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Chapter 900: Immediate Effect!

Chapter 900: Immediate Effect!
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At the moment, Shangguan Zhuifeng was talking to Ye Xiao in mind connection. "Brother, may I ask, you, Xiao Monarch and Prime Master Jun…" The name Ye Jun reminded him of Ye Xiao and Jun Yinglian immediately.

He hadn't met these two super powerful figures in the Qing-Yun Realm, but he knew they were close to his brother, Li Wuliang!

Ye Xiao looked troubled in the eyes. He blandly replied, "Just acquaintances."

"I see." Shangguan Zhuifeng nodded. He knew it better now.

[It seems this Brother Ye Jun is somehow closely connected to Xiao Monarch and Prime Master Jun…]

"Let's stop the chitchat now. We should get it started quickly. First, before he is cured, everything he eats, I must check first. Second, send all the people you can command to find three medical materials…"

He gave several orders at once. Shangguan Zhuifeng promised all without hesitation. The others were pretty stunned.

Luckily, the medical materials Ye Xiao asked for were ordinary. It wasn't difficult to collect them in one or two days. They just needed to get a big amount. Those who were assigned to collect the materials all took a breath of relief.

The rest that Ye Xiao required wasn't hard, either. It wasn't difficult to accomplish!

After everything was arranged, Ye Xiao took out a jade bottle from inside his clothes and took a dan bead from the bottle. He didn't hesitate and just put it into Shangguan Tie's mouth.

The others didn't know what that was, however, they all smelled a spirited scent from the dan bead when it was taken out from the bottle. Everybody in the room felt refreshed and relaxed.

Those who had just finished their turns pouring spiritual qi to the young lord suddenly felt energetic. The energy flowed much more smoothly. Their Jing and Mai that had been wounded because of the long term energy transportation suddenly got moistened!

They just smelled the scent of that dan bead, yet it had such a great efficacy on them! This dan bead must be something marvelous!

Everybody was looking forward to it.

After a while, Ye Xiao kept looking at Shangguan Tie's face. The others didn't see any difference, but Ye Xiao suddenly said, "Fine. He is safe for now. Guys, you can draw your energy back. Try to do it slowly though. If the energy is withdrawn too fast, I am afraid it will break the balance of the energy flows inside his body."

The six men who were pouring the energy didn't truly believe it. Shangguan Tie was so close to death. The energy of the six men was the only thing that kept him alive. If they withdrew the energy and something went wrong, the young lord would die immediately. That was not joking.

Shangguan Zhuifeng spoke decisively, "Do it! Do as Brother Ye said!"

The six men started to carefully withdraw their energy bit by bit. When they were doing it, they actually sensed the vitality of their young master's Jing and Mai.

That was like a miracle to them. Since he was poisoned the second time, he had been in a deep coma. Because of the severe wounds, his body completely lost its function of automatic operation. That was why it needed six superior cultivators to pour the energy into his body without stopping.

Shangguan Tie didn't wake up yet. He was still unconscious, however, the energy in his dantian was starting to run. His dantian was no longer a backwater pond. The energy flow in his body started to slowly circulate. That was a great sign.

As long as his dantian could keep running without help, he would be safe from death.

Even though there was poison in his body and he was suffering both inside and outside wounds, Ye Xiao's dan bead saved him from the edge of hell!

People started to look at Ye Xiao with admiration and newfound respect!

The dan bead was bringing the young lord back from death. They had only heard about such dan in the tales but never truly saw it.

Ye Xiao was a bit awkward when he noticed the way the others looked at him.

[Come on. It's just a Resurrection Dan bead in dan mist level. It isn't even supreme dan. Look how you are stunned…]

[Really? Do you have to be?]

[I think you should go out and learn more. Maybe you are born a bunch of rubes!]

[Besides, he isn't awake yet. Nobody knows whether he will be cured or not.]

[What are you so excited for?]

In fact, Ye Xiao should learn more about these people. In one year, the entire Black Cavalry Alliance had tried everything they could, racked their brains trying to cure their lords, but the only thing they had was failure and disappointment.

They didn't even acquire anything with a temporary efficacy. That was so disappointing and frustrating.

They were almost in despair!

That was why they treated Guan Lingxiao so casually. They were mostly giving up on it, and they knew things wouldn't go any worse.

Ye Xiao just used one dan bead and it worked so well. The prescription Ye Xiao gave them naturally became the most valuable thing in Black Cavalry Alliance!

Shangguan Zhuifeng sent out the three prime elders to collect the materials when he got the prescription!

He then sent everybody out of the room.

"You all have been working too hard these days. Go rest yourselves. I need to talk to Brother Ye. We feel like old friends at the first sight. Oh, right… about Guan Lingxiao, he was trying to help us after all. He didn't want this anyway. He somehow brought Brother Ye to me. That is a great contribution. We should give him a good reward. Go do this now. Do not delay!"

That absolutely shocked the elders of Black Cavalry Alliance.

[We have indeed been working so hard. We do need to rest. But that is not the reason you want us out. You just simply want us to get out…]

[This young man, Ye Jun, is marvelous in curing. The dan bead he used has brightened our eyes. It is true. You need to show gratitude to him or you need to fawn on him. We can understand. But why do you have to say something like old friends in first sight… That sucks to be an excuse!]

[About Guan Lingxiao… Come on… Ye Jun himself insisted to come! Guan Lingxiao has nothing to do with this at all… He didn't find Ye Jun for us…]

[You said we should catch Guan Lingxiao and punish him hard!]

[Your order is still resounding in our ears… Now it becomes rewarding him…]

[That Guan guy is truly a lucky man… But that's all the good side of him…]