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Chapter 875: Independence of Cold Moon Palace

Chapter 875: Independence of Cold Moon Palace
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They had known each other for so many years. Yun Xiran and Wu Huitian both knew when Yue Changtian's face turned red like that, he was ready to kill. If they pissed him off now, things would go rather nasty.

They had done what they wanted to, so they decided not to risk their lives here.

As Yue Changtian said, even if Cold Moon Palace would be destroyed by the other two sects, the two sects would have to pay a rather heavy price for it. More importantly, their two Prime Master would die first!

"Dissidence makes it useless to talk. Let's go!" Wu Huitian pretended to be angry. He waved his sleeve and walked away.

Yue Changtian watched their backs with a dark face, veins throbbing on his hands.

"Let them leave!"

Zhan Yunfei's long sword was making a fierce sound. "Prime Master!"

He still stood on the way and wouldn't let the eight of them leave. He just stood there without moving a bit. He breathed heavily with a red face.

"I said, let them leave!" Yue Changtian clenched his teeth and repeated.

Zhan Yunfei was breathing heavily. He stared at Wu Huitian fiercely, then glanced at the three cultivators behind Wu Huitian.

He didn't want to step aside.

His old partner, Zhu Jiutian, half closed the eyes. He put one hand on a jade plate, which was his beast space, and put the other hand on his sword.

As long as Zhan Yunfei made the attack, Zhu Jiutian would rush over to join him as fast as he could to fight side by side with his old buddy. It would be a great fight!

No matter alive or dead, he wouldn't regret it!

Wu Huitian had walked close to Zhan Yunfei. He coldly looked at Zhan Yunfei and blandly said, "Zhan Yunfei, you are merely level eight. Your soul beast died when you fought against Ye Xiao. Not to mention me, could you possibly have any chance to defeat any one of my people? What do you think you can do?"

Zhan Yunfei coldly smiled. "I will never violate my Prime Master's order. Since Prime Master said so, you are free to leave."

He then smiled, stepped aside, blandly said, "Prime Master Wu, you enlightened me. I am unable to kill you, so I have to let you go."

He looked into Wu Huitian's eyes, "However, please remember this, Prime Master Wu, I am not strong enough to kill you, but I am definitely capable of slaughtering anybody below level eight… Don't you reckon?"

It was an obvious threat!

[I can't kill you, but there are so many people in your sect that are at a lower level than me. I can kill whoever I want in them!]

Wu Huitian half closed his eyes while staring at Zhan Yunfei and nodded. "Excellent! Good for you!"

He flicked his sleeve and left.

Yun Xiran was behind him. He sneered and made a hand and fist obeisance to Yue Changtian. He coldly said, "So long!"

Yue Changtian looked indifferent. He didn't say anything and just looked at the eight men moving into the fog.

When the last person was about to disappear, Yue Changtian spoke in a low but strong voice, "From now on, Cold Moon Palace is Cold Moon Palace alone!"

That was such an important statement.

It was Yun Xiran who was walking into the fog. He was shocked and he blandly said, "Prime Master Yue, you must remember what you just said. It is too late to take it back!"

Then he left.

"I surely will remember every word I said."

They were gone.

Yue Changtian was still standing there quietly, staring at where the eight men disappeared from.

"Cold Moon Palace has been one of the three factions for a long time. We have helped each other, supported each other for a long time, but not anymore!

"You did whatever it took, no matter how shameless it is, to kill the only hope of Cold Moon Palace. You keep suppressing us with all means. I don't think we need allies like that anymore.

"From now on, Cold Moon Palace is independent. We will never expect any help and support from others. Only after we are independent that we have the chance to really rise."

"Otherwise, we will be wiped out some day!" Yue Changtian murmured, "A man fights for his own life. A sect should also take responsibility for its future."

"One should always rely on oneself. A sect should always rely on its own power."

As he murmured, he was lost in thought. The more he thought, his eyes turned brighter.

He was convinced. He felt enlightened.

All the important figures in the sect heard their Prime Master murmuring. All their eyes were lit up.

[That's it. This is such a great decision.]

[Cold Moon Palace should have been independent for a long time!]

[We have had enough from Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect!]

"How is Ye Chongxiao now?" Yue Changtian turned over and asked.

Before anybody answered, a thunderclap sounded in the sky, as if there was a crack in the sky. Three people appeared in front of Yue Changtian. Their anger was like the bursting tide rolling over!

"Where are they?"

Lei Dadi showed up with a face full of hatred, as if he was going to swallow somebody.

"Where the hell are those bastards?" Yun Piaoliu was no more calm and steady. He shouted and the land seemed shaking because of his angry shout.

Yue Changtian smiled bitterly. "Gone."

He didn't want the three grandmasters to attack Wu Huitian and his men. That was why he let them leave so easily. The three grandmasters would very likely just kill the eight men instantly!

The three old men had extended their lives. They were in their prime cultivation status. They would never let the eight men leave unhindered!

That would be a huge problem.

As long as Ye Chongxiao was still alive, they didn't need to perish with the other two sects together!

"Gone?" Feng Wuying was furious. He looked like he was about to swallow Yue Changtian alive. "They killed so many people of ours, and you just let them go? You set them free?"

Yue Changtian lowered his head and said, "We have to let this go for now. If I held them here, it would lead to a rather nasty consequence. I don't even want to imagine the result… Three factions… Million disciples' lives… I am afraid…"

"You bastard!"

Lei Dadi furiously scolded, "They blatantly came to our place and killed our people. Do you think they ever thought about the consequences? They don't care! Why should we? If we don't even dare to fight back in our own place, how do you think we are going to go out to the martial world?"

"Since when have you become such a coward, you god damn Prime Master?" Feng Wuying folded his arms and furiously scolded, "They are sh*tting on your head now! You actually let them go? How can you be such a coward Prime Master? Why don't you just go home and have a kid or something?"

The three old men kept scolding. Yue Changtian didn't even dare to look up.

He seemed so anguished. He lowered his head, saying nothing.

"That little bastard Wuhui actually tried to kill my disciple!" Lei Dadi was furious. "I am going to catch up with him and tear him into pieces!"

Yue Changtian was scared. He hurriedly said, "Chongxiao is alive!"

The three old men stopped rushing out and said, "Of course he is! Where is he now? Where?"

They were obviously caring for Ye Xiao.