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Chapter 880: A Tale

Chapter 880: A Tale
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"Prime Master, do you know how many people in Cold Moon Palace are in fact spies from other great sects? How many of our secret events are really secrets to the other sects?" Yun Piaoliu looked at Yue Changtian.

"Cold Moon Palace is truly blessed to have Chongxiao as our disciple! From now on, whoever wants to hurt Ye Chongxiao, our great disciple, will be our biggest enemy! I don't care who he is. We won't let him go! Even Wu Fa!"

Lei Dadi was talking loudly and seriously!

Yue Changtian had prepared a lot to persuade the three old men, but now he knew that he actually didn't need to. In the end, he just agreed to the three old men.

They even dared to fight against Wu Fa for Ye Chongxiao. That must be a top-level determination. If Yue Changtian didn't agree today, he was afraid the three old men would even wipe the floor with him right away…

At the moment, Ye Xiao, who was still lying on the floor, made a sound and then opened his eyes. He murmured, "I never knew I am actually so blessed by the heavens… I actually survived…"

The four men were shocked.

[He can feel it?]

"Chongxiao, my boy, how do you feel? Do you feel anything wrong?" Lei Dadi walked over and checked on him.

"I feel fine. I guess I am alright now." Ye Xiao shook his head and sat up. He lowered his head and looked at the pink scar on his chest. He was lost in thoughts, without saying anything.

"My disciple… What is wrong?" Yun Piaoliu couldn't hold it anymore.

"Ah… It's hard to say. Heaven's will is always unpredictable." Ye Xiao thought about how overwhelming Meng Huaiqing was in the old days. Her power was completely beyond his recognition. He sighed and said, "When I was in the Land of Han-Yang… Because my fiancée is such a talented cultivator who has Natural Phoenix Body and also Spiritual Body… a superior master cultivator from Human Realm Upon Heavens noticed her and recruited her."

"Me and my girl, we had a deep affection for each other. We didn't want to be parted. However, that master has saved the both of us, as well as my girl's father too. She wanted my fiancee to go with her. How can I say no to that? It was such a great fortune for my girl. I don't want her to miss that opportunity. I encouraged her to go, and I told her when she achieves greatness someday, we will meet again!"

"When that master left with my fiancee, she gave me a dan bead and told me it could save me eight times from death… It is called Nine Creating Dan…" He kept talking, "I guess that dan bead just worked on me…"

"Natural Phoenix Body… Spiritual Body… Nine Creating Dan…"

The four men all breathed in a cold breath.

They didn't know what those names meant, but they knew they were all superior stuff.

They knew Ye Chongxiao has a Natural Exquisite Body, yet that master cultivator didn't want him at all. That meant she must be too powerful for them to understand!

Ye Xiao chose to tell them the truth. What he told them was all true. It was rare that Ye Xiao just told the truth in a conversation since he was reborn… Maybe he hoped that somebody in Cold Moon Palace knew anything about what he said and could offer him some advice... However, nobody knew more than he did.

Yue Changtian and the three old men were some influential figures in the world, yet they didn't know about Human Realm Upon Heavens.

He got nothing.

He was a bit lost and disappointed.

He thought that since Meng Huaiqing was a superior figure in the upper realm, people in Cold Moon Palace, such an ancient sect, should know something about her… He had imagined that maybe somebody ascended to Human Realm Upon Heavens and frequently came back to tell others what he saw up there…

He used to be a solitary cultivator in the previous life, so it was reasonable that he knew nothing. However, Cold Moon Palace was a great sect. People in a great sect should have known something about the upper world.

Well, it turned out they didn't.

Maybe Meng Huaiqing was too powerful to be known by people in the lower realm!

All in all, nobody knew anything about her.

They even knew less than Ye Xiao…

Yue Changtian and the three old men were lost in thoughts of Human Realm Upon Heavens, Natural Phoenix Body, Nine Creating Dan… Eight times immortal… They were still in shock.

[That it is.]

[We keep calling it the upper realm.]

[Some people call it God's Realm… It turns out to be Human Realm Upon Heavens…]

[What a splendid name…]

[It is such a good name for a mythic world… Ah…]

"Your fiancee… was recruited by a super figure in Human Realm Upon Heavens…" Yue Changtian suddenly felt that Ye Chongxiao was such a great man…

He actually had a wife who was a god!

At least she was going to be a god?

[That is awesome…]

"Chongxiao, do you know what kind of position that great figure has in the upper realm?" Yue Changtian was excited. For people in Qing-Yun Realm, Human Realm Upon Heavens was a magical world that only exists in the myth.

They dreamed about ascending, but nobody ever succeeded. It was times more difficult than ascending from Land of Han-Yang to Qing-Yun Realm. There were people in history who ascended to the upper world from the Land of Han-Yang, but none ascended from Qing-Yun Realm!

"I don't know." Ye Xiao shook his head.

Ye Xiao knew several people in Human Realm Upon Heavens. Master Bai, Wan and Xiu, Ling Wuxie… People in Cold Moon Palace completely knew nothing about Human Realm Upon Heavens. It wouldn't benefit anyone else even if he were to tell them everything, so Ye Xiao stopped right there.

The three old men were murmuring, "Human Realm Upon Heavens… Human Realm Upon Heavens…"

Their eyes were blurred. They seemed lost in thoughts.

"Wait. What is this place? Why am I here?" Ye Xiao was awake, back from death, so he started to become more aware of this strange hall.

The hall didn't help him with anything when he was recovering. However, it was benefiting him at the moment. He felt cooled down and spirited while staying inside this hall.

"Sky Soul Hall." Yue Changtian was still in shock, so he casually answered.

"Sky Soul Hall!" Ye Xiao's eyes lit up.

At the moment, Ye Xiao remembered those that he had seen before… Souls!