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Chapter 897: In the Black Cavalry Alliance

Chapter 897: In the Black Cavalry Alliance
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After Li Wuliang died in the fight against the three factions, Black Cavalry Alliance sent out all their men to destroy lots of the subbranches of the three factions within two months. That was why when the three factions fought against Ye Xiao, they didn't have much support from the remote areas.

When Black Cavalry Alliance was going to fight head-on with the main force of the three factions, Shangguan Zhuifeng suddenly had a stroke. It all happened within half a day. The lower half of his body was disabled. Even though he was utterly furious, he couldn't make further attacks anymore. Black Cavalry Alliance temporarily lost its most powerful leader, so the revenge stopped.

When the leader of a big organization like Black Cavalry Alliance suffered from a disease, usually, somebody would think of snatching the seat of power, although the leader was still alive. However, every horsemen part of the cavalry was an honorable man. Shangguan Zhuifeng had a great reputation in the alliance. Even though he was suffering from the stroke, nobody would usurp his seat. Eventually, under all the black cavalry's recommendation, Shangguan Zhuifeng's son, the young lord, took the seat to lead the alliance.

However, the young lord, Shangguan Tie, the head of the Black Cavalry Alliance was targeted on the back.

Ye Xiao had been gathering information from the black cavalry when they were talking on the backs of the horses. Shangguan Tie was attacked half a year after his father got a stroke!

The father and son encountered adversity in such a short time. The Black Cavalry Alliance didn't fall to pieces because of that, but it was not as powerful as before anymore.

Xiao Monarch had died when it happened to Black Cavalry Alliance…

Now, under the arrangement of fate, Ye Xiao finally met the black cavalry. It reminded him a lot of the past.

To help Black Cavalry Alliance was to help his brother Li Wuliang. Of course, he would come to help.

Because Black Cavalry Alliance had sought revenge for Li Wuliang, Ye Xiao felt that he should help them.

"Our young lord is inside. Please wait a minute here." It was the chief of all captains, who was temporarily in charge of the alliance, Mountain Sword, Luo Chong.

He was level seven of Dao Origin Stage. He didn't seem spirited for the high position he obtained. Instead, he seemed worried and sad. He looked tired on every bit of his face. As a level seven Dao Origin Stage cultivator, he seemed too exhausted.

It was obvious that he wasn't enjoying the days to be the head of the entire alliance. Instead, he was tired because of the great responsibility.

"How is the young lord?" Ye Xiao asked.

Guan Lingxiao was right behind him. He didn't dare to be away. He could see it from the others in the valley that if he was distant enough to Ye Xiao, he would be beaten up to death immediately…

Sometimes, to do something with good intentions would lead to a bad result. That was also a serious mistake! It was much more terrible than simply following an evil mind!

Ye Xiao was Guan Lingxiao's only hope to survive this.

As long as Ye Xiao could do something to help, no need to cure the young lord, just to make him feel better, Guan Lingxiao would be saved…

Otherwise, nobody knew what crazy things the despairing Black Cavalry Alliance would do to him.

Guan Lingxiao didn't mean to do this, but he introduced the man who did it. He couldn't escape this!

"Not good." Luo Chong made a heavy sigh and frowned. His skinny face had a few clear wrinkles.

"For now, the elders of our alliance are supporting the young lord with their life energy… Once they have run out of power and stop…" Luo Chong was suppressing himself—it was as if there was a volcano hidden deep inside his eyes.

He was suppressing his emotions. Once it burst out, it could destroy lots of things!

Ye Xiao nodded and walked faster.

In a secret room inside the mountain, six men were sitting cross-legged on a bed. One of them was holding the young lord's head by one hand. Four of the others each grabbed a foot or a hand of the young lord. The last one was holding his dantian. The six of them kept pouring spiritual energy into the young lord so that he could stay alive.

There were twelve more people who were sitting elsewhere in the room. They were in meditation, recovering themselves.

The eighteen men were the eighteen superiors of Black Cavalry Alliance.

Shangguan Tie's last chance relied on the life energy of these men.

The moment these men ran out of energy, he would die!

Ye Xiao was surprised.

These people were risking their lives.

If they kept doing this for three months, not only Shangguan Tie, but also the eighteen superiors would die because of exhaustion!

In fact… as Ye Xiao saw, a few of the eighteen men had already consumed more of their energy than they could handle. They were all seriously injured. Even if they stopped right away, they couldn't be improved in cultivation ever in the future. They couldn't even return to their prime condition!

Ye Xiao wasn't the only one who knew it. The eighteen men all knew it. However, they still did it without any hesitation. None of them was indolent. They were obviously stouthearted men.

There was an old man sitting on a chair, with a blanket on his knees, watching the young lord with concerns.

This old man was exactly the great leader of the alliance, Shangguan Zhuifeng.

People in this room were all superior cultivators. They were busy taking care of the young lord, but they still could notice the movements outside the door. When Ye Xiao came in, they just squinted then quickly looked away.

He was too young!

Even though he was truly a dan-maker, they didn't believe he could actually do anything at such a young age!

There used to be lots of genius of dan art, but even them still needed time to learn. Young dan-maker could never have any brilliant capability. All cultivators in Qing-Yun Realm agreed with this!

Ye Xiao walked close to the bed, but nobody made room for him. He frowned and squeezed himself in. He put his fingers on Shangguan Tie's wrist.

It was actually rude and reckless. As expected, people started to look at him with hostility.

"Who's this guy?" An old man shouted, "Whose kid is this? Don't you know where we are? How dare you…"

Before he finished, Ye Xiao blandly spoke with his eyes closed, "The young lord is suffering three different kinds of wounds. His Jing and Mai are seriously damaged."

"Seven Wounds Palm. He has been hit at least three times by Seven Wounds Palm attacks. His inner organs are all shook and injured. The man who attacked him must be over level five of Dao Origin stage."

"Jing Breaking Fist. It damaged the Jing vein inside the body. Nearly half of it was damaged. A man could never cultivate both Seven Woulds Palm and Jing Breaking Fist. This was another man. He should be about level four of Dao Origin Stage. It was weaker than the other palm attack. That's lucky."