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Chapter 881: Sky Soul Hall!

Chapter 881: Sky Soul Hall!
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"This place… gives me a weird feeling!" Ye Xiao showed curiosity. "It's like… It seems I am improving fast in this place. My soul… I can feel it spirited. Is it my illusion because I am just recovered from fatal damage…"

"No. Your feeling is right." Yue Changtian said, "This is the most important place of our sect!"

"Hmm?" Ye Xiao said, "I see. This place is marvelous. I guess it took quite much to build this place back in the old days…"

What he said exposed his purpose.

He wanted to know about this place!

However, he was now the most important figure in Cold Moon Palace. He was the hope of the sect's future. Besides, he was just back from death… and that shocked the four men…

Also, the story of Human Realm Upon Heavens was even more shocking…

They didn't hesitate. They wouldn't suspect Ye Chongxiao of any hostility…

They wouldn't hide any secret from him!

Yue Changtian sighed and said, "True. It took quite a lot… In fact, it takes way too much to finish… What a shame… I guess Sky Soul Hall will be destroyed from now on…"

Ye Xiao was surprised. "What? Why? Such a great place. Why will it be destroyed? Did it consume too much energy to save me just now?"

Yue Changtian wanted to say something but ended just making a deep sigh.


Lei Dadi seemed hopeless. He sighed and said, "You know nothing, kid. You are alive because of your own fortune. Sky Soul Hall didn't really save you… The reason why this place will be destroyed… This place is built by the three factions together. It is our top secret… We decided to quit the three factions. I guess nobody will follow the rules anymore… Ah."

Before he finished, Yue Changtian made a long sigh.

Ye Xiao's heart was beating fast. He felt that he might finally catch a clue… about something that he didn't understand and also something he hated the most in his previous life!

Lei Dadi wanted to stop the topic by showing a helpless expression. Ye Xiao wouldn't let it stop!

He asked with curiosity, "Top secret? Well… Is it a story behind this building?"

"Story…" Lei Dadi looked painful. He sighed deeply and said, "It is not just a story… It is a… moaning epic… of billions of blood and tears…"

"Millions of heroes… perished in this story."

Lei Dadi shook his head. "Among the millions, there were many level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators. The most sensational event in the story is about that man, who has made the biggest loss to this project… Xiao Monarch, Ye Xiao!"

Ye Xiao was shocked.

[I was right!]

[Sky Soul Palace!]

[The three factions did countless unforgivable crimes in earlier years for this Sky Soul Hall!]

"I guess this Sky Soul Hall is quite important for the sects?" Ye Xiao showed curiosity.

"Sure it is." Lei Dadi nodded. "I forgot you are new to this world. You don't know the resounding name of Xiao Monarch…"

Ye Xiao nodded and asked, "Hmm… Who is that Xiao Monarch? Which sect is he from? Why is he so powerful?"

Lei Dadi held his forehead. It seemed he was having a headache.

Apparently, the old man realized Ye Chongxiao was dragging the topic away further and further. He knew it would take a whole day to explain everything to him…

However, Ye Chongxiao was his beloved disciple. What he was asking were things that he needed to know before he got out to the martial world. Lei Dadi had to explain it. He then decided to tell Ye Chongxiao everything. [I have a much longer life now. I have more time to spend on you. Maybe if I tell you more today, the better you will live out there in the martial world…]

"It is a long story." Lei Dadi said, "Let me explain it to you…"

Yue Changtian said, "Master, I guess I should better be off and let you teach Chongxiao. The disciples outside haven't seen me for a long time. They must be worried. I should go out and make some arrangements on fighting against the two factions. Besides, I need to tell everybody Chongxiao is dead. We need to get it done quickly."

Lei Dadi humphed. He said, "Of course there are lots of things you should do out there. Wu Huitian killed lots of our people in our place. You must give everybody a fair explanation. If you can't comfort them, somebody may start to have a fractured loyalty to the sect. A sect that gives disciples no safety will never get loyalty from people! Hmm… You said it earlier today, that Cold Moon Palace is no longer one of the three factions… What is the future of Cold Moon Palace then… How do we show ourselves to the martial world… How do we act in the world… We must have a goal. You have to deal with all these matters as soon as possible."

"One more thing. You must call every one of the ten great elders back right now. Make sure you do this first." Yun Piaoliu said, "As an arrow is shot out, it can't go back. Cold Moon Palace must rise up. It depends on you now, Prime Master."

Yue Changtian suddenly felt the heavy burden on his shoulders. He looked solemn and left the hall.

After that, he called for the elders outside the door.

Apparently, he was arranging a meeting.

The three old men sighed. They looked at Ye Xiao and still felt a bit scared.

The two factions were obviously concentrated in getting Ye Chongxiao killed. They even considered him a more dangerous enemy than Jun Yinglian. It was lucky that he had that Nine Creating Dan… Otherwise, he would definitely have been killed…

If he died, even though the three old men's lives were extended, they wouldn't want to live anymore.

As long as Lei Dadi thought of how their beloved disciple was assassinated inside their own place, he would turn furious.

He had cursed for a long time before he realized he had to explain everything about Sky Soul Hall to Ye Chongxiao.

"Sky Soul Hall is the biggest secret of the three factions. It is passed to us generation to generation from the ancient time. To activate the Sky Soul Hall… first condition, each faction should have over two hundred thousand disciples. Only with that many people's will together, the Sky Soul Hall could be activated!

"The three factions had been through so many years. About three thousand years ago, we started to be one of the top powerful forces in Qing-Yun Realm. After that, we had more and more talented disciples and we started to recruit more and more disciples. About three hundred years ago, Cold Moon Palace finally reached two hundred disciples. The three factions celebrated it together.

"Three factions always worked together. Sun, Moon, Star. Three different lights shined together to activate the Sky Soul Hall. Then we realized the true power of the hall. It was the most valuable thing the ancestors left to us. However, it requires a billion human souls to cooperate with the three lights, so as to call the soul of the great ancestor back from death. After that, the three factions will be invincible in the world and rule the world forever!

"First of all, the great ancestor returns from death in the Sky Soul Hall to teach us his mighty wisdom. Second, the force of Sky Soul Hall gathers the willpower of people in the world. Third, it assembles the power of souls. As long as the hall is fully built, it can assemble the power of souls and make it into a soul plate. Every level nine Dao Origin Stage disciple will devote a little part of their soul power to be made into a soul plate. All soul plates will be stored in the Sky Soul Hall.

"When a disciple dies outside, his soul plate will break into pieces and set free of his soul power. The soul power will form into a spirit because of the power of Sky Soul Hall. That spirit will have reincarnation. He will keep the memory of the previous life and he will be thousand times faster than others in martial art cultivation. This is a much better way to improve oneself than snatching other's body…"

"The soul plate gives the disciple the chance to be born again! Besides, if a disciple reaches the limitation of his present life, he can perish himself. After that, the soul plate will give him a second chance to live again. It will take him no longer than a hundred years to become as powerful as he used to be. Sky Soul Hall is truly a masterpiece of the universe!"

Ye Xiao was frightened.

He finally got to know the real purpose of the three factions.