didn't wear any accessories, however, she looked so natural and elegant.

The expression on her face was as indifferent as Jun Yinglian.

It seemed there was nothing in the world that she cared anymore.

In fact, her face looked pale. She must be weak.

She must have been tortured by time both physically and mentally.

She just stood on the full yard of fallen flowers. It felt like she was one of the fallen flowers herself. It felt like she was going to disappear to the dust in the fog at any second.

Jun Yinglian looked at her and sighed. "Yue Gongxue, it has been a while."

The lady was Ye Xiao's mother, the former Moonlight Saintess of the Great Qiong-Hua Palace, wife of Ye Nantian, Yue Gongxue!

At the moment, when Jun Yinglian called her, she raised her head up and looked at Jun Yinglian. She seemed so calm. She just smiled and said, "Thank you, Master Jun."

"You're welcome." Jun Yinglian said, "Even if I didn't come, it is almost the day you can come out. Am I right? I am just pushing it a bit. No need to thank me."

Yue Gongxue smiled and said, "In fact, it makes no difference, staying here or in that cold cave."

That was a bit unreasonable to say so. It was unacceptably cold in that Moon Penalty Cave, and it was terrible inside. No matter how isolated the Flower Villa was, it was on the floor. There was a huge difference between these two places. Jun Yinlian helped Yue Gongxue out of that cave. It was such a great favor. However, what Yue Gongxue said might hurt Jun Yinglian's feeling. That was not right!

However, Jun Yinglian totally understood her. She even felt the sorrow of Yue Gongxue. She walked to Yue Gongxue and waved her sleeve. Suddenly, a set of teapot and cups showed up on the table.

"Nineteen years ago, we first met each other. What we did was to drink tea and chat. You told me that my tea smelled so good." Jun Yinglian said, "Since I came here to see you this time, I took the tea and the tools with me."

"If there is anybody who deserves these tea set and this tea, you must be the only one."

Jun Yinglian said, "I brought them and I will give it to you. I guess I won't need them from now on after all."

Yue Gongxue looked up in surprise. She looked at Jun Yinglian. "I don't understand. You are such a capable cultivator. Why would you say such sorrowful words? Why?"

Jun Yinglian was silent for a while, then she said blandly, "I forgot that you don't know about my story. Xiao Monarch… Ye Xiao is dead."

Yue Gongxue was shocked. She suddenly trembled and looked up at Jun Yinglian. She had been locked in that cave for sixteen years. She hadn't been told that Xiao Monarch was dead.

Jun Yinglian didn't say anything. She just focused on making tea.

However, tears dropped down from her pretty eyes.

Yue Gongxue sighed. In that sigh, there was grievance and sorrow.

She looked up and spoke in a low voice, "Master Jun, I am sorry that I brought up your sadness."

Jun Yinglian said, "We are close friends, no need for an apology."

As she waved her long sleeve, the spiritual qi in the air became a stream of water pouring into the teapot. Her other hand held the teapot, and after a few seconds, the teapot was heated.

She blandly spoke, "Back then, when you and I met each other, we became good friends in the first sight. I never thought after all these years, we will both be in such miserable situations." Her eyes looked full of sorrow. "You and me, we are suffering the same sorrow… In fact, I am afraid our hearts have died long ago… Maybe we are just two soulless human bodies…"

Yue Gongxue stared at the mist rolling up from the teapot. She seemed lost in the memory. After a while, she said, "That's right. I guess there is nothing in the world that can bring me pleasure again. Nothing in the world can bring my heart back to life."

Jun Yinglian blandly spoke, "I believe you will see that day coming. I am also sure it is never going to happen to me."

Yue Gongxue sighed and gritted her teeth. "Master Jun… Xiao Monarch's death… My condolences… However, I have to say one thing… Xiao Monarch is dead… but… Ye Xiao is… still alive."

"He will never die!"

Jun Yinglian slight lost her composure and said, "Yes! My Ye Xiao is dead, but your Ye Xiao may never die!"