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Chapter 864: Motherliness!

Chapter 864: Motherliness!
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Jun Yinglian was totally frustrated and hopeless. It was difficult for her to even answer Yue Gongxue's question.

"But what you asked just now…" Yue Gongxue's eyes were glowing. Her face seemed glowing. "It is about my son. If you know anything about my poor son, please do tell me…"

"That's a misunderstanding… What I asked does not concern your son," Jun Yinglian spoke in a weak voice.

"Is it… Is my son… now… in Qing-Yun Realm?" Yue Gongxue thought of one possibility. Her eyes lit up.

[If he is still in the Land of Han-Yang, Jun Yinglian would never hear of him!]

"Your son… maybe your son is a secret talented young man…" Jun Yinglian was soft in the heart. She looked at Yue Gongxue and said, "One of my friends mentioned him earlier. Your son may have come to Qing-Yun Realm… I have no idea where he is though."

Yue Gongxue was shaking. She suddenly got closer to Jun Yinglian and grabbed her hand so tight. "Master Jun, please… Tell me anything about him… Anything you know…"

When she spoke, tears kept flowing down from her cheeks. She tried so hard to hold it, but it was impossible. She was sobbing so badly that she nearly passed out.

She tightly held Jun Yinglian's hand. In her eyes, there was yearning.

Even just small pieces of incoherent words about her son would be a great comfort for her! She wanted to hear about her son. She had been longing for it for so many years, till her heart was breaking apart…

Jun Yinglian sighed. She stared at Yue Gongxue's face. She saw her aspiration.

She knew that if she made up something, the woman in front of her might die someday because of disappointment and heartbreak.

[I… I truly have no clue…]

Jun Yinglian only knew the story that Bing Xinyue told her. She personally knew nothing about her son.

However, she couldn't endure the look on Yue Gongxue's face anymore. She decided to give in.

"I know just a little about your son. What I know is from other's narratives…" She had no other choice but to tell Yue Gongxue everything Bing Xinyue said earlier about Ye Xiao.

While she was telling the story, Yue Gongxue kept asking questions.

Yue Gongxue wasn't that cold and indifferent anymore.

No matter how Jun Yinglian explained, Yue Gongxue always had new questions.

She asked about every word Jun Yinglian said about her son again and again.

Jun Yinglian told her Ye Xiao was a talented young man. Yue Gongxue was so interested. She wanted to know more about it.

She just kept looking at Jun Yinglian in the eyes.

Jun Yinglian didn't know much about it.

She didn't even see that Ye Xiao before. Besides, that young man's existence just broke her tiny hope…

Now she was being questioned about him…

[What is going on with all this!]

She felt that she was going to freak out soon…

"Look, this is my guess…" Jun Yinglian was being cautious. "Your son has grown up alone in the Land of Han-Yang. He must be only seventeen years old. My friend toles me that he can ascend to Qing-Yun Realm now… In his seventeenth, he actually has the power to ascend to an upper world… I guess he must be a genius… I haven't seen him before, so I can't tell you any more about him…"

Yue Gongxue was so into it. "Seventeen. He ascended to this world. He should be no higher than the top level of Sky Origin Stage. That doesn't prove him a genius. Let's say he succeeded, then he is in Spirit Origin Stage. That's not true…"

Jun Yinglian held her own forehead. She was speechless now.

[Yue Gongxue apparently wants me to praise her son a few more. She is a great cultivator too. How could she not know the truth?]

[A kid who grows up in the Land of Han-Yang, a realm that is so low that it is poor, reaches the top level of Sky Origin Stage and then ascends to the upper realm… You are telling me that doesn't make him a genius?]

In fact, Yue Gongxue wanted to hear Jun Yinglian praise his son as a genius! Jun Yinglian felt embarrassed.

In fact, Yue Gongxue wanted to keep hearing it!

That was not a joke. She had been asking Jun Yinglian some questions that Jun Yinglian would answer with a praise for Ye Xiao…

Jun YInglian felt that this was such a difficult job. She suddenly stoops up and said, "Time flies. I have other business to take care of. I guess this is it. I will see you around."

"Why are you leaving so soon? Why not just stay a few minutes longer?" Yue Gongxue apparently didn't want to end the conversation.


[I can't stay here any longer. I am afraid that I will slap your face to kill you instantly, or I will freak out and become a lunatic. I may slap myself to death too! I can't stand this.]

Jun Yinglian was determined to leave. However, she still tried to comfort Yue Gongxue. "Just stay here. Take good care of yourself. Maybe not long later, your genius son will come pick you up and take you out. A genius like him would never let his mother suffer like this… Maybe there will be a big fight between Qiong-Hua Palace and your son."

Yue Gongxue murmured, "Really? Is it possible?"

She was lost and then murmured again, "I don't want him to take the risk to save me… I hope that he can have a happy and peaceful life… I don't want him to feel any pain in his life… If he isn't a genius, if he can't ascend to Qing-Yun Realm, maybe he will more likely live a happy life?"

Jun Yinglian sighed. She turned around and left, but before she went far, she heard Yue Gongxue.

"Master Jun, can I ask for a favor?" She was begging. "I can't go out. Can you… take one thing with you and give it to my son for me?"

Jun Yinglian was troubled. "I am afraid you are asking the wrong person to help. Once I step out here, I am on my way to a massacre. Death will be haunting me. I don't know how long I can still live… and how far I can go… I am afraid what you want me to take will…"

Yue Gongxue begged her. "Please, I have been imprisoned for seventeen years. You are the only one I saw during the seventeen years. I know I can only give it to you… I really don't have anybody else who can help me…"

Jun Yinglian's heart melted. She said, "Fine… What do you want me to take?"

Yue Gongxue was delighted. However, she seemed hesitant.

She had been imprisoned for seventeen years. She didn't have anything with her anymore. As a mother, she hadn't seen her son ever during the seventeen years. She felt she was the worst mother in the world. Now she finally saw a trustworthy person, so she wanted to give her son something. However, she suddenly realized that she had nothing to give her son. She felt so sad in the heart and couldn't stop sobbing with tears.