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Chapter 896: Cause and Effect

Chapter 896: Cause and Effect
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"Neigh…" Suddenly, tens of thousands of horses stood up with their forepaws up, neighing to the sky, showing their respect and submission to the king.

The sound of the horses shouting together shocked the people in the valley. They nearly passed out because of the sudden burst of sound.

The sound of the horses suddenly resounded in the valley and blew the dust and fallen leaves up to the sky fast.

Before the neigh stopped, a dark little horse with four white hooves ran into the valley in front of the others!

When it entered the valley, the valley immediately returned to silence.

The horses that had been cheering and neighing a moment earlier suddenly became quiet like sleeping babies, so lovely, so adorable.

Darky was the only horse running and swaggering in the valley. It looked like a dragon moving beautifully, as if the valley was its own territory!

Ye Xiao was riding Darky, showing a handsome face, with his hair fluttering in the wind.

He was pretty much like a beautiful jade while Darky was like a dragon. A man and a horse gave a brilliant performance in the valley!

Everybody was shocked. Nobody knew what to do next.

[What is going on?]

[What the hell is this?]

[I heard the sound of our men. They must have finished their job out there. But… where are they now? How come a stranger riding his horse swaggered in like this?]

[Captain Mu and his men are the only group of people out there on a mission. They should have caught Guan Lingxiao.]

[Who is this young man?]

When Captain Mu arrived, he apparently became a side character of this play. When he got in the valley, he felt the hostile gazes from the others in the valley.

Maybe it was a bad day for him and his horse. His horse was unwelcomed to the other horses while he somehow annoyed the others too! How sad!

A big man stood on the way like a steel tower and shouted, "Mu Zichong! What are you doing? What the hell are you doing? What did we send you to do? What is all this? What's your explanation?"

Mu Zichong got off the horse and hurriedly rushed over. "Prime Captain, please… This isn't my fault… Look… That young man, he is a dan-maker…"

"Dan-maker? So what? Since when can a dan-maker can swagger in our place like a king…" The big man was annoyed. "Don't you think maybe you showed him too much respect?"

Mu Zichong was so upset. "I didn't know things would turn this way… The horse of his is the king of horses… I would say how lucky we are that the horses didn't betray us…"

"You let that man come. Now you are telling me you know nothing. You are definitely… Wait! King of horses?" The big man suddenly looked at Mu Zichong with two widely opened eyes.

"What did you just say? The… The king of horses?"

"That's it! The king of horses! Even more overwhelming than we ever heard of from the tales!"

"Holy heavens!"

The big man stared at Darky with fever in his eyes. He couldn't look away anymore. The longer he stared at Darky, the brighter his eyes became. He kept rubbing his lower jaw and murmured, "It isn't fully grown yet. It must be about one year old. But… It is already bigger than it should be… Look at its hooves. How beautiful when it walked… It moved so smoothly… Ah… Such a great horse!"

"What is its name? That king of horses?" the big man was still looking at Darky when he asked.

Mu Zichong looked awkward and said, "It's… Dar… Darky…"

"Darky…" The big man was surprised. He then turned furious. "Mu Zichong! How dare you call my nickname! How bodacious!"

"…" Mu Zichong was speechless.

[What? Your nickname is Darky? I didn't know it. I didn't mean it. Really. I just told you that horse's name. I didn't know! I can't believe the great king of horses has such a stupid name, and it is your nickname… What a waste!]

Another big man showed up and stopped the awkwardness by changing the topic. "What are you two quarreling for? Where is Guan Lingxiao?"

Another man came from the east side. "What do you think you are doing? Mind your behaviors!"

One more came from the west side. "Quiet! Are you committing treason?"

After a few thundering shouts, it became calm and quiet again.

Mu Zichong bowed to the leaders and reported what had happened earlier.

When the men knew he had brought Guan Lingxiao back, they suddenly felt angry. They wished they could beat Guan Lingxiao up.

When they knew there was a dan-maker who followed Guan Lingxiao back, they started to have a glimmer of hope that their lord would be cured.

When they heard the horse of the dan-maker was the king of horses, they were astonished.

In the end, when they knew the king of horses was named Darky, they burst in laughter! It was the Prime Captain's nickname!

It was such a coincidence!

For once, there was delighted laughters in the valley.

That was the first time in over two years.

When Ye Xiao went to the main camp of the Black Cavalry Alliance, which was loaded inside the mountain, he had a complex feeling.

He knew Black Cavalry Alliance was a huge organization. This was his first time to truly see it. It must be even more powerful than how people described them! When he saw the team of Mu Zichong, he was impressed. Now as he saw the basement of this disciplined organization, he was amazed and shocked!

They had emptied the inside of a big mountain to build the main camp of Black Cavalry Alliance.

Not any ordinary sect could do this!

However, it was not the only thing that shocked Ye Xiao… The name of this organization shocked him at the moment!

Ye Xiao was quite familiar with this name, Black Cavalry Alliance.

He never had any business with this organization, but he had heard a lot about it.

Fierce Blade, Li Wuliang, told him much about Black Ride Alliance.

This place reminded him of his best friend.

Li Wuliang only had one sworn friend and one sworn brother.

The sworn brother was Xiao Monarch, Ye Xiao, while the other was the head of Black Cavalry Alliance, Shangguan Zhuifeng!