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Chapter 883: The Past!

Chapter 883: The Past!
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"After that, the three factions finally realized how powerful Li Wuliang was!

"So many disciples died in that fight. The three factions were full of meanings. There was no room for negotiation anymore. The sects sent many top cultivators to kill Li Wuliang in Sky Soul Mountain.

"That day, the third time, Li Wuliang knew he might die fighting the three factions. He had sent a letter to his best friend, Xiao Monarch, Ye Xiao, to ask for help.

"Fierce Blade slaughtered countless enemies; Xiao Monarch laughed at all heroes. They were both great heroes in the latest history. If the two of them fought together, the three factions might lose. Even if they could win, it would cost them way more than they could afford. Besides, if Xiao Monarch came to the fight, his girlfriend, Jun Yinliang of Sky Ice Palace would definitely follow!

"If the three rising stars in Qing-Yun Realm fought together, that would be a huge power. If that happened, that would become the beginning of a great war in Qing-Yun Realm! Even if the three faction won the war, Sky Soul Hall would lose its use after that. Most of the elites in the three factions would die fighting the three heroic figures. Sky Soul Hall would be useless when there were no powerful disciples anymore!

"Luckily… Gosh… Maybe it wasn't good luck at all… Xiao Monarch had gone to Boundless Saint Domain. Even though he was at the top of level nine of Dao Origin Stage, it would take him a long time to return to the realm.

"The three factions had sent 99 level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators three times in total. Fierce Blade had been fighting for three full days until he was seriously injured by the Three Lights Strike and fell down the cliff of the Sky Soul Mountain!

"He was utterly exhausted by then. The Three Lights Strike definitely killed both his physical body and soul.

"At last, the three factions occupied Sky Soul Mountain and abstracted the soul power. However, it wasn't the end of the battle. Xiao Monarch was back from the Boundless Saint Domain for his brother.

"He heard the death of Fierce Blade, so he started a big fight against the three factions without hesitation!

"After Xiao Monarch declared war against the three factions, the three factions realized they had actually occupied Xiao Monarch's master's hometown, Million Soul Mountain, before they went for Sky Soul Mountain… Saint Sunlight Sect killed all the people around Million Soul Mountain because it would be easier to occupy the mountain…

"Xiao Monarch knew what happened on both of the mountains, so he turned crazy. He kept fighting the three factions since he was back from the Boundless Saint Domain. He killed all the way along up to the Sky Soul Mountain. He killed every single disciple on the mountain and went to Million Soul Mountain. All disciple from Saint Sunlight Sect who were guarding there were slaughtered!

"After that, he killed people of the three factions everywhere he went. People of the three factions would be killed immediately if they met Xiao Monarch.

"The three factions decided to hunt Xiao Monarch. They sent out seven hundred of their best disciples to fight that crazy Xiao Monarch in the realm. It lasted seven months!

"That was a long-term battle. 327 top-level Dao Origin Stage cultivators died in Ye Xiao's hand. Our sect has sent 219 disciples, only… 105 made it back!

"27 of the survivors completely lost their martial arts. They wouldn't regain the strength ever in their lives. Over a dozen got seriously damaged. They have no chance to improve anymore. Zhan Yunfei and Zhu Jiutian, our twin wings, suffered great loss in that battle. Zhan Yunfei's soul beast was wasted. Zhu Jiutian's soul beast, Triple Feet Eagle, was killed. Zhu Jiutian couldn't recover after that setback, so he stopped improving anymore. Zhan Yunfei was seriously wounded. He is still unrecovered now… He only has eighty percent of his real power…

"That was such a tough battle. The three factions were greatly damaged. We were at least weakened forty percent… That was the biggest loss in the history of the three factions!"

Yun Piaoliu sighed.

Ye Xiao stayed silent for a while and said, "Forgive me, masters. In my opinion, that is completely the three factions' fault. If the three factions didn't do those evil things, none among Fierce Blade and Xiao Monarch would fight against the three factions. Fierce Blade has already spared the lives of the three factions' disciples. If the three factions didn't do such unacceptable things, things wouldn't end miserably like that."

"That's true." Lei Dadi looked gloomy. "Three factions only have themselves to blame. However, the Sky Soul Hall concerns the future of the three sects… We had to do it."

"Actually, if Li Wuliang gave up on the mountain at the beginning, none of those tragedies would happen. We were wrong, but he wasn't completely right…" Yun Piaoliu said.

"Master, you are wrong about that." Ye Xiao blandly said, "Li Wuliang was honored as the Blade of the Realm. He had his dignity and honor. No matter what compensation the three factions gave him, he was still kicked out from that mountain!

"He would look like being expelled from his place, like a useless animal!

"No honorable men could endure such disgrace."

"I am weak in martial art cultivation, but I know a cultivator should keep a spirited heart. If a cultivator loses dignity, he won't be able to improve any further." Ye Xiao slowly spoke, "If Li Wuliang left that mountain because he was afraid of the three factions, that would be a great disgrace. Even if he is still alive, the feeling of shame and failure will haunt him forever. He would never give up on the mountain so easily. I guess if you were him, you wouldn't do that either."

"That's right." Lei Dadi looked old and sad. "It's true. That… since the three factions decided to take Sky Soul Mountain… that fight became unavoidable!"

"There might be a way to avoid that rough fight though. When the three factions went for the mountain the second time, if the three factions fought against Li Wuliang face to face and defeated him, it wouldn't lead to any other regrettable events. In Qing-Yun Realm, who has stronger power makes the call! It wouldn't be honorable, but it was definitely reasonable," Ye Xiao said.

The three old men were lost in silence. Ye Xiao was right. Fierce Blade didn't kill those men of the three factions after he won the fight. He had shown his respect to the three factions. The second time when the three factions went up to the mountain, they violated the rule of the martial world. That bastard of Saint Starlight Sect had thoroughly violated the rule. He was lunatic and unscrupulous. The three old men were righteous men. They didn't want to say things against their conscience, so they stayed silent!