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Chapter 868: Here Is a Monster

Chapter 868: Here Is a Monster
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Ye Xiao started the continuous combats again.

Over sixty people fought against him one by one. They had witnessed a miracle!

A legend!

A myth!

In the morning, after a few bouts of training, Ye Xiao started the continuous fights. He kept being beaten by over sixty people without stopping. He was punched, kicked, twisted… but eventually held it. Till it was lunch time, he finally had the time to rest.

After lunch, the ruthless combat began again.

However, the other disciples found that Ye Chongxiao seemed to be a bit stronger!

In the afternoon, Ye Chongxiao was stronger than the morning, but he still couldn't defeat anybody. He was punched, kicked, twisted, and tortured again. It surprised everybody that he actually got through it!

Till it was time for dinner, he finally had another chance to rest.

After dinner, it began again. He was going to be tortured again. However, the others all felt it strange. [It seems he is stronger than the afternoon? Am I having an illusion?]

The combat didn't stop until midnight. The disciples all left for rest and cultivation.

Early in the next morning, the combat continued.

However, the disciples were all shocked. [What? He seems much stronger than last night!]

[This is not an illusion!]

Early in the morning of the last day, he was defeated by one strike when facing a level five Dream Origin Stage man. A clean crash. After that, a bit later in the morning, he was still knocked down by one strike, but he had done many moves. At least it wasn't that ugly. In the afternoon, he was still defeated by one strike, but he did a reaction to save himself from falling down to the floor embarrassingly. At the night, he was even better than that. That was a fast improvement.

The next morning, he was also defeated by one strike. However, he just staggered when he lost it.

The level five disciple was surprised. He couldn't believe it. [What is wrong? I struck with the same power I did yesterday. Why is this ending totally different…]

Zhan Yunfei had been watching them all day. If this disciple dared to attack Ye Xiao with any bigger power and hurt him any worse, Zhan Yunfei might tear the disciple into pieces immediately… That was why he attacked in the same power.

[Why? He has been getting better and better. How did he do it?]

[It is just one day…]

The disciples were all experienced cultivators. However, they had never seen anybody improve so fast ever.

The next day… they didn't stop being shocked…

At the night…

When Ye Chongxiao was cultivating by himself, he suddenly became level two of Dream Origin Stage… - Boom. -

He broke through again. Just like that!

He did it again! Why 'again'?

He had done this so many times. At the beginning, he was level six of Spirit Origin Stage. And then he kept breaking through, over and over again. Then he broke through Spirit Origin Stage and reached Dream Origin Stage. Two days later, he broke through again?

That sounded just like making up a story. It was just like a fool story if nobody actually saw it happen!

Zhan Yunfei, who had been watching Ye Chongxiao, fell off the tree when he saw it because of surprise.

At that moment, he was so shocked that he forgot to shield himself with spiritual qi.

[Damn it!]

[He just reached level one the day before yesterday! Isn't it?]

[Heavens! You are god!]

[You just reached level two? Just like that? What the hell do you want?]

[Are you going to write a legend of yourself? Are you going to be a myth?]

[No matter how talented, how good, how brilliant a cultivator is, it has to be at least half a year to break through one level! How can you do it like a rocket?]

[It can't be sicker! It can't be more monstrous! A freak!]

Before anybody came up to hold him, he got up himself and ran away. He coughed, trying to cover his embarrassment. He operated martial art to recover the small wounds on his face. There were many people who had seen him fall, so he shouted angrily, "What are you looking at? What? Want to see my bird? Go take off your pants and have a look at your stupid tiny p*nis!"

The disciples were speechless.

[Come on, Master Zhan. We are caring for you. We just want to check if you are okay. Listen to yourself… You actually told us to look at our p*nis… That… That's unbelievably rude.]

[We actually don't care about being offended. However, what about yourself? Why do you have to ruin your own reputation… Look how you make yourself look embarrassed… You must break a record on this aspect in our sect…]

In fact, none of them knew that Zhan Yunfei was too embarrassed and also astonished to keep a decent manner at the moment. He had a scary, frightening, and astonishing conclusion about Ye Chongxiao…

He reckoned, one day after, Ye Chongxiao would be improved greatly. Even if he might still not be able to defeat a level five Dream origin Stage disciple, he would successfully make the fight last for a long time!

Zhan Yunfei was a level eight Dao Origin Stage cultivator. He had profound eyes and sharp mind.

The next day, in the combat, Ye Chongxiao was fighting against a level five Dream Origin Stage cultivator. Just as Zhan Yunfei expected, they were closely matched in the fight!

In the end, with Zhan Yunfei's permission, that level five disciple fought with full power and finally defeated Ye Chongxiao…

Zhan Yunfei even had a feeling that Ye Chongxiao didn't really fight in full power.

At least he didn't fight as hard as he could.

Ye Chongxiao was still improving during the fight that day. He kept the combat ongoing because he wanted to practice more so as to stabilize his new strength in the new level. In fact, if he fought with full effort, he would very likely win the combat!

That night.

Ye Chngxiao shouted loudly. That five level disciple stepped back over a dozen steps. Three footprints appeared on his chest.

The entire place became silent.