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Chapter 872: Terribly Shameless!

Chapter 872: Terribly Shameless!
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When Wu Huitian was shouting, Yue Changtian frowned. [You are in Cold Moon Palace, my place. Do you think there will be an assassination against you? Even though you are frightened by Jun Yinglian, you don't have to be alerted like this! Besides, I don't feel any hostility over there.]

[Wait. What? You just make a strike?]

[Wait… No! That's not right!]

Zhan Yunfei suddenly shouted, "No!"

And then Yue Changtian saw the blood rolling up over where the sword lights were shooting to!

It was all red over there!

"Who's there?" Yue Changtian's face turned pale.

- Shoot! Shoot! Shoot… -

Everybody moved over.

They all went to the place and what they could see was a mess. Forty-six men lying on the floor, drenched in their own blood.

Yue Changtian's face was pale. "Why are these people here? Who… are… they?"

Zhan Yunfei looked extremely pale at the moment, as if there was no blood running inside his body!

He turned over and stared at Wu Huitian with fierceness. His eyes were turning red.

Suddenly, his long sword appeared in his hand. - Shoot! - After a great thunderclap, he was rushing over to Wu Huitian!

Man-sword complex!

He was trying to do an instant kill!

As the sword light shined, his voice shouted out like thunder-striking, "Wu Huitian! Go to hell!"

That sword attack contained every bit of his life energy, soul energy, and everything he had… It was burning!

He was extremely furious and also aggrieved!

Everybody felt the grievance and the anger in him!

In Cold Moon Palace, except the three grandmasters, Zhan Yunfei was the one closest to Ye Chongxiao. He looked indifferent and cold, but deep in his heart, he liked Ye Chongxiao.

In his heart, Ye Chongxiao was the only hope their sect had.

At this moment, he made the powerful strike without hesitation. His head was going to explode.

Wu Huitian was not far away from him.

The three Dao Origin Stage cultivators of Wu Huitian had just made an attack. They didn't have time to defend Zhan Yunfei's attack right away. Zhan Yunfei's attack was so surprising. It seemed Wu Huitian was not going to make it this time.

However, the truth was, Wu Huitian had been prepared for this. When Zhan Yunfei made the attack, Wu Huitian flew up fast like a red cloud. It looked slow but was in fact really fast. He not only escaped Zhan Yunfei's attack, but also moved over a hundred meters away.

Zhan Yunfei was totally lost in anger. He wouldn't let it go easily. He kept going up after Wu Huitian with fierce attacks!

- Puff! -

Suddenly, a jade flute appeared. He used the flute to block Zhan Yunfei's sword and shouted angrily, "Have you lost your god damn mind?"

Not only Wu Huitian, even Yue Changtian thought Zhan Yunfei was crazy.

[What is happening?]

[Why would Zhan Yunfei suddenly do such a crazy thing before anything is clarified and investigated?]

[He actually attacked the Prime Master of Saint Sunlight Sect, which was the strongest among the three factions! He is risking his life!]

"Yunfei, stop!" Yue Changtian shouted with a dark face, "Why are you so hotheaded? It still needs an investigation for this. Prime Master Wu will give us an explanation for sure. Stop it now!"

Zhan Yunfei glared and said, "There was… There was…"

He spoke with a long shout, "Ye Chongxiao was among them!"

Everybody of Cold Moon Palace was stunned.

Yue Changtian trembled! He was shocked! Suddenly, his face turned deadly pale.

He slowly turned around and stared at Wu Huitian, who was about a dozen meters away!

Before this, Zhan Yunfei was the only person who wanted to kill Wu Huitian. Now even Yue Changtian, the Prime Master, wanted to kill him!

Wu Huitian looked confused. He said, "Prime Master Yue, can you tell me what is going on now? Why would those people hide there peeking at us when I just arrived at your place? And you, Zhan Yunfei, what was that? How dare you attack me? Are you trying to start a war between our sects?"

As he spoke, he became angry. "Yue Changtian, what do you want? How can you treat your brother sect like this? Do you want to kill me in your sect? You… Cold Moon Palace… You have to give me a fair explanation today!"

"This is such a humiliation. I can't accept this!" he spoke angrily and put his hand on his sword.

He tried to look righteous though!

He sounded like he was terribly wronged!

On the other side, Yun Xiran was also shocked and confused. He spoke with confusion and anger, "Yue Changtian, what do you want? Do you want to kill us all? You want us all to die so that Cold Moon Palace could become the strongest sect, the only faction? Is it?"

Yue Changtian looked at both of them. He was shaking because of fury. After a while, he gritted his teeth and said, "Good… You two… Good! Brilliant! Perfect!"

"What about us?" Yun Xiran spoke with his eyes half closed. "Yue Changtian, you better make it clear. When we just got here, there were dozens of people hiding behind that tree. Are you sure what they were thinking? Maybe they were hostile to us; maybe they wanted to hurt us; maybe they wanted to ambush us…

"Do you know what the current situation is? Jun Yinglian, that crazy woman, is coming at any second. Prime Master Wu was being cautious, so he finished them all. That was reasonable. What wrong has he done? Besides, because Prime Master Wu noticed it first, so he made the attack. If I noticed it first, I would do no different. What is the problem?"

What a Prime Master of a great sect! He kept talking irresponsible and sarcastic remarks, yet every word was perfunctorily right. Maybe it was arguable that the dozens of people weren't hiding there for any murderous intents!

In fact, they were all dead. Nobody could stand out and clarify the truth!

Wu Huitian looked annoyed. He said, "Prime Master Yun just said what I want to say. Why are you so angry about this? Oh, I see. Those people who hid there waiting to assassinate me, were they your people? I am confused now. We are inside your sect. Why did you set up an ambush there? Were you going to attack us?"

Yue Changtian showed him a dark face. He said in a cold voice, "We have known each other for so many years. We know each other. Don't be so childish now. Can you?"