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Chapter 873: On the Verge of a Fight!

Chapter 873: On the Verge of a Fight!
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While they were talking, a few level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators of Cold Moon Palace had arrived at that big tree.

They kept checking on the bodies, trying to find a few survivors.

As they checked more, their faces turned darker.

"Prime Master… All dead…" an elder moved fast over Yue Changtian and spoke solemnly in a low voice.

"All dead…" Yue Changtian was shaking. His face turned deadly pale.

"Ye Chongxiao… was hit on the chest. It went in his chest and out his back… It's incurable…" the elder said this in mind connection. Nobody else heard it. "His heart was wounded. Normally, he should have been dead by now… However, although he isn't breathing… he still has a pulse…"

Yue Changtian looked still angry and sad. He shouted, "Take all the disciples' bodies back inside. We must seek justice for this! We will not accept any unwarranted accusation!"

"Yes," the elder answered with a shout. He gathered some other to carry all the forty-six bodies back.

On the other side, Wu Huitian squinted at the bodies and said, "Prime Master Yue, who speaks louder doesn't have to be right. You still need to give me an explanation! What? Are you going to approve it with silence?"

Yue Changtian looked like smiling but actually not. "Come on. Enough is enough. Be honest to yourself, will you? What explanation do you want? Do you really want one? What? I set up over forty Dream Origin Stage disciples there in order to kill you, a level nine Dao Origin Stage master cultivator? How about that? Huh? By the way, Prime Master of Saint Sunlight Sect murdered my men and even arbitrarily and aggressively forced us to give him an explanation. What is your explanation then?"

His word was like a sharp sword.

It was like a sword stabbing right back to Wu Huitian.

No matter how shameless Wu Huitian was, he couldn't make any runaround. He turned over and looked into Yue Changtian's eyes. What he saw was a pair of cold and vicious eyes. He felt chilled inside his heart.

Truth was truth. Those who hid behind that tree were all Dream Origin Stage disciples. It was incontestable.

Even though they were all dead, it could be tested.

That couldn't be faked.

Nearly fifty men were all killed by three sword lights at one time. Even though the sword strikes were from three level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators, it proved the truth that the forty-six men were too much weaker. If they weren't all just Dream Origin Stage, they wouldn't have all died under that sword light attack!

Forty-six Dream Origin Stage cultivators trying to assassinate Wu Huitian... that was such a joke!

Even if Wu Huitian stood still on the ground, those cultivators would never be able to kill him!

"We have a powerful enemy out there. She could be a sound of the wind, a grass on the mountain. It is always better to be alerted. Those men are all just Dream Origin Stage cultivators. No big deal. What? Prime Master Yue, are you going to hold on to it?"

On the other side, Yun Xiran frowned and said, "Jun Yinglian has come out to the martial world with her long sword. She is aiming at the three factions. Prime Master Yue, are you going to turn against us on such a small issue? Or do you want to kill dozens of Saint Sunlight Sect low-level disciples back?"

"Small issue?" Yue Changtian shouted with anger and grievance.

He was disappointed and chilled in the heart.

[Low-level disciple?]

[Is Ye Chongxiao just a low-level disciple?]

[He is the hope of our sect! His death will be a fatal strike to Cold Moon Palace!]

At the moment, Yue Changtian even thought about killing the eight guests into pieces!

He wanted to keep their dead bodies in Cold Moon Palace forever!

[That's right. Why don't I just do it? I just need to give an order and they will all die here. Two Prime Masters and six level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators, all dead. Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect will be utterly weakened. They ruined my future. I should destroy their best forces. That is fair!]

As he had such idea, he couldn't keep it from rising up in his head. His eyes were extremely cold. The expression in his eyes was unstable.

Wu Huitian and Yun Xiran noticed it sensitively. They were a bit scared.

They didn't expect Yue Yuntian would have such a drastic reaction.

It was true. They came to Cold Moon Palace to do two things. One was to talk about how they should deal with Jun Yinglian and her hatred. The other was to kill the genius of Cold Moon Palace, whose name was Ye Chongxiao.

They needed Cold Moon Palace to cooperate on the first, yet they only needed a chance to accomplish the latter.

It was a talented young disciple they wanted to kill. No matter how much potential he had, all they needed was just a chance!

The two great sects had many spies inside Cold Moon Palace. They knew everything about Ye Chongxiao. They knew no less than what Yue Changtian knew.

The difference was that they got the information one day later.

In the beginning, the two Prime Masters thought that Ye Chongxiao was just a talented disciple like other talented disciples. They didn't pay much attention to it.

There had been so many talented people known as super genius, great genius, peerless genius, etc, but seldom of them eventually became real powerful figures! Even if there was going to be a Dao Origin Stage master cultivator called Ye Chongxiao in Cold Moon Palace, it wouldn't change the fact that Cold Moon Palace was the weakest among the three factions!

However, when Wu Huitian and Yun Xinran knew Ye Chongxiao actually passed all the three months special training, they were surprised. Nobody ever truly completed all the three months special training in the history. Wu Huitian and Yun Xinran had also been through the special training before. They surely knew what it was. That was how Ye Chongxiao caught their attention. After that, they got to know Ye Chongxiao kept breaking through like crazy in a short time…

Within five months, Ye Chongxiao broke through all the way up to level two of Dream Origin Stage from only level four of Spirit Origin Stage. In the first three months, he was doing the special training…

That meant he had actually just spent over one month to finish a great upgrade, which would take normal cultivators over ten years to accomplish!

Besides, he had the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish inside him. That was a great cultivation power. They finally decided not to let it go on like that.

They reckoned that within one year, Ye Chongxiao would be a horrible opponent that was rather difficult to kill.

Once Ye Chongxiao rose up, Cold Moon Palace would also rise up.

Cold Moon Palace would no longer be the weakest of the three factions.

In simpler words, Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect would be surpassed.

That was the last thing the two Prime Masters wanted to see.

At that moment, Jun Yinglian happened to be out om the martial world. The two of them made a plan together and arranged to kill Ye Chongxiao. After that, they would discuss with the Cold Moon Palace the affair about Jun Yinglian…

They even gave a tough order to several important spies in Cold Moon Palace to get Ye Chongxiao to the certain position, and then they killed all of them!

They even planned to kill their own men around Ye Chongxiao so as to get it done clean!

They both thought that even though Ye Chongxiao was a talented man, he wouldn't have an important role in the sect within such a short time. Yue Changtian might be pissed, but he wouldn't hurt the relationship of the three factions just for a young rookie.

Cold Moon Palace had always been the weakest in the three factions. Jun Yinglian was out there trying to take her revenge. Considering all the current factors, they believed Yue Changtian wouldn't turn against them…

Wu Huitian even wanted to just kill Ye Chongxiao directly and then apologize for it. He thought even after that, Yue Chongxiao would still sit down peacefully and talk about the next topic, Jun Yinglian…

That was why they were so confident. However, unexpectedly, people in Cold Moon Palace were all exasperated… They even wanted to start a fight against them immediately!

The two Prime Masters looked into Yue Changtian's eyes. They felt the terrible horror inside those eyes.

Suddenly, both of them felt that things were going to be out of control soon.

People of the Cold Moon Palace were all intending to kill the eight guests now!

One mistake, and the big fight would be triggered!

Wu Huitian, Yun Xiran and their Dao Origin Stage disciples, the eight of them were a super powerful team indeed. However, they were inside Cold Moon Palace, facing all the powerful force of Cold Moon Palace. If the fight was started, the eight of them would definitely die in this place!

Cold Moon Palace would pay a heavy price for that too!

"Since Prime Master Yue wouldn't concern about our relationship, I guess we are not welcome here today. We will leave now!" Wu Huitian coldly said, "I killed the wrong people. I was too sensitive. If there is anything you want from me, I will send people to take it back to you, as a compensation!"

"Farewell!" Wu Huitian looked angry and sad, as if he was wronged. He waved his sleeve and prepared to leave.