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Chapter 878: Witnessing a Miracle!

Chapter 878: Witnessing a Miracle!
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Under their watch, the mysterious red light had gathered on his chest. The next moment, what they saw completely stunned them. The wounded heart inside the chest was recovering slowly!

The four of them were astonished!

The Sky Soul Hall was a place that only these four people could enter freely. A few elders and great disciples knew about this place, but it was still a secret to all the others. Those elders and great disciples could only enter this place when they were commanded to.

In the stories of Cold Moon Palace, the Sky Soul Hall was a place that could create a miracle.

His heart was destroyed!

Yet it could still be recovered!

The broken heart was growing. It was slowly showing the shape of a heart. The mysterious red light was performing a superior creating power. The four men felt extremely shocked!


[Is this really happening?]

[Are we in a dream?]

It was totally silent inside Sky Soul Hall at the moment. The four of them silently watched the red light repairing Ye Xiao's body. They just felt blank in the head.

They kept thinking of all the stories, myths, and legends they had heard, even novels they had read, trying to find an explanation of what they saw. Yet they found nothing.

When the red light repaired about thirty percent of the heart, it suddenly stopped. The red light disappeared.

The four men panicked. They didn't even dare to breathe a bit heavier or to make any move.

[Is it… done?]

[What does this mean? It can't save him?]

While the four of them were about to panic, suddenly, they saw the red light showing up from everywhere around Ye Chongxiao's body and gathering again…

It was totally the same red light. It kept moving over to the heart and gathered together. This time, when it repaired the heart to about fifty percent, it disappeared again…

After a while, it showed up again and repeated it…

The four men were stunned. None of them had a clue about what was going on.

They were not Ye Xiao, so they didn't know the reason. In fact, even Ye Xiao didn't know how the Nine Creating Dan could be so marvelous.

Meng Huaiqing's Nine Creating Dan was truly as she said, able to save him eight times from death!

However, it should be nine times, since there was a nine in its name. It should bring him back to life in full power…

In fact, Meng Huaiqing wouldn't give him something that powerful.

What she gave Ye Xiao was a low-level Nine Creating Dan bead.

Dan beads had different levels. The top quality Nine Creating Dan beads could bring people back from death and also give him a great power. The low-level dan bead was still marvelous, since it could still bring people back to life, but it couldn't fully recover him!

What Ye Xiao had eaten was some mysterious treasure that people had never heard of in the Qing-Yun Realm. In fact, it was just a defective dan bead.

Ye Xiao should have died under such circumstances. However, he had the protection of the Nine Creating Dan. He survived. His heart was badly broken, and even the Nine Creating Dan couldn't easily bring it back. Luckily, Boundless Space had been supplying energy to activate the capacity of the dan bead. It kept producing the creating force to fix his body.

If he didn't have anyone of the Boundless Space, East-rising Purple Qi, and Nine Creating Dan bead, he should have died long ago!

The three great forces together finally activated the marvelous renascence power. Finally, Ye Xiao survived after eight times of repairing.

That was so close. He was lucky. If he had triggered the recreating force before, he would definitely die this time!

No matter what, he survived!

However, he used up all the creating force at one time!

Yue Changtian and the three old men felt like witnessing a miracle happening before their eyes. They quietly saw that magical red light shine eight times.

It repaired thirty percent of the heart at the first time. The second time, it repaired half. The third time, it repaired seventy percent. The fourth time, it repaired ninety percent. The fifth time, the heart was fully repaired. The sixth time, it started to repair the chest. The hole was getting smaller and smaller. The seventh time, the hole was nearly recovered…

The eighth time, after the red light shined on him, under the four men's watch, the wound on Ye Chongxiao's chest was completely cured. There was a pink scar on the chest, showing that he had been severely injured!

The three old men couldn't believe what just happened. They hurriedly gathered over to Ye Xiao and checked on him. After that, they were totally overjoyed. Ye Xiao's heart was beating heavily. The pulse in him was strong. He was just like any healthy man, sleeping peacefully… There was even a flush on his face…

It could be easily told that he was totally fine now!

He was back to life!

He didn't die!

That was a true miracle!

Lei Dadi was shaking. His lips were shaking, his face was flushing, and he kept rubbing his own hands. He said, "God damn… God damn… Heaven and lord… God damn…"

He was too excited to say a complete sentence at the moment.