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Chapter 894: King of Horses!

Chapter 894: King of Horses!
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Guan Lingxiao was aghast. He hurriedly stopped Ye Xiao, "What the hell is in your mind your stupid rookie? Don't you know what danger is? You are not going to get away if you come with me!"

The captain's eyes lit up. "You know about dan-making. Younger Brother, are you a dan-maker or a pharmacist?"

Ye Xiao ignored Guan Lingxiao. He nodded and said, "I happen to know something about both. Since you are not going to let go of any possibility, I guess you won't turn me down."

"That's true. Accept my appreciation. Come with us. If you really can help, Black Cavalry Alliance will remember your favor forever."

The captain was thrilled, but when he thought of Ye Xiao's age, he sighed.

[What does he know? He's too young after all. All teenagers have the same problem. They are too ignorant. I guess he just knows something about medicines and dan. Anyway… he is right. We won't let go of any possibility. Young lord will die at any second. This is the last moment. I have to try everything!]

[Guan Lingxiao most likely know nothing about that Murderous Therapist!]

Guan Lingxiao knew that it was decided and nobody could change Brother Mu's mind now. He looked at Ye Xiao helplessly and made a long sigh. Eventually, he started to walk in big strides again.

Ye Xiao smiled and urged the pony by kicking it. "Ya!"

The pony suddenly neighed loudly and stood up with two feet. Its bristle was flying up. Before its forepaws touched the floor, it shot out like a shooting arrow.

"Good horse!"

All the horsemen's eyes lit up. They had been living on the back of horses for half of their lives. They were sensitive about horses. They saw the pony run and recognized it as an absolute valuable horse.

Ye Xiao blandly smiled and tapped on the pony's head. He said, "Darky, you got some really strong feet there. I guess you won't waste my time."

[Darky…] The captain, Brother Mu, was speechless.

[He actually gave this wonderful horse such a stupid name.]

Darky started running in front of everybody. It ran pass all the horses of the black cavalry, with its head high. It looked ahead, as if it was a king running on his own land watching his own army.

All the horses of the black cavalry were quietly standing. They slightly lowered their heads as they watched the little horse rush out from the crowd. After their masters gave them orders to move, they started to run.

Darky was leading the way.

All horses of the black cavalry were following it, like a stream of dark tide.

All the black cavalry were annoyed. No matter how they tried to urge their horses, none of the horses could surpass the little horse.

Darky kept a certain distance with the other horses.

Even Captain Mu's horse was slightly behind Darky. No matter how Captain Mu urged his favorite horse, the horse didn't run any faster.

He even whipped it twice, yet the horse was still keeping the distance to Darky.

After a while, Captain Mu noticed that his horse was looking at Darky in an extremely flattering way!

It was like a guilty official begging for his king's mercy!

All of a sudden!

Captain Mu realized something! He exclaimed, "King of horses?"

Darky was running fast. It looked so fit and lusty. But that was all that could be told about it. It didn't seem to be any better than the other horses.

However, it was leading all those horses running across the land like flood. It was quiet all the time when it was running. The horses followed it silently as if they would follow Darky till the end of the world.

"Wrong direction…" Captain Mu shouted angrily, "Turn! Turn! Haw!"

Darky ignored him. It just kept running.

The other horses didn't care about the right direction either. They were not the horses they used to be at the moment. They just kept following Darky. It felt like they would always follow that pony no matter where it went.

Even if it ran towards a cliff, as long as it jumped down the cliff, the other horses would all jump down without any hesitation.

The black cavalry were all scolding their own horses. They wanted their horses to change the direction. However, even though they were holding their horses' necks, the horses were only running behind Darky.

They wouldn't change!

They would rather die!

Ye Xiao was a bit speechless too.

He couldn't believe his little horse actually led a riot of hundreds of horses… It actually did this…

He gently slapped on Darky's head and said, "Come on. Do you know where to go? Why are you running like this… Just slow down a bit, will you?"

Darky neighed. It meant, 'Nobody's leading the way anyway… Why can't I just go where I want to…'

Ye Xiao was both annoyed and delighted. [You are showing your king's vigor to the other horses. No horse in the world dares to run in front of you! Alright?]

Ye Xiao forcibly made Darky slow down. Captain Mu's horse finally ran ahead under Ye Xiao's permission.

It was running so cautiously and nervously. Captain Mu had been riding this horse for so many years. He was sure he would never fall off the back of this horse. However, this time, he nearly fell down the horse because for several times, the horse suddenly turned stiff.

The thousands of other horses seemed furious. They were all looking at Captain Mu's horse like they wanted to chew it alive. [Bastard horse! How dare you run in front of the king!]

[Do you want to die?]

They were well trained in the Black Cavalry Alliance after all. Otherwise, they would have rushed over and kicked that poor horse to death for a long time!

"Neigh…" The poor horse was making a statement to the other horses. 'I don't want this either, alright? I am forced… The king doesn't know where to go… I am simply leading the way… How could I surpass the king… Look at me! Look carefully at me! I am so cautious not to surpass the king, alright…'

"Neigh…" Thousands of the horses replied, 'Bastard! The king is omnipotent! Are you telling me he doesn't know the way? Even I know the way! You god damn bastard! You must have evil thoughts in your mind… You are going to commit treason…'