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Chapter 863: The Past

Chapter 863: The Past
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Yue Gongxue was a bit surprised about what Jun Yinglian just said. Those were some confusing words. Yue Gongxue suddenly started shaking. She couldn't believe what she just heard. She got close to Jun Yinglian and said, "What? What do you mean?"

Jun Yinglian calmed down again. She poured the green tea into the transparent jade teacup and blandly said, "I still remember that day… We met when you were pregnant."

"When your son was born… and you two have to escaped, I helped you," she continued. "However… because I was stuck in other business, I didn't stay with you all along. I had to chase after my man. I am sorry that I couldn't do more for you."

Yue Gongxue calmed down and said, "Please don't be. The world was against us. Nobody ever helped us except you. Even his clan betrayed him. You are the only one who truly gave us a hand… I wouldn't ask for more."

"It was just something really simple though. If I could do more, maybe you two wouldn't end up so piteous!" Jun Yinglian shook her head.

"Maybe it didn't mean much to you, but for us, you saved our lives. I won't forget it. And I know there is no way I can return the favor." Yue Gongxue was grateful.

"After that, I sent a message to Moon Queen, in the name of me and Xiao Monarch… we asked her to spare your lives," Jun Yinglian said, "His name and mine were still powerful at that time. After that, I heard your husband was exiled to the lower realm, and you were locked in captivity… I never knew Qiong-Hua Palace would be so adamant."

Yue Gongxue was enlightened. "I see. I was wondering why they still kept me alive. I betrayed my sect after all. It was your message that saved us!"

She, her husband, and her son should have been killed but were saved because of Jun Yinglian and Ye Xiao's message to Moon Queen. That was why she could still live in the world. However, it was too late for her to know it. Xiao Monarch was already dead…

She was so grateful. She said, "Things aren't good for me. However, as long as they are still alive, there is hope."

Jun Yinglian smiled bitterly and said, "That's right. As long as they are alive, there is hope."

She thought of Ye Xiao and felt pain in the heart like being stabbed by a sharp knife.

Yue Gongxue had suffered so much, but she now knew her husband and son were both alive.

It gave her hope that supported her to live on.

What about Jun Yinglian?

[I am the one who is alive. What then? Is there hope?]

"I remember that you wanted to leave your son to me, so that I can keep the kid alive." Jun Yinglian smiled and said, "What a shame. I was truly busy with other matters. I was afraid I couldn't keep him safe…"

Yue Gongxue was still grateful. "Even so, you gave us a suggestion. You told us to give the kid a name of a world shocking figure."

"We have thought for a long time and decided to name him after Xiao Monarch… My husband is named Ye after all…" Yue Gongxue said, "It truly humiliated Xiao Monarch… however, I think Xiao Monarch would agree to help since you sent the message in his name…"

"That's right. He surely supported me. That's why I could use his name to write that letter." Jun Yinglian said, "It was my idea though… However, no matter how much Qiong-Hua Palace didn't like it, they wouldn't want to be hostile to both of us. They would have to make a decision after all."

Yue Gongxue was so appreciative. "Again, thank you so much."

"However, the powerful Xiao Monarch is dead." Jun Yinglian said, "So this world shocking name, Ye Xiao… I don't think it will protect your son. Instead, it may get him killed."

Yue Gongxue raised her head with grievance in her eyes. She seemed to be looking at somewhere far away and then sighed. She said, "I know that. But… I don't even know where… where my son is. I don't know if he is happy… I think he is still in the lower realm right now…"

Jun Yinglian spoke in a low voice, "I am here to ask you something… Your son… did you give him that name? Ye Xiao?"

Yue Gongxue seemed a bit embarrassed. "Yes."

An expression of despair showed up on Jun Yinglian's face and then quickly disappeared. She asked, "I know a little about your husband and your son. You said they are in the lower realm. Do you mean the Land of Han-Yang?"

Yue Gongxue gritted her teeth and nodded.

Land of Han-Yang, that was a place she had never been to but had dreamt of several times before.

This place was such an important place for Yue Gongxue all these years!

Her husband and her son were both in that realm!

Jun Yinglian felt chilled. She didn't talk anymore and just kept making tea.

It seemed the two answers were all she wanted to know in the world. There was nothing she cared about anymore now.

She didn't talk anymore, but Yue Gongxue didn't want silence.

Jun Yinglian had just asked her two questions and then stopped talking. She didn't understand what she meant at all. However, the two questions concerned her two most important men in the world! She couldn't bear the awkward silence!

After being quiet for a while, she realized Jun Yinglian wouldn't say anything now. She panicked.

[Are you here to just ask about my son's name? Why don't you tell me what happened? This is killing me…]

However, Jun Yinglian really didn't want to say anything now. She came to this place for the answer and she got it. Before she came, she got herself a tiny hope floating outside the realm… She didn't really quite believe it could be true…

Yue Gongxue's answer totally killed that tiny hope…

Jun Yinglian was now hopeless and frustrated. The only thing that kept her alive now was the desire for revenge.

However, she underestimated a mother's desire for her son. Yue Gongxue hadn't seen her son for seventeen years.

Seventeen years… Finally, somebody came to her and talked to her about her son! How could she let it go?

Her heart nearly popped out of her mouth through the throat.

"Master Jun, what you said… Did you… did you see my… poor kid?" Yue Gongxue looked at Jun Yinglian cautiously. She wanted to find the answer from Jun Yinglian's expression.

"No," Jun Yinglian shook her head and casually answered.