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Chapter 890: Guan Lingxiao!

Chapter 890: Guan Lingxiao!
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

With a loud laughter, a big shadow showed up in the forest. A man showed himself.

He was exactly as Ye Xiao pictured.

The man was square-shouldered, tall and heavy. He was one head higher than the average. As he walked out the forest, it felt like a living iron tower moving out.

He walked in big strides. It seemed the earth was shaking when he stepped on it.

The man was bigger than normal people in every part of the body, arms, head, waist…

However, instead of being peculiar, he looked pretty good.

He just simply walked. He didn't try to gather any spiritual power or do any martial art. There was a strong vigor naturally glowing on him.

Ye Xiao was right about his big beard too. He had a big beard and an unkempt hair. However, he didn't look slovenly.

"Young man, you sang well!" The big man grinned and said, "You are so young, yet you sang the true beauty of that song. Well done."

Ye Xiao smiled and said, "I am flattered. I just thoughtlessly learned and tried. What you sang, that was much more meaningful and cadenced. I guess you must have lots of experience about the life in the martial world, brother. It all came from the bottom of your heart. May I have your name, please?"

He didn't know the man. Since they liked the same song, he decided to make friends with the man.

"Me? I am Guan Lingxiao. Brother, you must have heard of me before!" The big man laughed. He seemed quite confident about his reputation.

"Guan Lingxiao?" Ye Xiao was a bit blank. He coughed and said, "Well… Uh… I am new to the martial world… I barely know much about heroes in this world… I am quite ignorant…"

He truly hadn't heard of such a name ever. But the man was showing a face saying 'I am a big figure! You definitely know my name! You must!' Ye Xiao didn't want to hurt his feeling.

However… he couldn't lie about it either. He wouldn't say something like 'what a reverberating name in the world'…

"You… Really? You haven't heard of me?" Guan Lingxiao looked at Ye Xiao like looking at a freak, which was ignorant and stupid.

"Not… Not really." Ye Xiao shook his head. He decided to just be frank!

In fact, although it was his second life now, he had just been away from Qing-Yun Realm for about two years. No matter how experienced he was, he was too much a superior figure in the realm. He only remembered those who were as brilliant as himself. In fact, there were just a few people in the realm that he would try to remember the names of.

Guan Lingxiao was a name he had never heard of. It wouldn't be an influential name at all.

He wanted to be patient and thoughtful for the man because they both liked the song and the man actually added some wonderful lyrics in the song. However, after being asked several times about whether or not he knew about the name, Ye Xiao felt a bit... well, not disgusted, but slightly annoyed!

Guan Lingxiao seemed disappointed. He widely opened his eyes and turned around. He rubbed his head and said with an unbelieving face, "Have you truly never heard of my name? Have you heard of Half Sky? Don't tell me you know nothing about Half Sky. You are new in the martial world, so you are a bit ignorant. I get it. But your masters should have told you stories about some important figures in the world!"

Ye Xiao was speechless. He thought for a while and said, "I truly don't know your name at all. The Half Sky… I remembered it was the monicker of a cultivator who's name is Xiao Mengyun… Do I remember it wrong…"

Guan Lingxiao looked at Ye Xiao and spoke in an extremely sorrowful voice, "That man has died… for over thirty years… brother…"

Ye Xiao rubbed his head. It was a bad habit he developed in the present life. It was not good, but sometimes he couldn't help it.

Guan Lingxiao looked at Ye Xiao, hoping that he would think of his name. He seemed quite stricken.

Ye Xiao thought for a long time but just shrugged. He couldn't think of anything, so he looked at Guan Lingxiao regrettably.

Guan Lingxiao jumped up and shouted, "There actually is a man who hasn't heard of my name! Actually… You actually haven't…"

He talked like Ye Xiao didn't know the seven sects, one person, two great halls and three palaces…

Ye Xiao was speechless!

"Forget it. Just tell me who do you know in the world? Whose names have heard before? You must know some names!" Guan Lingxiao lowered his head while looking at Ye Xiao from high to low and talked to Ye Xiao in a frustrated tone.

Well, Ye Xiao was two heads smaller than him, no matter how he tried to stand higher!

The man was too tall. It wasn't Ye Xiao's fault!

"The names… Hmmm… I know about the man, Wu Fa… Xuan Bing of Misty Cloud Palace, the names of the prime masters of the two great halls. I know the prime masters of the seven great sects…" Ye Xiao looked innocent. He just said the people in the world that he thought were influential enough.

That was a list of some true great figures. In Xiao Monarch's eyes, there were just about thirty people in the entire Qing-Yun Realm who were truly important, because every one of these people was extremely powerful, at least equally powerful with him. The rest of the cultivators were truly not qualified enough for him to bother remembering the names.

Guan Lingxiao opened his mouth and looked at Ye Xiao blankly. After a while, when Ye Xiao was done, Guan Lingxiao said, "What else? Who else do you know apart from these top ranged monster cultivators?"

Ye Xiao thought for a while and then said, "Well… as like… Zhan Yunfei and Zhu Jiutian of Cold Moon Palace… Gu Jinlong of Saint Sunlight Sect… And…"

The more Ye Xiao spoke, the darker Guan Lingxiao's face became.

Those were all superior figures in the realm…