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Chapter 871: Murder!

Chapter 871: Murder!
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Yue Changtian thought that he was equal to Jun Yinglian in cultivation. However, if she was determined to sacrifice herself to take revenge… it was at least eighty hundred percent she would succeed!

In fact, even a twenty percent possibility was too much a risk for Yue Changtian! He wouldn't dare to take it!

What if he was killed… that was not just kidding!

"That woman actually came out…" Yue Changtian's face turned pale, "I never felt right to kill Xiao Monarch. Now it's our retribution…"

"Who is it?" At the moment, Wu Huitian suddenly turned over and shouted to a direction.

The others were shocked.

The three Dao Origin Stage cultivators behind Wu Huitian suddenly made their strikes at the same time. Three streams of bright sword lights shot out!

When the sword lights were still shooting in the air, it burst with thunderclaps!

As they moved, thunderclaps followed!

Three top-level Dao Origin Stage cultivators moved in full power! That shocked the world!

Although three of them made three strikes, it only sounded once.

They were definitely performing a perfect cooperation.

The sword lights rapidly shot to a huge tree hundreds of meters away!

That was where Ye Xiao and the other disciples were hiding!

Those Dream Origin Stage disciples were stunned.

The dense murderous qi had suddenly covered them all. At that moment, nobody made any reaction. They were totally shocked and sweating. They stared at the sword lights getting close to them but couldn't move away!

They couldn't come up with the idea to run away. Their minds were blown so hard. That suppression from the attacks had stunned them all!

The tragedy wasn't stopped. The crowd burst into painful exclamation.

The sword lights shot through them but didn't slow down at all. It kept shooting forward to the mountains far away behind them. Behind the sword lights was a mass of blood!

The three sword lights actually got through every one of the disciples who were hiding there!

After the sword lights took some lives, and they continued shooting, eventually hitting a mountain thousands meter away. The mountain collapsed! Rocks flew about in every direction!

Ye Xiao had been hiding behind everybody. He had sensed something wrong before this. It wasn't appropriate to peek at the guests after all…

While he was thinking, he slowly stepped back.

It wasn't easy to leave the crowd though. The disciple brother who grabbed him here didn't let him go at all. "Chongxiao, you have no idea… You may not have a second chance in your life to see this again…"

While he was speaking, they heard the bursting sound!

After that, they were nearly blinded by the glaring sword lights. Ye Xiao was alerted! He was suddenly drenched in cold sweat! He felt like he was trapped by a strong net, and even his mind was locked!

He felt terribly inflexible!

That was not a strange feeling for Ye Xiao though. In fact, he was quite familiar with it.

When a man was facing a fatal danger which was getting closer fast and he was stunned by the overwhelming suppression, he would have that feeling.

When a man had this feeling, he would die!

Ye Xiao had died once. He was familiar with this feeling.

At this moment, he thought, "It's a trap!"

The whole thing was well prepared. It was a murder plan!

That Disciple Brother Cao must be the bad guy!

[Cao Daqi, if I can survive this, I will slaughter your entire clan!]

Ye Xiao was furious. The unwillingness had filled his entire body! He made a muffled shout and forcibly twisted his body.

He felt like he was going to break his waist, however, after using every bit of his energy to try to move aside, his body only slightly moved!

That was all!

At the same time, he felt it cold on the neck and the chest. Two sword lights went through the skin of his neck and his chest.

He did save himself by making that slight move. The attack cut off a piece of his flesh and a piece of bone, but he was alive.

While feeling lucky about it, he felt cold in the chest.

It was the feeling of being blown by the wind. Suddenly, he felt it difficult to breathe.

Another sword light got into his chest and left through his back before it shot away fast with a thunderclap!

Three sword lights, he slightly dodged the two of them, but got hit by the third!

It went through the center of his chest!

It was definitely aiming at Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao couldn't believe what just happened. He looked down at his chest and saw that hole. He felt blank in the head!

[Am I… going to die again now?]

[I… No… I don't want to…]

Ye Xiao glanced at that Disciple Brother Cao. He looked unbelieving too. There was a hole on his chest too…

He was also killed!

Before Ye Xiao had the chance to question him, he died!

All the disciples around were killed!

Forty-six men, no exception!

Ye Xiao smiled bitterly.

[What if I insisted in not coming?]

[Cao Daqi would definitely force me to come… No matter how I refused, I wouldn't be able to escape this… Zhan Yunfei was gone by then.]

[This is specially designed to get me killed!]

[They want me to die!]

[Cao Daqi would do whatever it takes to finish his job.]

[However, he didn't know… He is the one who dragged me here. He would never escape the investigation. Besides, whoever wants me die will never let him live. They won't leave any witness of their crime. No matter what, Cao Daqin is definitely dead.]

[Is he a spy who works for Saint Sunlight Sect? A spy who is willing to die?]

He couldn't hold on to it anymore. His sight turned dark and he fell down on the floor.

Blood poured out from the hole on his chest, creating a blood pond on the ground.