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Chapter 888: Poles Apart!

Chapter 888: Poles Apart!
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When Zhan Yunfei realized it, it was already four hours later. He rushed back to the big tree and uprooted the tree. There was indeed a big hole behind the tree.

In the hole, he saw a letter.

'In fact when you left, I was still hiding here. However, I guess the moment you realize I am here, it should be a long time later. You must have been searching other places for a long time. Give it up now. You are not going to catch up with me this time. Brother Zhan, for real, so long, brother!'

Zhan Yunfei was utterly pissed…

He once again started to search the entire area…

And again, he got nothing.

In the next half month, Zhan Yunfei had searched the area of 50 kilometers like crazy. And he still kept expanding the searching area…

However, Ye Chongxiao was completely traceless.

Even the soul mark he had put in Ye Chongxiao was gone. It didn't work at all.

It just disappeared like a miracle!


Zhan Yunfei eventually gave up and returned to the sect. He was frustrated.

He knew he had to report this to the Prime Master. When Yue Changtian learned about it, he immediately told the three old grandmasters.

Lei Dadi, Feng Wuying, Yun Piaoliu and Yue Changtian stared at Zhan Yunfei with a weird expression. He looked so down. Nobody talked.

After a long time, Lei Dadi couldn't hold it anymore. He started a long series of rebuke.

"Pig! What a pig! It would be humiliating a pig to call you a pig! You are even stupider than pigs!" Lei Dadi was furious. Even his whiskers were shaking.

"You are level eight Dao Origin Stage. What you did was to follow a level two Dream Origin Stage young man… yet you lost him… How shameless that you dared to come back? Why didn't you just kill yourself out there…"

Feng Wuying looked at Zhan Yunfei speechlessly. After a while, he also burst out and scolded, "You god damn fool! Who is your private master? Tell me! I will go burn an incense for him and tell him how unlucky he was to have you as his disciple! I truly am impressed! How can't I be impressed by you excellent capability?"

Zhan Yunfei was usually brave and bold, yet now he was quiet, showing a red face, which was like the butt of a monkey!

He was utterly blushing!

"Zhan Yunfei, why don't you change a name from now on. Don't waste a good name." Yun Piaoliu rolled up his eyes and said, "You don't deserve the word 'fei' [1]. Why not Zhan Yunzhu? [2] You must be more foolish than a pig, but I can't think of anything stupider than a pig now. Just let the pig bear the shame."

Yue Changtian wanted to help his disciple brother because he looked so piteous at the moment. However, after thinking about it, he sighed and said, "In fact, it isn't all Brother Zhan's fault… Nobody knew that he is actually more foolish than a pig…"

[Are you truly supporting me?]

Zhan Yunfei just wanted to hang himself at the moment.

"What? You have a problem with this? What are you staying here for? Get the hell out of here and go search for Chongxiao now! Do you want to show off your stupid face?" Lei Dadi scolded, "What? Do you think you look good standing here like a pig with a sharp nose?"

Zhan Yunfei was bearing the humiliation. He walked out the hall and left the sect with regret in the heart.

[God damn it!]

[When I find Ye Chongxiao, I am going to rip off his skin!]

[I haven't been so disgraced before in my entire life! Even my master had never scolded me like that…]

"Yunfei, you can't make it alone. I guess you are not smart enough. How about this, I'll let Zhu Jiutian go with you." Yue Changtian said after Zhan Yunfei walked away.

It was close!

It was so close that Zhan Yunfei spat out blood and died.

Now he was on the way with Zhu Jiutian.

"Hahahahaha…" Zhu Jiutian had been laughing all day. He kept looking at Zhan Yunfei at the side of his eyes. "Tell me the details again. Did he actually play you around like that? He was behind the tree? You went to find him like, what, till you reach the end of the world? Hahahaha… Prime Master was right. You are not smart enough. I can prove that…"

- Bang! -

Zhan Yunfei didn't say anything but just punched on Zhu Jiutian's nose. He fiercely said, "I can't do anything to Ye Chongxiao, Prime Master or the three old grandmasters… but I can definitely punch you to death! Listen, you are here to serve as a vent to my anger this time! Remember this!"

He looked so fierce on the face. That was horrible.

Zhu Jiutian got punched on the nose, but he didn't stop laughing. He held his stomach and gasped. "Oh no, I can't… can't… Even if you are going to beat me to death, I have to laugh… Damn… This is going to light up the days in my afterlife… So hilarious… I never knew you would actually be disgraced like this ever… I haven't had anything to live for a long time. You just gave me something to brighten my life… So kind of you… You are a nice fool… Hmmm… I guess I shouldn't call you Zhan Yunfei anymore… They gave you a new name, right? What is it? Oh! Zhan Yunzhu! Good name! Brilliant! Smart!"

Zhan Yunfei nearly freaked out. "You bastard! Can you stop? Go on if you dare! Can you stop, please? Let's be frank, if we can't find him this time, I will not be the only one who is recognized as a fool. I am Zhan Yunzhu and you will be Zhu Jiuzhu. Think about it… Yours is worse… Can you stop gloating now?"

"You couldn't find him because you are stupid. I am smart. Of course I will find him!" Zhu Jiutian was so confident.

Zhan Yunfei looked at Zhu Jiutian like looking at a poor man. [You will regret this. I promise you will!]

[I promise!]

[Zhu Jiuzhu is going to be your name soon!]

When Zhan Yunfei and Zhu Jiutian left the sect, Ye Xiao was casually walking on the Discord Plains. It was merely five hundred miles away from Cold Moon Palace.

It wasn't that far. If Zhan Yunfei and Zhu Jiutian went to the right direction, maybe they could see him soon.

However, things were a bit out of their expectation.

Ye Xiao was moving towards the south.

Zhan Yunfei and Zhu Jiutian were heading north. Of course they were. Ye Chongxiao was heading north too before he disappeared.

Thus, north and south, if they saw Ye Xiao, it must be a miracle again!

When Ye Xiao was five hundred miles away from Cold Moon Palace in the south, Zhan Yunfei and Zhu Jiutian had gone at least four thousand miles in the north…


[1] Fei, means fly.

[2] Zhu means pig.