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Chapter 879: Death Is a Perfect Protection

Chapter 879: Death Is a Perfect Protection
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The other two old guys weren't doing any better than Lei Dadi though. They kept widely opening their eyes, with a flushed face, acting like two bridegrooms, unable to stop shaking…

Yue Changtian, as if in a dream, swallowed and spoke in a low voice, "What… What just happened?"

"Who the hell should I ask?" Lei Dadi rolled his eyes up.

"You are my disciple uncle. I am your disciple nephew… When I see something I can't understand, surely I will ask you about it," Yue Changtian spoke dully.

Lei Dadi had nothing to respond to that. He was a bit disgraced even. He just threatened, "Do you want to get beaten up? I will help you with that if you ask me to!"

Yue Changtian stopped talking.

The four of them were curious and stunned by the magical scene, but they didn't have any way to find out what exactly it was.

"Could it be… Ye Chongxiao, is he a reincarnation of a star in heavens? He is abnormally lucky and he seems to be blessed always!" Yue Changtian thought for a long time and came up with such a possibility. When he talked, he trembled briefly.

Then he widely opened his eyes. He was apparently astonished by his assumption!

[A reincarnation of a god?]

[That… That is possible though!]

The three old men were shaking too. They looked at each other but said nothing.

The four of them looked at each other and realized that it might be a really important event in history.

"First of all, we should keep this a secret. We can't let anybody else know that Chongxiao is alive!" Lei Dadi solemnly spoke, "We can't let those people know. We can't even let our people know. We can't take any risk."

"That's right. Chongxiao is a big target. He is too heaven-defying. That's why the two sects planned to assassinate him. However, after this, it is a perfect situation for him to hide from everybody's notice."

"That's true. Everybody thinks he is dead now!"

Yue Changtian was enlightened.

"Death! A perfect protection!"

"We are the only people in the world who knows Chongxiao is still alive. We shall never tell anybody out there!"

"Then nobody will know about this. It will remain a secret."

"However, we can't let Chongxiao show up in the sect."

"Since he had such a great fortune to come back from death, he will someday become the greatest figure in Cold Moon Palace!"

"In order to keep Chongxiao safe, we should announce his death later. Other than that, we should announce that we have officially broken off relations with Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect."

"I know we should tell others Chongxiao is dead. I don't understand how we are going to train him from now on?" Yue Changtian was confused.

"Just let him go out to the martial world." Lei Dadi looked at Yue Changtian. "We should always let a grown eaglet go out to fly! The more he experienced, the more his wings will be stronger. How can you not understand this?"

"Well… Isn't it too early to let him out now?" Yue Changtian was worried. "Inside our sect, even Wu Huitian wanted to kill Chongxiao... but he had to figure out a way to kill him in here… If Chongxiao goes out…"

"You are worrying too much." Lei Dadi was indifferent. He said, "First of all, they will believe Chongxiao is dead. They will be relieved that their biggest problem is gone. Second, they should be worrying about our revenge more. Besides, Jun Yinglian is still out there waiting for a chance to take her revenge. Third, if we give Chongxiao a new identity, who would recognize him? Fourth, if Jun Yinglian comes to us, Chongxiao will be in great danger in the sect…"

"One more thing. The most important one…" Yun Piaoliu blandly said, "Usually, a genius like him should have experienced lots of wonderful adventures… All those super powerful figures in the history have brilliant stories about their young age. If we keep Chongxiao inside the sect, that will take away his opportunities to experience what he should have been through out there."

Yue Changtian nodded to agree. He said, "Master, you are right. When I was still traveling outside the sect, I did experience lots of interesting adventures. I used to have countless friends out there…"

The three old men were totally speechless.

[You are so shamelessly good at boasting… You? Countless friends? Lots of interesting adventures? I don't believe that's true…]

"It is such a great fortune that Chongxiao survives, but the strange and mysterious way he came back from death… What is that?" In fact, that was what Yue Changtian cared the most. "Master, if we can find out the power behind that… Maybe our sect…"

Lei Dadi looked at Yue Changtian as if he was looking at a fool. He disdainfully spoke in a weird tone, "Yue Changtian, are you out of your mind? I truly don't understand why the former Prime master chose you. Look at you, coward, weak, and stupid. I truly didn't know you are actually so shortsighted!"

Yue Changtian giggled.

"There must be a reason why that mysterious thing happened on Ye Chongxiao." Feng Wuying humphed and said, "It only belongs to Ye Chongxiao himself. No one else could have it. If anybody dared to demand it, it will lead to misfortune."

"In fact, even Chongxiao himself may not know what just happened to him."

"At the very least, even if he does know what that is about, that force and that power... those must be something beyond the limits of this world, Qing-Yun Realm. Even though we figure out what it is, we are never able to use it. Why should we bother trying to dig it then?"

"Actually, even though we can duplicate the process, we can't keep it a secret… As long as the public know we are able to do that, we will be everybody's enemy. I am sure that if we successfully master this magical skill, we won't become stronger, instead, we will be destroyed sooner. None of our men will survive!"

Lei Dadi made a long sigh. "Cold Moon Palace is indeed one of the seven great sects, however… The one person, two great halls, three great palaces are all still existing… We can't mess with any of them… If they know we have that marvelous power, tell me… will we be able to survive those people?"