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Chapter 877: Back to Life!

Chapter 877: Back to Life!
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It was his own body. The body was shining in red. There was a powerful force dragging him back to it!

Ye Xiao's soul didn't enter the Boundless Space. He cut off the connection to the soul and let the force drag the soul into the mass of red light.

He cut off the connection fast to be reconnected to it even faster. He regained consciousness right away. Now, he was in control of both his body and soul!

He felt agony that he couldn't describe!

Extremely painful!

He couldn't bear it!

In the first few seconds, he felt hat agony, but after that, he felt thoroughly spirited!

[I… I am back to life?]

[I didn't die! Not really! As long as I am still alive, I don't mind bearing more pain!]

What surprised him most was the fact that he didn't die after his entire chest was broken!

He wondered what that red light was? He wanted to know what it meant.

After a while, he found every part of his body was covered by a power of warmth. That power was soft and vast.

It was exactly the red light.

The red light was repairing his body. It was actually coming out from inside his body…

[What is this power?]

He was lost in thoughts. Suddenly, he remembered something from the old days.

He remembered there was a beautiful woman standing in front of him, saying, "I guess I can give you this Nine Creating Dan bead. Take it as a... compensation to you."

"This dan bead can save you eight times in your whole life."

He understood what was happening now.

It was… that woman, who was so powerful that he couldn't even imagine... Su Yeyue's master, that mysterious master cultivator. She gave him a Nine Creating Dan bead…

Meng Huaiqing!

He could sense the power repairing his heart.

It was such a marvelous power… It could nourish everything in the world…

Even though he was so badly damaged, it could still cure him!

Ye Xiao didn't know that only his soul was back to common status, yet his body was still in deep unconsciousness. Lei Dadi and the others were all around him.


As Lei Dadi rushed into the room, he was shocked.

Tears fell down from the old man's eyes.

Not only Lei Dadi, the other two old guys were also sobbing with tears!

The three old guys were experienced cultivators. The first sight of the big hole on their disciples's chest, they knew what it meant. There was no chance for Ye Chongxiao to survive this severe injury. Even if he wasn't completely dead yet, it didn't mean he would live!

The three old men were stricken.

They had lived for so many years and finally had a disciple they were satisfied with! Now he was gone!

"I am going to kill Wu Huitian!" Lei Dadi turned around and rushed out the door like a wild tiger.


Yue Changtian held him so tight. "Master, please calm down. Chongxiao is still alive!"

"Bullsh*t!" The three old men swore at the same time. "Are you out of your god damn mind? With that hole on his chest, you are telling me he can survive? Come here, boy, let me stab you in the chest like that and let's see if you can make it! If you can survive, you can try to stop us. I can't let our disciple die for nothing. I am going to kill that son of b*tch, even if we three will be expelled from he sect!"

Yue Changtian held Lei Dadi and begged, "Master… Please… Calm down… I don't know what will happen to Chongxiao… Please have a look at him. He truly is alive… He is not breathing, but he still has a pulse… Besides, the Sky Soul Hall is working. You know what it could do. You know it wouldn't work on a dead man. Chongxiao is still alive… At least not completely dead yet…"

Yue Changtian felt Lei Dadi was like a volcano which would erupt at any second. Once it erupted, everybody would be destroyed!

However, he couldn't let go of him! He didn't dare to!

If he let go of him, Feng Wuying and Yun Piaoliu would definitely go after him. The three old men were always together.

The situation was that the most beloved disciple of the three old grandmasters was dead. The three old men didn't want to live anymore. They wanted to sacrifice themselves to kill Wu Huitian. In fact, not only Wu Huitian, even Yun Xiran would die along with him. Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect would be stained with blood!

However, the three old grandmasters would die too!

The two great sects would join together to take revenge on Cold Moon Palace. After that, it was the end of Cold Moon Palace!

If not because of that, Yue Changtian himself would go kill Wu Huitian!

"Even if we want revenge… even if we will start the war…" Yue Changtian shouted with sorrow and anger, "Shouldn't we at least be prepared for it…"

"We didn't prepare for anything earlier. They did this so boldly because they knew we very possibly wouldn't do anything about it. In addition, they must have also prepared for our attacks. We are unprepared for this war. That makes the chance too small on our side… Master…" Ye Changtian was nearly weeping, "Most importantly, Chongxiao isn't dead yet…"

"Bull-mother-freaking-sh*t…" Lei Da scolded, but he seemed calmed down a bit.

They were unprepared.

That was the truth. It struck the three old men.

They were indeed unprepared for this!

Nobody knew the other two factions would do such a thing!

So bodacious!

Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect had always been high-handed, but nobody knew they could be high-handed like this. They should have prepared more!

If they started the war, they would be the only unprepared one.

Yue Changtian told Wu Huitan and Yun Xiran that Cold Moon Palace would become independent. It was a start of their revenge after all.

"Cold Moon Palace had been suppressed by the other two factions for tens of thousands of years. I guess it's time to figure another way out now." Lei Dadi's eyes were full of anger. "That's still too much. They ruined our future. That is unacceptable! We three won't die in any short time. I guess we should begin to do something!"

He turned over to look at Ye Xiao. They walked over to him and touched his nose to check his breath. He wasn't breathing. They put their hands on his wrist and found he still had a pulse. It was pulsating slowly, but it was at least still pulsating.

"What is this?" Lei Dadi was shocked.

"His entire chest is broken. He should have died for a long time… The Sky Soul Hall is working. That means he can still survive. How can a man without a complete chest live…" Feng Wuying was confused.


Suddenly, Yun Piaoliu shouted. He had been observing Ye Xiao.

Under the four men's watch, a dim red light was glowing over Ye Xiao's body.

They were stunned.

The red light was rising slowly, moving to his heart.

They were all confused with their eyes wide opened.

[What is going on here?]

[What is it?]