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Chapter 885: Break the Deadlock

Chapter 885: Break the Deadlock
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Ye Xiao thought for a while and said, "In fact, it may be a better thing for the sect to end it now. Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect have been acting in filthy collusion for a long time. They want to destroy our sect. I guess even if the Sky Soul Hall is finished someday… they wouldn't allow us to have one for our own."

"In fact, there may eventually be just one Sky Soul Hall in the stronger one of them." Ye Xiao coldly said, "Brother sects are just a joke."

"If they truly are brother sects, why would they so desperately kill the great genius of our sect…

"Cold Moon Palace leaving the three factions meant we will not try to build the Sky Soul Hall. In fact, they may stop planning on destroying us. Instead, they will possibly start to focus on fighting each other. That's better for us!"

The three old men sighed. They looked dozens older than they were all of a sudden.

In the Boundless Space, Erhuo kept jumping up and down and calling Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao just ignored it. In the end, he even directly restrained Erhuo.

The Sky Soul Hall was full of soul power. Erhuo needed it.

Erhuo wanted to get out and absorb the power for a long time.

Ye Xiao kept restraining it in the Boundless Space.

Erhuo should be able to get out the Space freely, but Ye Xiao was the owner of the Space. He just used one thought to block the way out!

"Meow… The soul power here can make me improve at least three times… Why do you stop me…" Erhuo kept shouting, "Meow, meow, meow, meow…"

"Meow your ass! Can't you spend some time thinking of something else instead of eating and absorbing?" Ye Xiao strictly scolded.

Cold Moon Palace had been treating him so well. Everybody wanted him to live. Every master wanted him to improve faster. Oh surely not everybody... there were spies in the sect.

Ye Xiao knew Sky Soul Hall might greatly benefit him. If he let Erhuo absorb all the soul power in it, it would greatly enhance Erhuo and make the Boundless Space even stronger.

However, he didn't do it. He just locked Erhuo in the Space and made sure it wouldn't go out to get the power.

A great man would do what he should do and put away those that he shouldn't.

Even if Sky Soul Hall was useless for Cold Moon Palace, even if Cold Moon Palace decided to waste it, Ye Xiao wouldn't take the power away.

He wasn't being stubborn. He just wanted to insist with his principle. A man should have a bottom line.

Cold Moon Palace had done him a great favor. He knew he should be grateful. On the other hand, if anybody ever did injustice to him, he would definitely retaliate.

What he should never do was repay kindness with enmity!

No matter what, no matter where, no matter when, this was the everlasting rule.

Cold Moon Palace had been so kind to Ye Xiao all these days. No matter what, he couldn't just take the power in Sky Soul Hall sneakily! He couldn't do it!

"Chongxiao, I will tell Changtian about what you just said. No matter what the sect will do, it is none of your business now. You can't stay in the sect anymore."

Lei Dadi looked at Ye Xiao. "That sword attack gives the perfect evidence to your death. From now on, Ye Chongxiao is dead."

"This is the best protection you can have. It is better than anything else we can do to keep you alive." Lei Dadi looked at Ye Xiao. "That's why we stopped feeling angry after learning that you're still alive."

"Of course, there is still hatred in our hearts. We will get on Wu Huitian when there is a chance. No matter what, you are free now."

Ye Xiao understood.

If Wu Huitian successfully killed Ye Chongxiao, the three old men would definitely start a crazy fight for revenge. They would even sacrifice themselves to let Wu Huitian pay the price.

However, the truth was Ye Chongxiao was alive. Things were different.

Ye Chongxiao was attacked on the chest under the watch of everyone. He should surely be dead.

When people saw him, he was still alive and being carried away for treatment. However, everybody knew that nothing could save him from that severe wound! Nothing in Qing-Yun Realm at least!

Even Sky Soul Hall could do nothing to save him.

Sky Soul Hall could keep a cultivator's spirit and give him a second life, however, the cultivator had to be at a high cultivation level. In fact, he had to be over level nine of Dao Origin Stage.

Ye Chongxiao was only level two of Dream Origin Stage. Sky Soul Hall wouldn't work for him.

Everyone believed the great genius Ye Chongxiao would die!

That was why Wu Huitian decided to leave so soon.

However, Ye Chongxiao survived out of everybody's expectation.

In fact, because of this assassination, it became a great cover for his existence. That was, as Lei Dadi said, a perfect protection!

There was nothing better than death to keep one's safety.

Even when he showed up again in the martial world and was seen by somebody who knew Ye Chongxiao, they would just think he looked so familiar to the departed great genius!

They wouldn't believe he was Ye Chongxiao!

Wu Huitian never knew that he had almost killed someone he shouldn't have messed with. He didn't know how powerful this young man was. He didn't know who this young man really was. He didn't know what this young man would become in the future.

He had messed with a horrible man this time.

Because of this assassination, Ye Xiao started to hate Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect instead of the three factions!


"Master… you mean… I should leave Cold Moon Palace now? Should I go out and survive the martial world on my own?" Ye Xiao cautiously asked.

Since he came to Cold Moon Palace, he had been longing to go out.

He had no chance to leave though.

Cold Moon Palace cherished him as if he was a pearl on the hand… He was a baby to them…

After they were sure Ye Chongxiao was capable enough to survive in the martial world, they wouldn't let him leave.

It was full of dangers out in the martial world. They couldn't risk the future of their sect!

Ye Xiao had been troubled about how to leave this place.

However, lucky or unlucky, out of everybody's expectation, now he finally got the opportunity to leave!