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Chapter 892: Black Cavalry Alliance!

Chapter 892: Black Cavalry Alliance!
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Ye Xiao rolled his eyes and still tried to spoke enthusiastically, "No, please do not mistake me. I am truly in need of lots of help here. I am new. I can't even find a place to eat and drink. Brother Guan, you know everything that I need. Just take these stones as my share for the meal later. Let's just find somewhere to eat. Brother Guan, you are a generous man. I don't think you would refuse to share a meal with me, would you?"

Guan Lingxiao frowned and nodded. "You are right… Well then, I guess I should keep these small things for you. You trust me like this. How do you know I won't run away with them?"

"Brother Guan, are they more valuable than our connection? The song we like? We are much like brothers now, aren't we?" Ye Xiao said, "If I can't trust Half Sky, Guan Lingxiao, who should I trust in this world then?"

Guan Lingxiao blushed and then spoke spiritedly, "Relax, brother. You will never be left behind."

He slapped on his own chest!

[This guy is definitely self-conscious and also impoverished. He actually thought about taking away the spiritual stones… Those are just a few spiritual stones…]

Guan Lingxiao took away the stones. He tried to be calm, yet the big smile on his face wouldn't lie…

Ye Xiao realized the truth about this man.

[He is actually not that bold…]

[Otherwise, with his strength, if he go out to rob somebody, it must be easy to get some spiritual stones…]

[I guess he is going to be my guard from now on…]

[Well, it is not so bad to have a guard. At least it wouldn't be so boring on the road!]

"Sky Soul Mountain? That is no less than ten thousand miles away…" Guan Lingxiao said and he didn't stop walking ahead. "Let's go then. Hurry. The next three hundred miles are totally empty. There is nowhere to sleep by…"

The two of them started the journey with laughter and a number of conversations.

Guan Lingxiao was a little bit influential somehow. They had met many bandits on the road, but when they saw Guan Lingxiao, they would give up on their plans.

Guan Lingxiao became more triumphant and inflated after that.

However, Ye Xiao was still a bit confused. [Even if you are truly such a man with a warm heart, you… it just doesn't seem right that you came to me just like that?]

[Was it really a coincidence?]

When they walked out about two hundred miles, suddenly, the heavy sound of clops resounded from everywhere. Countless cavalries were getting over to them. They were surrounded.

Guan Lingxiao's face turned extremely dark when he saw it. It was not good.

"What's wrong?" Ye Xiao asked and frowned.

Ye Xiao kept Guan Lingxiao with him because he wanted to avoid troubles. However, if Guan Lingxiao drew more troubles instead, it would be against Ye Xiao's will!

Guan Lingxiao wasn't confident and triumphant anymore. Instead, it seemed he was going to burst in tears at any second. He spoke in a shaking voice, "It is a big trouble…"

Ye Xiao looked at him. Guan Lingxiao was no more vigorous and spirited. The vigor of Half Sky Guan Lingxiao was completely gone.

The clop of the cavalries stopped. The dust was rolling up in the air.

There was a group of cavalries in black armors on the road.

Every cavalry was showing a dark face, looking over to them in cold eyes.

Guan Lingxiao stepped behind a bit, ridiculously trying to hide himself behind Ye Xiao. He was too big for that.

"Guan Lingxiao! Show yourself now!" A black-armored man who seemed to be the leader stepped out and stared at Guan Lingxiao with two sharp eyes like shooting arrows. "It isn't right to escape the mistake you made like that! That is not a thing a man should do!"

He was riding a horse, yet he still looked straight up and tall, like a sword pointing up to the sky. When he was talking, he put one of his hand on the sword on the waist, as if he would draw out the sword to kill at any second.

Ye Xiao stared at him and spoke in a light voice, "Black Cavalry Alliance?"

Guan Lingxiao looked pale at the moment. He nodded. He was so panicked that he actually ignored the truth that Ye Xiao was new to the martial world and he shouldn't know about Black Cavalry Alliance.

"What did you do to piss them?" Ye Xiao was curious. How could Guan Lingxiao, such a small figure, mess up with the powerful Black Cavalry Alliance?

It was one of the strongest bandit organization in the Qing-Yun Realm. Black Cavalry was a group of people even Xiao Monarch wouldn't want to fight against.

Guan Lingxiao was merely level nine of Dream Origin Stage… If he did mess with Black Cavalry Alliance, how could he survive till the present?

When the smoke rises up eight thousand Zhang [1], there are a hundred thousand black cavalry in hell!

There were one hundred thousand men in Black Cavalry Alliance. They were well armed and disciplined. Each man of the cavalry was beyond Dream Origin Stage. They had suffered a lot to pass the trial and became one of the black rides!

It was not their only features. People wished it was, because that would make them easy be defeat!

However, the most horrible part of them was that each of them was wiling to sacrifice all the time! They would kill themselves to destroy the enemy if they had to!

If they were facing some invincible enemy, they would still keep rushing over to die as living weapons one by one, row by row. Each man of the black cavalry would like to sacrifice himself to only cause a slight damage to the enemy.

They would rather let countless of their brothers die just to take the victory.

[I die. He who rides beside me still lives. He dies, whoever rides beside him still lives. As long as the black cavalry exist, our enemy will die!]

That was the most horrible thing about Black Cavalry Alliance.

That was why even a powerful man like Xiao Monarch wouldn't be happy to fight against them!

The black cavalry was getting more and more crowded around them. Ye Xiao started to feel suppressed.

Countless men in black armors showed up in the light of the setting sun, as if all directions in the world were blocked.

However, nobody made a sound. Thousands of horses stayed together, yet there was no sound of them. What a well trained army! Whoever knew about military would be scared by this.

"Guan Lingxiao, we don't want to force you. You should tell us where that Murderous Dan-making Therapist went!" The man who led the army stared at Guan Lingxiao with a blank face. "You will be safe once you tell me where he is!"


[1] Unit of length.