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Chapter 865: Incorrigible!

Chapter 865: Incorrigible!
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Jun Yinglian was waiting. However, after a long while, Yue Gongxue still didn't give her anything. Jun Yinglian was confused as she looked at Yue Gongxue.

Yue Gongxue held her two hands together. She seemed helpless. Her face was red. It was awkward. More and more tears flowed down…

After a while, she sobbed. "I know you must be busy. There are so many things you need to do. I guess I won't bother you with this. Please, if you meet my son, tell him this… Tell him… that his mother wants him to live well… his mother… misses him… so much…"

"Tell him his mother has nothing valuable to give him… Tell him to be careful… as the martial world is full of danger… Tell him… I am fine in Qiong-Hua Palace… I am good… Tell him not to worry about me…"

After this, Yue Gongxue burst into tears and cried.

Jun Yinglian made a long sigh. Even she felt grieved in the heart.

"Okay. If I see him, I will tell him!"

When Jun yInglian left the mountains of Qiong-Hua Palace, she was lost in thoughts.

What she kept thinking of was the image of Yue Gongxue, the deep-rooted longing and the crystal tears…

[Poor parental love…]

She sighed. She was suffering from the love of romance, while Yue Gongxue was suffering from the love of family!

Love always hurt!

She wanted to give her son something, yet there was nothing she could give. Wasn't that the biggest grief of a mother?

However, what she said was full of motherliness.

[I will be fine… Will you really be fine?]

[I guess I have to tell your son about this!]

[After this, it is going to take me a longer time to take revenge. Xiao, wait for me…] Jun Yinglian thought.

No matter what, she just couldn't ignore a mother's humble wish.

A mother who had been parted from her son since the boy was born!

Seventeen years…

What a tragedy!

Jun Yinglian knew that the departed Xiao Monarch wouldn't blame her for helping a piteous mother like her!

She made a long sigh. Suddenly, she waved her right hand and drew out her sword. She moved aside and seven beams of sword lights shot out.

- Clang! -

She put the sword back into the scabbard and then left.

"When I want you to know where I am, I will let you stay behind. If I don't want to be followed, whoever dares to hide behind me will pay with their lives! Keep sending people to track on me if you can afford death."

"Don't you three factions hurry. I will visit you very soon!"

Then her figure disappeared in the fog on the mountains.

Seven beams of blood shot out from inside the bushes on the roadside.

There were seven men hiding under the ground so as to cover their trace when they were following Jun Yinglian. However, now they could never get out anymore. In fact, they had buried themselves in the ground.

No trace of any of them was left at all.

Jun Yinglian disappeared since then.

After Jun Yinglian left Qiong-Hua Palace.

Yue Gongxue looked at the flowers around her with a blank head. Her eyes were blank. All she was thinking about was her grown-up son, who might have ascended to the Qing-Yun Realm…

She wiped her eyes again.

"I am his mother… I am a bad mother…" She was sobbing. "He has grown up now… I haven't even made clothes for him…"

She was weeping but didn't notice the Moon Queen standing behind her for a long time.

Moon Queen quietly looked the woman, who was once her most favorite disciple, among lots of fallen flowers.

Her eyes were filled with complicated expression.

"I guess she is gone," Moon Queen said.

"Yes… Ah?" Yue Gongxue turned around. She was shocked. "Master."

"Oh. You still remember you have a master. You still call me master." Moon Queen half closed her eyes and blandly said, "Let me ask you, what does Master Jun want from you?"

Yue Gongxue was frightened. She said, "We used to meet each other. We were not so close friends though. Just friends. She helped me a lot once. She was here to ask me about something…"

Moon Queen nodded. "Something that she wouldn't care for after she died."

Yue Gongxue lowered her head and said, "It should be. I don't understand either. Why would she come ask me that… Even though she is no longer the Prime Master of her sect, there should still be trustworthy people around her that she could talk to…"

"Surely, she can trust some of her people. She just doesn't want Sky Ice Palace to get involved. She came to you because of your special background. What a brilliant idea." Moon Queen sighed while looking up to the sky.

A falling flower fell down before her eyes. It was silent.

"Jun Yinglian is such an affectionate woman…" She smiled and blandly said, "What a pity. She is also stupid and foolish."

Yue Gongxue was surprised.

[Stupid and foolish?]

[Jun Yinglian?]

However, she knew that she was just the same with Jun Yinglian.

She said, "Master… In fact… We are just women…"

Moon Queen raged up and said, "Women? So what? Are all women obligated to serve their husbands and sons? Can't we just build our own empire by our own hands?"

Yue Gongxue said, "Of course we can. But to have a beloved husband and a home should be the most beautiful aspiration of a woman."

"I can't believe this. After all these years, you are still wrongheaded!" Moon Queen was annoyed. "I guess the seventeen years of isolated cultivation are all just wasting time!"

Yue Gongxue smiled bitterly and said, "Seventeen years… I did suffer during that isolated cultivation."

In fact, she thought. [Isolated cultivation? What a nice saying. When did I ever cultivate? I was imprisoned! I was locked!]

Moon Queen understood what she meant. She was pissed. "For all these years, I have kept you away from the martial world, yet your personality never improved at all! I am disappointed! I am very disappointed!"

"All men in the world will do treachery. None of them can be trusted with your life! He surely loves you when you are young and beautiful! When you are old, he will go for another without hesitation! Men… should all die!"

She was being fierce and murderous while speaking!

Yue Gongxue took a deep breath. "Master, not all women…" She got up the courage to continue, "Not every woman can meet the right man. Not every man is a dishonest person…"

She didn't say it clearly, but it was understandable enough.

[You met a dishonest man, but I didn't.]

[You can't blame all men in the world just because of your unfortunate story.]

Moon Queen was furious. Her voice became harsh and raspy. "Yue Gongxue! Good! Good for you! How dare you indoctrinate me… Good…"

"I don't." Yue Gongxue bowed.

"No? Is there really anything you don't dare to do?" Moon Queen was flaming in anger. "Your parents died when you were a kid. I brought you back and raised you carefully. I taught you what I knew. Look what you did? You didn't return the favor and make a contribution to the sect. Instead, you pledged to marry a filthy man without permission! You gave birth to a bastard and look at you… You are still a mess even now!"