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Chapter 886: Housecleaning

Chapter 886: Housecleaning
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Even in a sect that was considered the safest place, it wasn't absolutely safe. Instead, because he stayed in a great sect, he became a bigger and clearer target to the enemies!

"If you stay in the sect, someday people will know you are still alive. There are many people who can recognize your face after all. We are unable to sweep all the spies in a short time. I don't think we can keep you safe. Wu Huitian did this once, so he can certainly do it again. If he decides to do it again, it will be more dangerous and vicious than this one. Next time, he may try to smash you into ashes. Nine Creating Dan has brought you back from death this time. How lucky! I don't think it will keep doing this again and again!"

"For you, it is much more dangerous to stay in the sect. I think you should just go out to the martial world. That will be much safer."

Yun Piaoliu said, "We don't want to you leave so soon. That's for sure. However, we have no other choice under such circumstances."

"You are going to mainly train yourself out there this time. The most important thing is to keep yourself safe! You are level two of Dream Origin Stage now. As long as you don't mess with the great forces in the world, you will be safe." Lei Dadi taught him patiently and kindly. He wished he could just give Ye Xiao his full heart.

When Ye Xiao was lowering his head listening to the guidance, Yue Changtian was holding the sect's meeting.

The crowd was boiling.

For what Wu Huitian had done, people in Cold Moon Palace shared the same hatred and grudge. Everybody felt the crisis.

Saint Sunlight Sect would never allow Cold Moon Palace to rise.

Cold Moon Palace quitting the three factions was a reasonable decision to make. Rather than keep dealing with two allies who kept suppressing them, it was better that they fought for their own future.

However, everybody wanted to keep the Sky Soul Hall!

Cold Moon Palace had devoted too much for the Sky Soul Hall. Sky Soul Hall had brought them so many advantages too. It was a shame to just waste it. It was a good decision to leave the other two sects, but it was unnecessary to waste Sky Soul Hall at the same time. They wanted to figure out their own way to build Sky Soul Hall!

The other two sects stole their martial arts. In fact, they could also try to steal the martial arts of the other two sects. If the other two sects could build Sky Soul Hall without Cold Moon Palace, they could also build Sky Soul Hall without the other two sects!

Yue Changtian kept showing a dark face, but he didn't reject it. That was a tacit permission.

The news spread fast.

"Cold Moon Palace left three factions."

It burst the entire Cold Moon Palace.

All disciples were discussing it.

The leadership of Cold Moon Palace didn't do anything to stop them.

Two days after that meeting, disciples started to ask for leave. They made up all kinds of excuses to leave the sect. The leadership of the sect approved all of them. More than half of the disciples left the sect…

Ye Xiao had left the sect two days before any other disciples left.

He looked back to the mountain but only saw the fog covering the entire sect. He could feel the three old men standing on the mountain waving their hands to him, their eyes full of hope.

He wanted to leave Cold Moon Palace for a long time, but now that he was finally going to leave, he felt heavy on his feet. His blood was boiling. He realized it wasn't that easy to just walk away.

He had a special feeling in the heart. Since he had lost his first master in the previous life, he hadn't had such a feeling!

[Are they really that important to me now?]

[I… I will come back someday!]

Ye Xiao made up his mind to leave. He walked faster and faster. When he walked to a forest, he suddenly disappeared.

The name Ye Chongxiao was dead in the world since then!

It was said that there once was a great genius in Cold Moon Palace. He had shocked the entire sect when he was alive. However, in an accident, he was killed by Wu Huitian, the Prime Master of Saint Sunlight Sect.

Cold Moon Palace quit the three factions because of that.

However, no matter how talented he was, how brilliant he was, how shocking he was, he was a dead man!

Great figures always died before they could do anything influential. There was always just a small part of them who could stand on top of the world. Most of them died earlier than they should. The genius in Cold Moon Palace was just unlucky!

However, the death of this great genius wasn't just a normal event. It led to many changes in the martial world afterwards…

It all started on the seventh day after the young man's death…

The martial world was in disturbance all of a sudden.

Those disciples who left Cold Moon Palace were all tracked.

There were people who kept tracking them.

These people were certainly the core forces of Cold Moon Palace.

They saw the disciples leave and get down the mountain. They followed them all the way along. Those who had things to do for real would return to the sect after the things were handled.

However, some of the disciples would try to hide their trace by disguising themselves, sneakily heading to the other two sects. Those who had been tracking these disciples would show up and kill the disciples immediately!

Spies would eventually get killed!

[Maybe you have given the other two sects our martial arts, but it is impossible to have you go to the other two sects alive!]

That was Cold Moon Palace's bottom line.

Within seven days, all the suspected disciples were killed. Some of them were killed with those who came from the other two sects to meet them!

When the news kept coming back to the Prime Master Yue Changtian, he kept sighing while standing on top of the mountain.

He looked pale and frustrated.

There were over six hundred disciples under level two of Dao Origin Stage and above Dream Origin Stage who lost their lives!

That meant there were at least six hundred spies in the sect!

What an astonishing number!

There must be more spies who still stayed in the sect! They just didn't stupidly expose themselves in this event!