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Chapter 874: Survival!

Chapter 874: Survival!
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Apparently, Wu Huitian was scared. He sensitively noticed Cold Moon Palace's killing intent. He was afraid Yue Changtian would eventually make a tough decision. Yun Xiran might be fine. He didn't kill the disciples after all. However, Wu Huitian was definitely going to be aimed!

"You can't leave!" A sword light shined again. Zhan Yunfei stopped him like a spear standing on the way. His eyes were sharp like his sword. He said, "You killed so many people of our sect. Now you want to leave after saying some f*cking useless words? Not so easy! Compensation? What do you think you can give to make up for Ye… for the dozens of elites' lives?"

The point of Zhan Yunfei's sword was shaking. It kept making a harsh sound. A mass of energy gathered at the point of the sword, shining cold with lights.

Apparently, Zhan Yunfei was ready to risk his life in this fight.

Behind Yue Changtian, several elders were waiting quietly. They looked indifferent. Their eyes looked peaceful. They didn't seem going to start fighting. However, those who were familiar with them surely knew that they were actually gathering spiritual qi on the palms. As long as Yue Changtian gave the order, they would rush out and attack without any hesitation!

All they needed was an order.

That was all!

Yue Changtian was still hesitating.

He was considering the consequence of the fight!

If this fight started, the eight of them would definitely die in Cold Moon Palace. It would be a joke if Cold Moon Palace couldn't kill several cultivators in their own place!

Even though the eight cultivators were all in the top league, it wouldn't change the result!

What then?

If the two Prime Masters died, the three factions would burst into a big war. The battle would spread everywhere. Eventually, Cold Moon Palace would be destroyed and the other two sects would be seriously damaged!

That was the consequence everybody could think of.

[Is it worth it? To sacrifice over one hundred thousand disciples and the tens of thousand years sect for Ye Chongxiao?]

Yue Changtian had thought of an alternative solution. Maybe he could just get Wu Huitian killed. He was sure that if Cold Moon Palace only planned to kill Wu Huitian alone, even Yun Xiran would be glad to help. However, Cold Moon Palace would have to be the vanguard once the war started. After the war, Cold Moon Palace and Saint Sunlight Sect would be damaged, while Saint Starlight Sect would become the only powerful faction! Yun Xiran would lead the three factions!

Yun Xiran and his Saint Starlight Sect would absolutely like to do that. However, Yue Changtian wouldn't!

No matter which plan Yue Changtian chose, the consequence would be the collapse of Cold Moon Palace!

Yue Changtian was shaking in anger and sadness. He knew Ye Chongxiao was the only hope of the sect, but… should he risk the entire sect just to avenge Ye Chongxiao?

If Yue Changtian only considered himself, he would definitely draw out the sword and start the fight.

However, as the Prime Master of Cold Moon Palace, he had to consider the lives of hundreds of thousands of disciples.

It seemed easy to just give an order, however, once the war started, the disciples would all live in danger and fight in the coming years.

There might even be no Cold Moon Palace in the future!

Was it worth it?

He wouldn't dare to make the decision so recklessly!

He kept showing a dark face. He didn't let them leave, nor let the fight begin. He just stayed silent like a stone buddha.

In fact, he was waiting.

Ye Chongxiao was cut through the chest. He should be dead. However, Yue Changtian was still waiting. He was waiting for a tiny hope. The others were all dead, but Ye Chongxiao still had a pulse!

There must be a reason.

There was an opportunity.

He was waiting.

"Prime Master! What are you waiting for?" Zhan Yunfei was holding his sword. He shouted and urged Yue Changtian.

If Zhan Yunfei was strong enough to fight Wu Huitian and his three disciples, he would have done it himself. However, he wasn't. Let alone fighting four of them, he couldn't even defeat one!

Yue Changtian didn't answer.

"Yue Changtian, make the decision! What do you want now?" Wu Huitian asked coldly.

He was a cunning man and he knew it wouldn't end easily. Yun Xiran might still have a chance to leave, but Wu Huitian was definitely going to have a rough fight. He had to prepare for it before Yue Changtian made the decision!

Yue Changtian still didn't say anything.

In his world, everything else stopped.

Suddenly, somebody rushed out from the hall inside.

It was Zhu Jiutian!

He was the fastest among all in Cold Moon Palace.

Zhu Jiutian was like a shooting star getting over to Yue Changtian. He ran so far just to tell Yue Changtian something through mind connection. "He's alive!"

Yue Changtian was relieved.

However, he still looked gloomy and indifferent. "This has to be done after all. We won't forget what happened today! Wu Huitian, you can never make this up by any compensation you can promise. You will pay the price. Remember. Keep that in mind!"

Yue Changtian said something fierce. Wu Huitian heard it and felt relieved. He knew Yue Changtian was going to let him leave, otherwise, he wouldn't say much.

In the time when he was waiting, as a master cultivator, a Prime Master of a great sect, he felt like he had been touring around hell several times.

He felt like he was back from hell!

"Yue Changtian, listen to yourself. How arrogant! How overwhelming! Is there anything else you want to say?" Wu Huitian sneered.

He talked as if he didn't care, but in fact, he was pretending to be tough!

Yue Changtian blandly looked at him. "Wu Huitian, Yun Xiran, we all know what happened here today! Enough is enough. Do not push me… If you dare to say more words like that and carelessly piss me, I promise you two will lose the chance to see the sun rise again tomorrow. Maybe Cold Moon Palace will fall because of that, but you two will die a long time before that happens! What about that?"

Wu Huitian and Yun Xiran were frightened. They looked at Yue Changtian and actually didn't dare to say anything.

Yue Changtian's face turned red and he was glaring the two of them.