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Chapter 882: Fierce Blade

Chapter 882: Fierce Blade
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If a level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivator was reborn with his memory intact once again started to cultivate from the beginning…

That was even more horrible than Ye Xiao!

After some time, the world would belong to the three factions! Nobody was able to defeat them!

Maybe they would forever rule the Qing-Yun Realm!

"Is it true? The cultivator can be reborn with his memory?" Ye Xiao asked.

"Life and death, nature's law. Of course, nobody can hold the full memory to the next life!" Lei Dadi stared at him and said, "It will be a force hidden deep in his soul that would keep leading him back to the sect he was from in the previous life… However, he would definitely be much faster in cultivation. The spirit won't directly pass the full memory to the cultivator in the next life, but it still gives him the basic reactions!"

"You said it won't directly pass the memory to the next life, then there must be some special method to activate the memory?" Ye Xiao asked.

Feng Wuying thought for a while and said, "It is possible to get the memory from the previous life, but we don't think it is worth doing. To get the memory from the previous life, first, the three lights must be bonded as one to unclose the seal that was made by the reincarnation power. That would consume countless soul power. It is not easy. Besides, the cultivator who gets the memory back should be over level eight of Dao Origin Stage, so that he can be strong enough to endure the strike from the power. After that, he can get his memory back. These two are both extremely difficult things to do.

"In fact, it may not always be a good thing to get the memory back. After all, memories of two lives staying in one head... Should he choose to maintain the present him or the previous him? If he can't perfectly merge the two lives as one, he will be mad. A man shares two lives. Over a hundred years ago, there was a genius in Saint Sunlight Sect. He took the reincarnation. Fifty years after, he became level eight of Dao Origin Stage. Saint Sunlight Sect helped him activate his previous memory. It went well. He got the memory back successfully. However, he became a freak since then. Sometimes, he was one man, sometimes, he was another. The two personalities kept disturbing each other. He couldn't get any improvement after that. That is why those who have reincarnated barely want to have their previous memories back!"

Ye Xiao took a breath of relief and said, "I see."

Sky Soul Hall really had an amazing power on reincarnation, however, it was totally not the same story as what happened to Ye Xiao. They were two similar reincarnation ways, but totally different in results!

"To finish the structure of Sky Soul Hall, the three factions have been invading other's places in the recent three hundred years. We have been doing it secretly. We have done many evil things. The three factions fight together, and nobody in the world can really stop us. It was going well those years.

"However, things won't just be good on our side. A few years earlier, when we were invading Sky Soul Mountain to snatch the soul power, unexpectedly, we encountered a super cultivator, the Fierce Blade, Li Wuliang! That was the beginning of many incidences afterwards!"

Lei Dadi slowly spoke. He seemed to be in grief.

Ye Xiao slowly closed his eyes.

[Fierce Blade, Li Wuliang!]

[Finally, it's about you now, brother.]

"We didn't know Li Wuliang was hiding in that mountain for secret cultivation. He saw the three factions invading the mountain. He definitely didn't allow it. The three factions didn't want to offend such an influential figure at the beginning. We promised him ten thousand square kilometers land as long as he gave up the Sky Soul Mountain. It was a good deal for him. We were showing our concession.

"Fierce Blade just laughed. He said, 'I would rather die protecting this mountain than live as a degrading animal!'

"That was the end of the negotiation. What we could do was to start a fight. He was alone. He defeated all the Dao Origin Stage cultivators from the three factions that day. He did show mercy to us. He didn't kill anybody, just forced us to leave. He who has a bigger fist has the power. Li Wuliang won the fight. Three factions admitted defeated!"

Ye Xiao said, "The three factions were determined to get the mountain. You wouldn't give it up. However, strength was the first law in this world. Li Wuliang was good, but if he faced the real powerful cultivator of the sects, he would be defeated for sure. It shouldn't be difficul. However, you talked as if things weren't that simple?"

"No, it wasn't simple at all. As you said, the three factions wouldn't give up on the mountain. Even though we were defeated and spared by the man, we still returned to the mountain the other day. We thought we would definitely get Li Wuliang down as we had sent many powerful men. In fact, if we just defeated him and offered him some profits, things would end up in peace. However, because of one filthy bastard and his stupid decision, things went to an unmanageable situation…" Feng Wuying sighed.

"A bastard and his decision? What was that?" Ye Xiao asked.

"The second time, the three factions had a much more powerful force. We should have won that fight easily. However, to defeat Li Wuliang would still cause a certain damage to us. A bastard from Saint Starlight Sect sneaked up to the mountain and kidnapped Li Wuliang's sworn brother, as well as his brother's wife and son, so as to force Li Wuliang to submit. That day… Gosh…" Feng Wuying sighed and couldn't continue.

Yun Piaoliu rejoined, "It is filthy as it is. We can't escape it! That day, Li Wuliang was ready to submit in order to keep his brother's family safe. However, that bastard was so insatiable. He threatened to kill the three innocent people and forced Li Wuliang to waste his own martial art. Li Wuliang's sworn brother was such a tough man. He sacrificed himself to kill that bastard. However, he was weak. That bastard was hurt but didn't die. That bastard was humiliated so he killed the woman and the kid immediately…

"That certainly pissed Li Wuliang so much. He, with his sword, killed one hundred and seventy Dao Origin Stage cultivators of the three factions who were there that day. He even chased the rest of the three factions' men over three thousand miles till he killed them all, one by one! That bastard was cut countless times on the body by Li Wuliang's rapid sword cuts then eventually died!

"That fight had shocked the entire Qing-Yun Realm!"