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Chapter 876: Between Life and Death

Chapter 876: Between Life and Death
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"Ye Chongxiao… He's in Sky Soul Hall…" Yue Changtian was nervous. He was worried that Ye Chongxiao was dead now. After all, he set the enemies free because Ye Chongxiao was alive. If he turned out to be dead, the three grandmasters would never get over it… That would be a disaster!

"Sky Soul Hall!"

The three old men were shocked.

"Is he really that seriously hurt?"

"Let's go have a look."

They didn't have time to talk to Yue Changtian anymore. - Shoot! - The three of them all left.

They heard that Wu Huitian and the other seven men were making a big trouble in the sect and killed a couple of disciples. Ye Chongxiao was injured because of it…

Before they were told more, they rushed out from the mountaintop. They thought Ye Chongxiao was in danger, but not like dying.

Yue Changtian didn't want them to know the truth.

If they knew Ye Chongxiao was hurt so bad and didn't even breathe anymore… the three old men would have rushed out to hunt Wu Huitian…

However, as they heard Ye Chongxiao was in Sky Soul Hall, they were worried.

They knew Ye Chongxiao was in great danger!

Sky Soul Hall was the most mysterious place of the three factions.

It was the most valuable place too.

To build this hall, countless people had worked so much from generation to generation. They had even done so many evil things so as to get it done. However, it was just a half done hall.

Even though it was just unfinished and it wasn't as useful as they expected, it still had a few special functions. One of them was… when a man just died, just put his body in Sky Soul Hall, then his soul wouldn't leave!

It wouldn't be gone!

Ye Chongxiao was in Sky Soul Hall, that meant… he was dying! He could die at any second!

The three old men were anxious! They didn't have time to think about hunting Wu Huitian. What was most important for them was to make sure their beloved disciple was safe!

After Ye Xiao was stabbed through by that sword attack, he knew that he was totally done this time. He reckoned he would die!

He felt that his body was light-weight at that moment. He seemed floating. While he was thinking, he suddenly looked down from up in the air. He saw a body lying on the floor.

That was himself.

There was a big hole in his chest!

Ye Xiao was so experienced. He immediately had a conclusion. He died.

He was lying on the floor. Then why would he look at himself from the sky?

In fact, he knew the answer. He was so close to death. In other words, his body was dying, and his soul was separated from his body!

Maybe because he had already entered the Boundless Space, his soul could still stay there!

However, nothing could go against nature's law. His soul would perish soon after a while.

At this moment, Ye Xiao understood one thing. No matter how lucky a man was, when he died, he died.

All men must die.

Before that, he thought he had a second opportunity to live again. He thought he must be chosen. He thought he wouldn't die easily!

He believed it was his fate to stay alive!

Be believed in it. Because he believed in it, it influenced him greatly. He became bolder!

When he was facing tens of thousands of assassins, even though he had that poison, even though he knew so well about humanity, he wasn't really sure to win that battle.

Any small mistake could get him killed. If those assassins had rushed over to him more recklessly, he might have used the last bit of poison much earlier. If that happened, how could he fight against the joint force of the two great sects at the end?

When he was fighting the No. 1 cultivator in the Land of Han-Yang, Bu Jingtian, he used Brother Egg to kill Bu Jingtian in one slap. That was such a brilliant victory, but if Bu Jingtian a bit more cautious, he would find the secret in Ye Xiao's hand. That would have changed the whole thing. Ye Xiao would definitely die!

He had met many opportunities in the second life, but there had also been so many dangers. He had been so close to death for so many times. However, he always survived. Rather than that, he always got lots of profits afterwards!

Every time, he was the winner with lots of trophies! Because of that, he believed more in the idea. [I am immortal! I won't die! Heavens bless me!]

However, now he understood, he was wrong. He was so wrong!

[I shouldn't believe it is safe to be inside Cold Moon Palace! I shouldn't lose my alertness!]

[I shouldn't have put the Golden Soul Tower away just because I have been living easily. If I had the tower with me, I may have survived this!]

[I shouldn't believe I am immortal. That was simply a dream of a fool!]

[If I can survive this time, I will be more cautious about my future.]

[Because there are lots of people in the martial world. And people are the most dangerous things in the martial world.]

[I used to be such an experienced man in the martial world, but I actually forgot the first law in the martial world! I deserve this!]

[Life and death. As simple as that.]

[Nobody is truly the son of heavens.]

[God would never put all the good luck and fortune on one person!]

[God would never watch your back all the time.]

[However, will I have a chance to correct myself? To be more cautious and respectful?]

Ye Xiao sighed.

At this moment, he… he was scared. He was afraid that he wouldn't have the chance to live on!

However, when people started to lift up his dead body, he felt an irresistible power pulling his soul!

He wanted to fight it, but the power was too strong. However, he had another option right now. He could enter the Boundless Space!

He believed the marvelous Space would definitely save him from being taken away. It was a safe way. When Gu Jinlong's physical body perished, he had thought about resurrecting on another's body. Ye Xiao wasn't a Dao Origin Stage cultivator, so his soul was not as powerful as when he was Xiao Monarch, even though he knew how to resurrect. His soul was more stable than many others, so he just had to find a new strong body to live again!

When Ye Xiao prepared to do it, he suddenly stopped. He found that the power which was pulling him away was from his own body!