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Chapter 887: So Long!

Chapter 887: So Long!
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Yue Changtian felt terrified when he thought of the number!


When Yue Changtian made the decision, he felt sad but also thrilled.

This was the only moment that this Prime Master felt he was in charge of the future of the entire great sect!

To travel the martial world.

What a dream for a young man. The world "martial world" would light up a young man's eyes.

Martial world was a place full of dreams.

In the eyes of those boys and girls, the martial world was full of legends and opportunities. It was full of heroes, beauties, swords, songs, softness and toughness, hatred and gratitudes!

There were so many stories about the martial world.

When a boy talked about traveling the martial world, he felt so proud and stylish…

However, when a young man was truly living a life in the martial world, it gave him a totally different feeling.

He might be excited on the first day. The second day he might be still thrilled. The third day, he might still be interested... But what about the forth and the fifth? No one could stay enthusiastic forever!

What was traveling the martial world?

People had different answers. Was it traveling in the rivers and mountains?


That was just touring.

There were countless youngsters who felt thrilled and excited at the beginning when they started their martial world lives. After that, all they had was confusion.

Traveling the martial world was not just carrying a sword and walking in the world…

Ye Xiao was traveling the martial world.

He wasn't like other young men. He had a clear purpose.

Sky Soul Mountain.

He just got to know that his brother, his best friend, had fallen down the cliff of Sky Soul Mountain in the fight.

Ye Xiao thought that his brother didn't really die since nobody ever confirmed his death yet.

He was very likely dead though, after falling down that cliff. However, Ye Xiao wanted to check.

[What if he survived?]

[I was sentenced dead too, yet look where I am. I have a second life to start over again. What if there is also something marvelous that happened to my brother?]

[At the very least… even if he truly died down there, I have to find his body and make him a decent tomb.]

[I will drink in front of his tomb to tell him what is deep in my heart, whether he is alive or not!]

That was why he went to Sky Soul Mountain first.

He had been extremely cautious on the way to the mountain.

He was even more cautious than when he was escaping the hunt in the previous life.

Zhan Yunfei was annoyed about that. He was secretly following Ye Xiao.

He was one of the men in Cold Moon Palace who knew Ye Chongxiao was alive. There were five of them, the three old men, Yue Changtian and Zhan Yunfei. In order to keep the secret safe, he had to be the man who secretly followed and protected Ye Chongxiao.

He didn't refuse the responsibility. Instead, he was quite happy to do this.

Right after Ye Xiao left the sect, Zhan Yunfei followed immediately.

Certainly, Ye Chongxiao didn't know it.

Zhan Yunfei was feeling quite good about it at the beginning though. [Young man, go travel your martial world!]

[You have no idea. Others are risking their lives in the martial world, while you have a super powerful guard behind you…]

[You are totally different from the others.]

However, after one day, he was shocked.

After they went across a forest, he lost Ye Chongxiao.

He had done whatever he could to find the trace of Ye Chongxiao, but he just couldn't… He couldn't find anything…

[I am a great level eight Dao Origin Stage cultivator!]

[He is level two of Dream Origin Stage. We are like god and human! There is such a big gap between our power levels! How could I lose him…]


Zhan Yunfei felt extremely disgraced.

How could he lose him?

He didn't understand it. He couldn't think it through. [He just casually walked ahead along the road, with a small package on his shoulder. He looked so casual and leisure…]

[He must be unguarded.]

[A one hundred percent rookie martial artist!]

In fact, after half a day, Ye Xiao seemed to be in an urgent situation. He held his pants and went into the forest.

Zhan Yunfei knew what Ye Chongxiao was going to do. He surely wouldn't go and see the young man pee.

But he had waited too long. He didn't see Ye Chongxiao come back. None of the birds in the forest fly out. Ye Chongxiao just disappeared in the woods.

He had been waiting and waiting, but nothing happened. After about an hour, he couldn't endure it anymore. He sneaked into the wood.

He saw the trace of the dried urine on the foot of a big tree.

Apparently, it was Ye Chongxiao's. He must have left earlier because the urine has dried up!

There were some other obvious traces too. The big tree was ripped, revealing the white trunk below the rind. It was like a tombstone, looking garish in the dark of the forest. At least much more garish than the urine.

In fact, the most garish thing was the words on the tree, written with the blood of the rats. There were some dead rats on the floor, too.

'Disciple Brother Zhao, thanks for your hard work. But it is enough to escort me this far. I guess I should go on my own way by myself. I don't think I need a guard in the martial world, especially a super guard. So long, brother.'

Zhan Yunfei nearly passed out when he read the words.

He was pissed!

[He knew the sect would send people to protect him! He actually knew it was me.]

[Most importantly, he knew I was after him. He actually got rid of me!]

Zhan Yunfei was furious. He operated his mind power and carefully scanned the area. He knew Ye Chongxiao would never be able to leave this area within one hour!

However, he got nothing, no matter how hard he tried.

There was no trace of Ye Chongxiao. Not even a trace of the grass being stepped on.

It felt like Ye Chongxiao left under the ground after he finished his business…