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Chapter 870: Two Great Prime Masters

Chapter 870: Two Great Prime Masters
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"Ye Chongxiao, don't turn up your nose at us! We have been here to help you practice for so many days…" Cao Daqi pretended to be mad. "What harm could be done if we just have a look at them?"

He started to drag Ye Xiao away without more talking.

Even Xiao Mufei said with a big smile, "Go then. It's not a big deal. The more you see, the more you know… After all, you have been exhausted for days. It's time to get yourself relaxed."

Ye Xiao kept refusing it, yet the disciples didn't listen to him. They dragged Ye Xiao with them and sneaked out.

Xiao Mufei didn't go though. Xiao Rongrong didn't like to be among the crowd. He felt a bit tired after all, so he stayed to rest.

On the mountain path of Cold Moon Palace.

Prime Master Yue Changtian stood in front of his people, looking like a saint.

Behind him, there were three elders and nine great disciples.

Everybody looked solemn.

One, three, nine.

What a high standard greeting etiquette.

Ye Xiao and other disciples were hiding on a huge tree hundreds of meters away. They were watching at the path where the visitors would come from.

Ye Xiao absolutely didn't want to come. Besides, he felt something wrong about all this. However, the others were too enthusiastic. He was dragged over.

He was definitely not strong enough to resist if they forced him to come. He had to come with them at the end. However, he tried to stay in a most covert spot.

The fog was broken and many shadows were getting closer from inside the fog. The first person who ran out from the fog wore a blood red robe. He was tall. Three locks of dark hairs hung on his chest. His eyes seemed shining with a bright glow. He looked elegant and proud.

He walked step by step over to the sect casually, as if there was a sun shining upon his head. As he walked, he looked more like a king descending to the mortal world.

Ye Xiao looked at that man and he was shocked.

It was the Prime Master of Saint Sunlight Sect, Heaven's Sword, Wu Huitian.

Heaven's Sword spares no life!

It was the moniker of this Prime Master.

Beside him, there were three men. They kept staying so close to him. They seemed casual but actually walked rather carefully. As they were moving, they had covered every direction to their Prime Master!

They were performing the famous Three Elites Array.

Three elites array covered all sides to protect one man. As long as the three men still breathed, it was always an invincible shield!

The three level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators performed the Three Elites Array so as to protect their Prime Master.

Even Wu Fa, the world's best cultivator in the world, couldn't get close to Wu Huitian before he killed all the three elites!

Wu Huitian walked out the fog.

He was definitely an important guest to Cold Moon Palace.

However, he was not the only important guest.

On the other side, in the dense fog, another four people were showing up.

The one who led the way wore all white. On his white clothes, it glowed with starlights. That white robe was made with Starlight Silk. It was a treasure, a peerless armor, Cloudy Star Robe.

It was the special top treasure of Saint Starlight Sect!

It was said that this robe could withstand a level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivator's attacks for eight minutes and protect the owner from getting hurt. It was the most valuable defensive treasure in the Qing-Yun Realm!

The only person in the world who could wear this robe was the Prime Master of Saint Starlight Sect, Yun Xiran.

There were also three level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators around him, setting up a Three Elites Array to protect him!

The two Prime Masters visited their ally, Cold Moon Palace, in such a protection. Ye Xiao felt that something must have gone wrong.

[You come to your ally's place, performing such an protection array. Why?]

The two group of people arrived at the same time. Yue Changtian was a bit surprised. He couldn't help twisting his mouth for a second.

"Cough… Prime Master Wu, Prime Master Yun, your presence lights up Cold Moon Palace." Yue Changtian greeted them with some frequently used compliments. He said, "However, are you here for revenge? Or refuge? Why are you making such a protection? I am rather timid. I don't think I can handle this…"

As he talked, he looked around the two Prime Masters.

Wu Huitian humphed, "Yue Changtian, just cut the chitchat. We are the same. I believe you will bring three of your elites with you too when you go out. Three Elites Array isn't the specialty of me and Saint Sunlight Sect."

Yun Xiran smiled blandly and said, "Prime Master Yue is being frank to us after all. Look at Prime Master Yue, he doesn't dare to step out his place now, does he?"

Yue Changtian was angry. "What did you say? You two are inside my place. Why do you have to keep talking a mouthful of sh*t? Can you just cut the bullsh*t and come in for some tea?"

Wu Huitian walked ahead and said, "Of course I am going to have some tea. However, do you know there is a disaster getting close to us, the three factions."

Yue Changtian was surprised. He thought for a while and said, "Would it be… Is Jun Yinglian of Sky Ice Palace… out for revenge?"

"That's right." Yun Xiran smiled bitterly. "Jun Yinglian got out the mountains with her sword in hand. She didn't cover her trace. However, she went to Qiong-Hua Palace first. After that, she was gone."

"We have set up many sentries to keep a watch on her… But… all our men are killed! Nobody knows where she is right now. Nobody knows where she is heading next…"

The three of them talked in a low voice while walking. Only the three of them could hear each other.

Yue Changtian was frightened. "This is a huge event… It is a huge event for the three factions…"

He felt worried. He might not be safe anymore.

For a long time, even the ponds, where he had been proud of, which he recognized as the safest place in the sect, was stolen in. He wasn't so confident about the security system in the sect anymore…

[If Jun Yinglian kills her way into the sect…]

Yue Changtian felt cold on his neck.