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Chapter 869: Visitor in Cold Moon Palace!

Chapter 869: Visitor in Cold Moon Palace!
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Everybody was stunned.

What stunned everybody was the failure of the level five Dream Origin Stage disciple. He lost it, in an unsightly way!

That disciple wasn't that powerful. In fact, most of the disciples present were stronger than him. They surely could defeat him in a easy and unsightly way!

However, what was so stunning was that the person who defeated him was Ye Chongxiao, a young disciple who had just reached level two of Dream Origin Stage. One day earlier, he was just unsightly defeated by the level five disciple.

One day after, it became a totally different story!

Was it a joke? Were they playing?

After looking at the three footprints on that disciple's chest, everybody was clear.

Those were not some ordinary footprints!

Ye Chongxiao's last strike had broken the opponent's protection. He jumped up and spun in the air, and then kicked on that disciple's chest twenty-seven times in an invisible speed!

Luckily, he was only level two of Dream Origin Stage. If he was any stronger, this solid twenty-seven kick strikes on the chest would definitely break the disciple's inner organs into pieces!

If Ye Chongxiao could thoroughly break the qi shield of the level five disciple, he could definitely do that. To break that shield, he needed to be level three!

It was obvious to everybody that Ye Chongxiao had learned thoroughly well about the opponent's moves, but he was only level two. And he could only make an attack of level two!

The kicks were definitely wonderful moves. It impressed everybody, and gave everybody a lesson at the same time!

Ye Chongxiao was such an experienced fighter in the combat!

It wasn't about his cultivation level at all. It was all about his battle experience!

The whole place was silent. Zhan Yunfei was totally shocked again.

Why 'again'?

We all know why. I won't explain it!

After this, a level six Dream Origin Stage disciple took the place to fight Ye Xiao…

Ye Xiao was alerted.

When he was breaking through and reached level two, he felt a few hostile qi around him. It disappeared immediately, but he sensed it.

He was sure that qi was from somebody among the disciples.

He thought that maybe somebody was jealous. However, when he just defeated the level five disciple, that qi appeared again!

It was more obvious this time.

There was even intent of killing hidden in that qi!

Ye Xiao was alerted!

[What is it?]

[Somebody inside Cold Moon Palace wants to kill me?]

He couldn't track the source but he knew it was there. He was sure!

After that, he became much more cautious in the fights. Zhan Yunfei had been watching him all the time. That hostile qi didn't appear again…

One day.

An alarm bell rang in Cold Moon Palace.

It was resounding among the mountains.

The next moment, disciples were gathered up.

It was a call-up for the superior disciples in the sect.

Zhan Yunfei was stunned. He stopped and then said, "Disciples beyond Dao Origin Stage should go to the main hall immediately."

After that, he flew out first. It seemed to be an urgent situation.

Dozens of disciples beyond level six of Dream Origin Stage were shocked. So was Ye Xiao.

"What happened? Elder Zhan was acting weird!" Ye Xiao asked.

As an experienced cultivator who used to live in Qing-Yun Realm, of course he knew what it meant.

However, what interested him most was that… how powerful the enemy was, that the leadership of Cold Moon Palace would panic like that?

It must be somebody powerful.

[Is it the mad lady, Xuan Bing?]

"Nobody knows yet." The level six disciple who had been fighting Ye Xiao was still gasping, "But it must be pretty bad." He actually felt tired after fighting against Ye Xiao. He was still gasping and his heart was beating fast…

After he said that, the welcome music of the sect started to sound.

"What? It seems some important figures are coming?" The disciples were all surprised.

Ye Xiao was surprised too.

First it was the alarm. That meant somebody activated the array of Cold Moon Palace. That activated the alarm. However, it became the welcome music after that…

[What is going on?]

"It turns out not a dangerous situation. I guess we have some important guests. Shall we go have a look at them?" A middle-aged level nine Dream Origin Stage disciple seemed excited about it.

"Brother Cao, we don't know what happened yet. I am not sure it is okay to do this. What if we got caught… That would be…" Another disciple replied.

That Cao disciple laughed. "Don't worry. We will see them from distance. What can we do wrong? It happened before anyway… Prime Master won't blame us."

"Cao Daqi, to watch the important etiquette event without permission, you will get punished." Another disciple frowned. He looked at Cao. "I don't care if you get caught. Think about Ye Chongxiao. He has just become one of us. Do you want him to be punished?"

Cao laughed and said, "He is the reason why I want to do that. He is the super genius of our sect. He comes from the lower realm. Look at him. We have an opportunity to see something interesting in Qing-Yun Realm. Why don't we let him see something eye-opening? Besides, we will be far from them. We will just have a look from a long distance. I believe the elders will forgive us. We did that before, remember?"

"Chongxiao has been working so hard during the recent days. He must be exhausted after all the combats. He has to rest and relax. Do you want him to keep his head down in the combat all the time? He is going to go out to the martial world one day after all. It is better to let him know what the world is like out there."

Cao Daqi was serious. "Besides, we are in seclusion at the moment. We have all our force in the sect now. Do you think there is any problem we can't solve?"

The others thought that he was reasonable.

Besides, they were all curious about the visitor. Nobody objected to it anymore.

Ye Xiao didn't feel right about it. So he tried to turn it down. "You can go. I think I should have a rest here. I need to practice what I learned."

Over a dozen of the other disciples started to laugh. "Come on, you are brilliant enough! Do you want to knock us all down in one day?"

Ye Xiao still refused to go.

He didn't find anything wrong, but he felt it with his instinct. He knew it was not any suspicious thing, but he just felt something wrong. He couldn't tell the reason.