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Chapter 902: That Accounts For It!

Chapter 902: That Accounts For It!
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Ye Xiao was enlightened. He was trying to retell every detail of the past, so he forgot to be respectful when he called Li Wuliang. It was too casual, and he actually called his name directly.

He even said 'typical Li Wuliang'.

That was so normal in his previous life.

Ye Xiao suddenly felt sad.

He used to point at Li Wuliang's nose and shout at him before they started to have a big brothers' fight.

Li Wuliang did shout at Ye Xiao too. In fact, Li Wuliang was much better at scolding and shouting. Shangguan Zhuifeng had experienced it. Fierce Blade was actually a chatterbox in front of his close friends…

It never hurt to have a quarrel between brothers!

Sometimes, Ye Xiao dreamt about the old days when he and Li Wuliang were shouting at each other. It was gone. It wouldn't happen again!

Now, he just called Li Wuliang's name, yet it became something special for others…

Shangguan Zhuifeng was looking at him with respect.

He was respectful to his departed brother's best friend!

He still didn't know Ye Xiao's true identity. In his eyes, Ye Xiao was now merely a weak little sheep…

However, he could feel how casual the young man was when he called Li Wuliang's name.

He could feel the confidence in Ye Xiao's heart!

He was sure about it.

"Cough… Hmm… Brother Li only called me ignorant and stupid… That's all…" Shangguan Zhuifeng was embarrassed.

"Well, I remember he called you a pig head too!" Ye Xiao said, "The seven great sects all have thousands of years of history. Your robbery organization has been running for less than two hundred years. How could you even think of being side by side with those great sects? How many disciples do you have? How many disciple brothers do you have? How much confidence do you have? How many…"

Ye Xiao's voice suddenly became heavy and deep as like mountains falling down. "A bunch of team leaders, captains, chiefs… Are you sure you can be as good as their disciples? Masters? Elders? Grandmasters? Huh? You were even worse than ignorant… You wanted me to join you too? You want Ye Xiao to be a guest member? Your brain… Is it all soy milk in your head?"

Shangguan Zhuifeng turned stiff when he heard the first word of Ye Xiao.

The voice… It was the most familiar voice in his heart.

It sounded just like Li Wuliang! Deep, heavy, strong, powerful, overwhelming! Shangguan Zhuifeng would believe Li Wuliang was still alive if he closed his eyes and listened to the voice.

He felt like Li Wuliang was scolding him again, with his finger pointing at his nose.

[Why didn't I close my eyes. If I did, I can hear Brother Li shouting at me again… Even though I know it is false… It would still be good to experience it… I… I missed it!]

Shangguan Zhuifeng felt poignant and nearly shed tears.

What Ye Xiao said was exactly the same words Li Wuliang said to Shangguan Zhuifeng. He sounded exactly like him. The voice, the way he spoke, all were the same.

Shangguan Zhuifeng wondered how this young man knew so much about their past. However, no matter what, he now totally believed that this Ye Jun had a close relationship to Li Wuliang or Xiao Monarch.

"About that… I was hotheaded. I was a frog in the well, who didn't know how big the sky was…" Shangguan Zhuifeng sighed. "As I think of it now, I felt lucky I didn't do it. Those main forces in the realm might not be able to destroy us openly, but they had countless filthy ways to ruin us… Me and Black Calvary Alliance would become a big joke…"

He sighed, "It is a shame… Brother Li and Brother Ye…"

Ye Xiao twisted his lips.

[Well… It's fine you call him Brother Li… Since when did you call me Brother Ye? I don't remember we have met before…]

"Brother Ye, I have no doubts now." Shangguan Zhuifeng grabbed the hands of the wheelchair. His eyes looked sharp. "Let me clean out the rats in Black Calvary Alliance this time!"

Before Ye Xiao said anything, Shangguan Zhuifeng shouted, "Somebody come!"

The elders that had just left returned to the room immediately.

"Bring the second wife of my son to me. Go get Long Yingtai too!" Shangguan Zhuifeng decisively said with a dark face.


Ye Xiao frowned. He didn't want to say anything now. He decided to just wait and see.

The man who stood beside him was the prime executor of Black Calvary Alliance, Yin Wuqing.

He looked quite creepy on the face. His eyes were had a horrifying glow, like the eyes of the vultures in the desert. No matter who he was looking at, his eyes were full of questions.

It made people feel naked when standing before him, as if no secrets could be kept safe in his eyes…

[That is impressive. Shangguan Zhuifeng actually has such a man to be the prime executor… Look at his judgmental face… That's a bit infective…] Ye Xiao thought.

In front of Shangguan Tie's bed, Shangguan Zhuifeng and Yin Wuqing started the inquest. After a short time, the truth was revealed.

The man and the woman knew they were unable to cover the truth anymore when they saw the Chief and the prime executor.

They knew that they would be tortured if they didn't confess themselves with honesty. That was why they decided to just be frank.

Shangguan Zhuifeng was so sure about this because Ye Xiao enlightened him. Since Shangguan Tie married this second wife, she cooked for him every day, because she was good at cooking.

Long Yingtai was the person who introduced this woman to Shangguan Tie.

Long Yingtai was Shangguan Zhuifeng's foster son, but the only foster son.

Shangguan Zhuifeng had one son and three daughters. The three daughters were married. Except these four people, Long Yingtai, the foster son, was the person who was closest to Shangguan Zhuifeng.

If Shangguan Tie died, Shangguan Zhuifeng would lose interest on Black Calvary Alliance. This organization would most likely fall into Long Yingtai's hand.

In fact, during the time when Shangguan Tie was lying in the bed, many people had suggested to let Long Yingtai take the responsibility of the alliance. A few elders kept rejecting it, so it didn't happen.

Ye Xiao was a bit shocked by the truth.