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Chapter 867: Blood Bead!

Chapter 867: Blood Bead!
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Erhuo thought for a while and frowned. It looked at the dead snakes and thought of the past few days when it kept eating fish. That was right. No matter how good the food was, it became tiring to eat it again and again many times.

Erhuo thought that he would never get tired of fish since there were so many different kinds of fish there. However, after those days, Erhuo was tired. Now when it saw the fish, it would throw up. As Erhuo thought about the snakes, it felt a bit sick too. Erhuo nearly puked when it smelled the dead snakes.

All living creatures with wisdom would dislike something more when it started to dislike that thing. Apparently, Erhuo was a wise cat. Since it didn't like something anymore, it wanted to sweep it all off.

Erhuo shook the whiskers and walked around the dead snakes.

It sat on the floor and held its lower jaw with one paw, as if it was in deep thoughts.

[He is right. As I look at them now, I feel a bit disgusted. The longer I look at them, the more disgusted I feel. This is serious. I have to solve this as soon as possible… But what should I do? I can't just throw them away… What a waste…]

A cat… was lost in thoughts…

Ye Xiao was surprised by such a scene. He didn't even go on asking about the snake bodies. He was shocked!

The next moment, Erhuo shouted. It seemed it was happy.

After that, it grabbed a few dead snakes with its paw and then rubbed the dead snakes with two paws…

Ye Xiao was stunned. His eyes were opened so wide. His eyeballs nearly popped out if not for the eye frames.

What he saw was too stunning after all…

He saw Erhuo rubbing the snake body and then the snake was gone. Instead, a small red colored bead appeared!

Erhuo touched the bead and stared at it. It seemed quite satisfied with the bead.

After that, it moved its butt and pushed the bead to Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao picked up the bead and didn't recognize it. It felt so soft in his hand. It wasn't like any other medicines. It was more like a rubber ball.

After Erhuo's explanation, Ye Xiao realized it was the essence of the snake. Erhuo had removed every impurity of that snake and made it into one small thing.

The bead was mostly snake's blood. It wasn't smelly at all. Instead, it smelled kind of good.

That was a skill Erhuo learned during the time it kept eating those fish. It would make the food smaller before eating it!

After practicing for many times, it was an expert now…

Erhuo didn't stop. It continued to make that bead… - Shoot, shoot, shoot… - Many blood beads were made by its small paws. After a while, there was a pile of it.

The dead snake mountain was getting smaller and smaller.

On the other side, the over a dozen big living snakes were totally frightened while staring at Erhuo. They were trembling… They didn't even dare to show their tongues…

Apparently, they knew better about what those blood beans meant!

[Oh my heavens… So many snake bodies… The cat just makes them disappear so easily…]

[So they will all become Blood Essence?]

[We knew the cat was horrible, but we never expected it to be so brutal… It just moved its paw and the blood suddenly became a small bead of blood essence. That is a marvelous skill!]

Ye Xiao didn't really understand how powerful Erhuo was… What he knew was the big snakes were sweating on the head…

Scared snakes!

Ye Xiao was surprised.

[Who says snakes are cold-blooded animal? I am going to tell them a real contradictory truth!]

[I see them sweating now. They don't sweat because they don't have the reason to]

[These snakes are scared! They are sweating!]

[This is the truth!]

Erhuo was working so hard this time. It kept making the blood beads. After a while, Erhuo seemed tired. It grabbed a blood bead on the floor and ate it.

After that, it was suddenly spirited up. It could immediately go on making more.

Ye Xiao grabbed that blood bead in the hand. He felt a bit disgusted. He wanted to eat it, but didn't really dare to.

Erhuo didn't understand why Ye Xiao hesitated. It looked at Ye Xiao with its widely opened eyes, shaking its whiskers. "Meow?"

Its meant, 'I worked so hard to make it. Why don't you just eat it? It tastes good! I tasted it!'

Ye Xiao smiled bitterly. 'How do you want me to eat it? I saw you rubbing the snakes and made them into these blood beads… I wanted to puke… And you want me to eat it? Really…'

Erhuo shook its tail. "Meow…"

'Go on. Eat it. It's good. Really delicious…'

Ye Xiao looked at the blood bead and couldn't make up his mind to eat it.

Erhuo suddenly jumped up and moved to Ye Xiao. It pushed one blood bead into Ye Xiao's mouth all of a sudden.

Ye Xiao didn't have time to react. The blood bead had entered his mouth!

Ye Xiao was shocked that Erhuo was actually this fast! He couldn't even have time to react! Then he thought of the disgusting thing in his mouth. He felt sick. Before he threw up, he felt the warmth rushing down through his throat and his blood was boiling up! It actually enhanced his physical condition.

There was a power rolling in his dantian… It seemed it added more spiritual qi in the dantian!

The blood bead could recover his physical condition and also improve his cultivation!

Ye Xiao was shocked. He didn't feel disgusted at all. The only thought in his mind was…

[This… This is marvelous! The blood bead must be the most powerful recovery medicine!]

Erhuo casually got down on the floor and walked around. It looked quite proud.

[You don't want it? I say you will!]


And then it saw Ye Xiao grab a full hand of blood bead and swallowed them all…

[As long as it can improve my cultivation… I will eat whatever it is!]

[I ate snakes before! Snake blood is easy!]

Erhuo was stunned…

[What… What the hell?]

[Didn't you just tell me you can't do it? Isn't it disgusting? What? Now you start snatching it?]

[Meow… Do not eat them up, you prick…]