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Chapter 898: How Many Enemies

Chapter 898: How Many Enemies
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As Ye Xiao spoke, the others all turned silent. Nobody questioned him anymore.

They all knew what he just said.

However, they had spent a long time to come to this conclusion. They knew who the attackers were before they made the conclusion. None of them had ever told anybody else.

All the dan-makers or therapists who had come didn't know the real situation.

It concerned too many secrets.

However, Ye Xiao knew almost all about the situation by just holding the wrist of the young lord. He must be good at this.

The real expert had shown his capability, how dare the others look down upon him anymore?

Ye Xiao poured a slight stream of spiritual qi into Shangguan Tie's body. He closed his eyes and slowly said, "Jing Breaking Fist must touch the young lord to cause damage, especially when it is in a low level. That is why I know the man who used the fist attack should be weaker.

"Mai Blocking Finger... the young lord just got hit once by the finger attack. However, it was much more murderous than the other two attacks. The man who used the finger attack should be facing the young lord when he did it. After this attack, the fight was done. The man who did this must be the most powerful one of the three.

"All the inner organs of the young lord has been damaged. His Jing and Mai are broken in many places. He has been wounded for a long time. I think he is dying now. It is close to impossible to cure him.

"I guess, the young lord must have tried everything he could to get back from the attackers even though he was seriously injured in the end. He made it back in good luck, right?" Ye Xiao kept his eyes closed. "He escaped… but he was utterly damaged. Because he had run back like that, it damaged him more. However, if he didn't do it, he would have died out there. It is better to risk his life to try than to wait for death."

Nobody mentioned this before, because nobody ever realized this.

They were impressed by this young man now.

Suddenly, everybody wanted him to go on. They wanted to know more. Even though he said the young lord was close to impossible to be cured, they still waited for Ye Xiao to say something positive.

"If these are all he is suffering, there is still hope to cure him. There are lots of valuable materials in the Qing-Yun Realm. If we can keep him breathing and provide him with lots of valuable materials, day by day, he will be saved. However… there is a chronic poison deep inside his body. It is consuming his life bit by bit. That is the most difficult part.

"The poison was severe, but it wasn't formed within a short time. He had it for a long time… I am afraid it is more than a year…

"That means he has been chronically poisoned for years… Somebody has done this for a long time… Whoever did this has the chance to use this kind of poison. He must be somebody special. He… must be close to the young lord!"

That was such a stunning conclusion!

Everybody was shocked.

Especially the old man, Shangguan Zhuifeng. He was furious.

"I guess I should just be frank. This poison is special. It should always be eaten in a certain amount, no more, no less to be effective. It is important to handle the amount of the poison… One more thing, a small amount of this poison can make any food become more delicious…

"The most convenient way to do this is to put the poison into the soup… Day after day, the poison gathers inside the body. When the young lord was attacked, his immunity decreased, and the poison burst.."

Ye Xiao blandly said, "What I said, it is not an ordinary theory. It is reasonable that you might question it. I just want to tell you what I know so that it will enlighten you. Maybe you have never seen this poison, but most of you must have heard of it. This poison comes from a flower… Heartbroken Flower."

The others were all enlightened when he said the name of the flower.

There was exactly a poisonous flower they heard in the myth.

It wasn't a strong poison, but it could be accumulated. When it burst after accumulated for a long time, it was fatal.

"As it is said, when it is accumulated to a certain point, it will burst and kill whoever is poisoned, no matter how powerful he is."

Ye Xiao was still closing his eyes. He blankly said, "Thus, the young lord is severely damaged, so his immunity dropped, and the poison started to affect his body. After he got injured, he stopped having that soup, so the poison stayed inside him but hasn't truly caused any fatal damage yet. In fact, the heavy wounds he is suffering right now has saved him from the poison. If he keeps taking the soup and the poison accumulates more, I am afraid…"

What would happen then?

The others all knew the answer. They were frightened.

Shangguan Zhuifeng sat on the wheelchair. His eyes were full of ferocity and killing intent. His hands were holding the handles of the chair so tightly. Suddenly, he broke the handles into pieces by just grabbing them.

Ye Xiao ignored it. He opened his eyes, and when he saw the others, he continued, "He is suffering both inside and outside wounds. The poison is indistinct. That is tricky, but it is still curable. However, there is one more thing in the young lord that shocks me. There is a mass of extreme cold qi hidden inside his body… It is a special power. I reckon it must be a martial art that only women can cultivate.

"Luckily, that woman must still be weak in cultivation. The young lord must have been defenseless when she attacked him… Or maybe when she attacked him, he didn't notice…

"Five different kinds of wounds working together on him. He must be suffering a great deal. It is a miracle that he is still alive.

"This is severe enough to get him killed. However, your enemy seems to be quite cautious. When you are looking for people who can save your young lord, your enemy sent a fake therapist to poison him again!