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Chapter 891: What’s Wrong With You?

Chapter 891: What’s Wrong With You?
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Guan Lingxiao stopped him and said, "Can't you stop giving me the names of those horrible people? Who else do you know? Someone more ordinary? Someone not so frightening?"

Ye Xiao shrugged. "No…"

In fact, he knew a less powerful one, Bing Xinyue. However, he pretended he didn't know anybody like her!

"Phew…" Guan Lingxiao exhaled. The grass on the roadside was shaking because of his long breath. He said, "Now I believe you are truly a rookie in the martial world. You barely know anything…"

Ye Xiao was surprised.

[That is too easy… I wonder how you came to such a conclusion…]

"Younger Brother, listen. I am Guan Lingxiao. They call me Half Sky!" Guan Lingxiao made sure the young man was totally an ignorant rookie, so he felt better now.

He was again more confident than he should all of a sudden. He felt so good about himself and spoke as if he was giving Ye Xiao some life-saving suggestions, "The first thing you must remember in the martial world is that you must remember every superior cultivator you meet in the world. Even if you have just heard of the names, you must remember them all. When you get in trouble someday, sometimes you need those names to get you out of the danger. Do you understand? Isn't it so enlightening?"

Ye Xiao nodded. "Brilliant. Enlightening."

Guan Lingxiao laughed and said, "Good! The boy is worth teaching. Now, do you remember me?"

Ye Xiao was blank. And then he nodded, "Yes! Resounding! How can I forget about you?"

He was apparently lying with the word resounding, but he was telling the truth that he wouldn't forget such a weirdo. In fact, for a long long time after, he wouldn't be able to forget this man!

It was not easy to forget such a hilarious man.

Guan Lingxiao laughed loudly and went on talking, "Well, the martial world..." He talked a lot about the stories in the martial world and gave Ye Xiao some advice. After that, he stopped and asked, "Where are you heading?"

Ye Xiao looked at the tall and vigorous man. This man gave people an image of power, vigor, strength, and greatness at first sight… Ye Xiao couldn't believe that he turned out to be a chatterbox!

An absolute… superior chatterbox.

Ye Xiao truly wanted to ask him something. [Do you think you deserve the great body the nature blessed you with? You have a body that all men want, yet you have a mouth of a nagging woman!]

[Is that right?]

However, he just thought of it but didn't ask him.

He didn't dare to!

He could sense the big man's cultivation strength. It was definitely much higher than his.

If he recklessly asked such an impolite question, he would definitely be beaten up to death! That was not a wise thing to do!

"Brother Guan, I am new to the martial world. I barely learned anything yet. May I ask about your cultivation level since you already have such a resounding title? What level are you at?" Ye Xiao humbly asked.

Guan Lingxiao paced around with his two long legs and looked around. In a pretentious way, he blandly said, "I am just a few years older than you. Of course, I should be a bit stronger than you. I am only level nine of Dream Origin Stage. I still have one step to take to reach Dao Origin Stage. Not worth mentioning."

Ye Xiao was still riding on the pony, yet Guan Lingxiao was still half a head higher than him. He was so tall. Other than that, he walked no slower than Ye Xiao's pony.

"One step to Dao Origin Stage. Impressive…" Ye Xiao said.

[Level nine of Dream Origin Stage? Not even the top of level nine? How is that one step to Dao Origin Stage… Can't you just stop pretending to be something? At the very least, even if you are Dao Origin Stage now, is it really something worth showing off?]

"Heh, heh. I am flattered. There are lots of people who are in a higher level than me in Qing-Yun Realm." Guan Lingxiao blandly spoke and kept showing off, "However… at least I am one of the influential figures in this world."

"How outstanding!" Ye Xiao praised insincerely.

Guan Lingxiao laughed and said, "You and me, we met each other because of a song. I felt like I have known you for a long time when I saw you for the first sight, Younger Brother. I don't have any other advantages. I am just good at making friends. I especially like to take care of the rookies who are new to the martial world. My heart is pretty soft sometimes… Heh, heh…"

Ye Xiao nodded. "It's so kind of you, Brother Guan."

He thoroughly knew what the truth really was.

Guan Lingxiao was such a swaggering man. Ye Xiao surely wouldn't like to listen to his bragging, and neither would all the experienced cultivators.

He was simply bragging in front of the rookies. That was all. He wasn't that powerful after all…

Well, at some point, he wasn't lying when he said he liked to take care of rookies…

The biggest reason must be that giving advice to rookies was his only chance to show his strength.

"When you first get in the martial world, you better get yourself a company. If you get an experienced company at the beginning, it would be much better." Guan Lingxiao obviously tried to give Ye Xiao a suggestion, "It will make things much safer for you at least. However, there aren't many nice people in this place. So when you meet one, you better cherish him."

"Hmm. That's true. Brother Guan, thanks." Ye Xiao tried not to laugh.

"Look, when you meet someone like that, you must be careful about your attitude. Never break his heart. It is definitely not a wise thing to anger a man with a warm heart." Guan Lingxiao spoke righteously, "For example, sometimes you can give him some money as a thank you for his help. That would make both of you feel good along the way."

Ye Xiao understood what he wanted. He took out a few spiritual stones and said, "That's true. Brother Guan, look, here are a few stones. Please accept it."

"What do you think you are doing? What? You think I am this kind of person?" Guan Lingxiao glared at Ye Xiao. "What is wrong with you? You think I am asking anything from you?"

[Come on, Big Brother! Of course you are! What else can it be? Don't you want us both to feel better?]

[Just take the stones and we both get through this complex instruction play! Do you have to be so theatrical?]