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Chapter 884: Separate Ways!

Chapter 884: Separate Ways!
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"All in all, it was that bastard who caused all that mess. He made Li Wuliang turn totally hostile to the three factions. After that, the three factions focused on Fierce Blade and eventually got him killed. It also led to Xiao Monarch's death. Sky Ice Palace, Jun Yinglian, is on her way for revenge now.

"The three factions lost thousands of men fighting against Fierce Blade. There were many Dao Origin Stage disciples among them. They were almost ten percent of the three factions' most powerful force. That fight against Xiao Monarch cost thirty percent of our elites.

"The three factions are no longer the three factions four years ago…" Feng Wuying made a long sigh. "Jun Yinglian is coming with the grudge she has held in her heart for one year… I am afraid it will become another disaster.

"It is predictable… that after the fight against Jun Yinglian, the three factions will fall into the dust…"

Yun Piaoliu sighed. "Xuan Bing's toughness showed many problems on us. If the three factions become a bit weaker, we will be suppressed by the other four great sects, two great halls, and three great palaces. We may lose the qualification to be one of the great sects after that.

"It will be much more difficult to rise again."

Ye Xiao stayed silent for a long time. He didn't say a word after that.

He looked so calm.

However, deep in his heart, there were terrifying waves.

[Fierce Blade, Li Wuliang!]


[Finally, I get to know the truth of what happened!]

"Master, now that we are parted from the three factions, will we stop the Sky Soul Hall?" Ye Xiao blandly asked. He sounded distant.

"We never want to give it up." Lei Dadi shook his head. "It is the greatest prospect of the three factions. It can't be stopped!"

"We are out of the three factions, but Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect would never stop it!" Yun Piaoliu sighed. "But… Sky Soul Hall in Cold Moon Palace… will have to be wasted."

"We can't activate the power of Sky Soul Hall with only the power of the moon. It has to be the power of three lights," Lei Dadi said.

"Hmm? Wait. We can't use the power of three lights, but neither Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect can make it! They don't have the power of the moon!" Ye Xiao found the problem.

"That's true…" The three old men were shocked.

That was right. Not only Cold Moon Palace, but also the other two sects couldn't keep building the Sky Soul Hall.

The power of sun, star, and moon made the power of three lights!

At this moment, Ye Xiao's eyes lit up. He was enlightened. He blandly spoke, "I guess… It depends on whether Prime Master truly wants to leave the three factions or not…"

Lei Dadi said, "Chongxiao, what do you mean by that?"

Feng Wuying and Yun Piaoliu both looked at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao slowly spoke, in a solemn and clear tone, "I mean what I said. Wu Huitian was clearly targeting me this time. I have told the disciple brothers I didn't want to go see the greeting event, however, they still forced me to go.

"Men are always curious. I understand why they wanted to go. Why do they have to take me? If one of them insisted, it is reasonable. However, many of them together forced me to go. That must be something strange, don't you think?

"It is quite obvious… They were spies!"

"Wu Huitian knew clearly where we were when he and his men started the attack. It must be because of the spies. However, the spies didn't know Wu Huitian would choose to kill them too. He perfectly covered the evidence…"

"In fact, I am sure there are still spies like them in our sect. There may be a lot of them." Ye Xiao said, "Some of them are in a rather high position in the sect. After all, when the gate is closed, it is impossible for Dream Origin Stage disciples to send messages out."

"There are high-level spies inside our sect."

Yun Piaoliu was enlightened. He looked pale immediately.

"That's true. Wu Huitian and Yun Xiran came together this time. They planned this together. However, Saint Sunlight Sect wouldn't tell Yun Xiran about their spy systems. The two sects wouldn't work on that together. In other words, there are spies in our sect, some from Saint Sunlight Sect, while the others from Saint Starlight Sect. There are lots of spies."

The three old men knew exactly what Ye Xiao wanted to tell them.

"I believe the spies in our sect must know lots of our martial arts. The power of moon may not be a secret to these men anymore.

"If Cold Moon Palace truly leave the three factions, the other two sects just need to call these spies back to continue the Sky Soul Halls in their sects! They won't stop it just because we won't support them anymore.

"In fact, they wouldn't just let the spies control the power of moon for them forever. I guess… They must have arranged their own disciples to cultivate our martial arts. The martial arts of the three sects are different, but they are from the same ancestors. As long as they spend enough time on it, they can eventually master the Cold Moon Art…"

The three old men thought of it and started to look heavy-laden.

They had never thought that the brother sects had arranged so many spies in the sect for a long time and even tried to steal their martial arts.

"We need to wait for the return of the Prime Master and discuss it."

It concerned the future of Cold Moon Palace. The three old men were scarily solemn at the moment.

Ye Xiao nodded and stopped saying anything.

Lei Dadi looked around at the misty fog and said with a sigh, "We have worked so hard for many generations. Unexpectedly, the Sky Soul Hall, the dream of the three factions, will be ended by betrayal."