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Chapter 866: Foodie!

Chapter 866: Foodie!
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Moon Queen was getting more and more furious.

"You even… even… You even talk to me like that! Yue Gongxue, how dare you? Did Jun Yinglian give you the courage?"

Yue Gongxue shook her head. "No. She didn't say anything… I am just being honest to you. I am telling the truth! I swear!"

Moon Queen was still angry. She fiercely spoke, "Do you think Jun Yinglian lives any better? What does she have to criticize others? She devoted herself entirely to a man who didn't want her! Look how pathetic she is now! She got nothing, even till that man ed! She even thought of avenging him… She is foolish, and she shouldn't interfere in other's business!"

"I don't want to fight against someone who will die soon. Do you think I really care about Jun Yinglian? She is now out of our palace. I have nothing to worry about now. What if I go out and kill her right now? What do you think? Will I do that? Am I able to do that?" she was shouting.

"Please forgive me, Master. I didn't mean that. If I have anything irreverent thoughts, I would accept death penalty." Yue Gongxue said, "I… I am confused and troubled. I… I am a mother. I haven't seen my child for seventeen years. I have never spent even one second with him… I totally lost my mind when I thought of my child. Please, forgive me. This has nothing to do with Master Jun."

Moon Queen was suddenly shocked when she heard Yue Gongxue talking about her son. The expression in her eyes was complicated. Suddenly, she humphed and then left.

"I always keep my word. From now on, you should stay in this villa and reflect on yourself. Do not leave this place even one step without my permission!"

She left.

Yue Gongxue stayed there for a moment and then she sat down.

She could feel her master hesitate when the last words were spoken.

Moon Queen was thinking about whether she should send Yue Gongxue back to that cave or leave her in the villa.

In the end, she decided to keep her own word and leave her in this place. In fact, she didn't want Yue Gongxue to suffer that much anymore.

"Thank you… Master… but I… won't change my mind." Yue Gongxue sat in the villa and spoke in a low voice, "I miss my family, my husband and my son…"

"I am just an ordinary woman… I have no great ambition…"

"Xiao Xiao… Nantian…"

Ye Xiao was not as casual as he had been now. He met the real problem.

Many superior cultivators were waiting to fight against him. It was surely an opportunity, but also a great challenge. He didn't have time to rest. One after another, he kept fighting.

In the beginning, he kept being beaten up by those real powerful disciples. He was disgraced, embarrassedm and miserable… even though he was such a smart and experienced cultivator…

However, there was a huge gap.

He was too much weaker!

The biggest ant might defeat all other ants easily!

However, when it faced a chicken…

Even the weakest chicken… the ant would fail!

They were in two completely different power levels. No matter how strong the ant was, it would be swallowed by a chicken easily!

Luckily, Ye Xiao knew that none of those people were hostile to him.

That meant nobody would kill him!

The chicken didn't eat the ant. The ant would never die in the combat!

Under such circumstances, he was just forced to cultivate as hard as he could.

He kept being beaten up like hell every day, yet he was improving rather fast.

Now Ye Xiao had called Erhuo back. He had a strong cultivation foundation now, that meant he could use the help of the supreme dan beads Erhuo made during the recent days…

"Erhuo, what do you want to do with those snakes?"

In the Space, Ye Xiao was gasping. He had been punched all day and he just wanted to have a rest. Looking at the dead snakes in the Space, he felt scared.

He certainly wasn't a coward, but the snakes in the Space were truly creepy.

The tens of thousands of snakes piled up like a mountain in the Space. In the Space, the snake bodies didn't rot. However, Ye Xiao had to endure the creepy scene of the snake mountain everytime he went to the Space.

Erhuo meowed with an innocent look as if the snakes had nothing to do with it!

Ye Xiao had been busy on the special training, so he hadn't spent much time with Erhuo. When he saw Erhuo now, he found it became smooth and elegant. Every hair of it seemed shining. It was still as big as a fist, but he could feel it enhanced by a wide margin.

It had been so weak when it just came out of the egg, but now it was so much stronger.

He could tell that Erhuo had eaten many good stuff.

It moved much faster now. If Ye Xiao didn't pay attention to it, he couldn't notice its movement at all. It moved just like lightning.

"Eat…" Erhuo gave him an explanation.

[Are you a fool?. Listen to your question.]

[Of course, I am going to eat these snakes. What? Do you think I can conceive a son or something with those dead snakes?]

[Hmm… Snakes lay eggs…]

[Pah! I was born anew. How could snakes lay eggs? That's humiliating!]

Over a dozen snakes were staying beside the dead snakes. These were living. They saw the cat open its mouth and got terribly frightened.

They were forced to stay in this place. They didn't even know how they got into this place, not to mention get out… Every day, they had to face the overwhelming suppression from the cat, as if it was their king. Every day, they had to spirit up and play with the cat… When they were allowed to rest, they were only allowed to rest beside the dead bodies of their own kin…

Snakes were cold-blooded. Lucky for them. That was why they could endure this…

Otherwise, they should have all gone crazy…

"Eat?" Ye Xiao freaked out. "All these dead snakes? How do you eat them all? You are just a small cat! What? You're going to eat dead snakes every day? Won't you be bored? Every time I come here, I see these disgusting things. Don't you feel sick about it? You are telling me you are going to eat them?"