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Chapter 903: Human Vice!

Chapter 903: Human Vice!
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In fact, Ye Xiao didn't have a positive expectation on Black Calvary Alliance. It was a powerful force which had fame and wealth in the martial world. It was nearly one of the most powerful forces in Qing-Yun Realm. All they needed was a few great cultivators.

However, two chiefs of it, one had a stroke while the other was dying. That was a miserable situation. There must be somebody to blame. Whoever did this to Black Calvary Alliance must be powerful!

Ye Xiao didn't expect to dig out the people who planned the conspiracy. It might be one of the great sects who didn't want Black Calvary Alliance to grow bigger and stronger, so they wanted to end it. Maybe it was that secret organization who was manipulating everything!

He wasn't being skeptical. This was his second life now. He had seen too many schemes. Zuo Wuji, Master Bai, Wan and Xiu, Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect, the kingdoms, these were all people who live with schemes and conspiracy. After he returned to Qing-Yun Realm, after the long journey to the Cold Moon Palace, he encountered the most vicious assassination. He nearly died! Now that he luckily survived it, he had to be much more cautious!

Unexpectedly, Ye Xiao realized the conspiracy against Shangguan Tie was a bit obvious!

He told the others that Shangguan Tie was poisoned, so it led to the truth that there was a rat inside Black Calvary Alliance. However, he didn't expect the truth would be revealed so quickly and drastically.

In fact, it was quite reasonable that the truth would be revealed so quickly. Ye Xiao had pointed out the most important point. Shangguan Zhuifeng knew his son well. The soup with poison was the keyword that came into Shangguan Zhuifeng's ear. Shangguan Tie had a peculiarity… He loved soup. He especially loved one soup.

Flying Dragon bone soup.

Flying Dragon was a large-sized spiritual beast that only existed in Qing-Yun Realm. The soup that was made with its bone had an extremely good smell. However, it was also fishy. The two kinds of tastes mixed together, making it difficult to eat. But if the fishy flavor could be removed, it would be the most delicious soup.

That second wife of Shangguan Tie happened to be good at making this soup. That was why everyday, Shangguan Tie would have one bowl of this soup that was made by his second wife.

It was obvious that she was the most suspicious person who could conveniently put the poison into the soup.

It was Long Yingtai who introduced this woman to Shangguan Tie… so…

It went so well to catch the assailant and the man behind her.

Things seemed to be so simple. It was not as terrible as Ye Xiao thought!

As the truth was revealed, it was simple. However, if Ye Xiao didn't come to this place and didn't notice the poison, nobody would find out the evilness of these two people even after Shangguan Tie died.

Shangguan Zhuifeng looked a few years older in just seconds.

Especially when he sentenced the murderers with death penalty and when Long Yingtai talked to him.

"How can you blame me?

"Am I truly wrong?

"As a man, how can I live without a purpose? How can I live without ambition? My ambition is built on a certain foundation! Of course, it needs a foundation! It needs something to let my ambition grow!"

Long Yingtai shouted, "I am just a normal man, the son of a black cavalry warrior. My father died in a fight, so you gave me food. That's good. I appreciate it! Gratitude!

"I have been prepared to sacrifice for Black Calvary Alliance. Why did you recruit me as your personal disciple? Your only disciple?

"Didn't you give me a chance to grow my ambition when you told everybody I was your only disciple? Don't I want to be a man of power? Of course I do! I dream for myself! I was thinking about how to help the young chief to make Black Calvary Alliance stronger!

"I wanted to be the second most powerful man in this place! I can do it! I know I can!"

"Then you… you fostered me!" Long Yingtai looked fiendish. "Don't you know that? I became your son! I have the right to inherit everything you have! As long as your son is gone, I am the only one in the world who can be the new chief of Black Calvary Alliance!

"You know what, I have been struggling on this for three fxcking years! Devil and angel, they have been fighting inside my head, torturing my heart!

"I struggled! Many times! The angel always won, until devil defeated the angel. I have been wondering whether I should do such a vicious thing just to build my own future? Or maybe I should just be a subsidiary all my life…"

"This is all because of the opportunity you gave me." He looked unreconciled. "An influential force, over a hundred thousand cavalries… Countless wealth… The power… Commanding a great force with a wave of the coachwhip! I… I want it… I want it too!

"I was in the bottom of this place. You raised me up step by step. I know I owe you a lot. I know I shouldn't be so vicious. But… I was in such a high position… The power… is so close to me… I can't control my ambition anymore. Everything just started naturally…

"I introduced Ying Hongxian to Brother Tie. She was mine and she still is. I wanted to get this done without being noticed…"

Long Yingtai shouted, "Father… I don't want to live anymore. I know I don't have the chance to live. Before I go, I want to say something to you. Next time… when you think of making such a decision… to treat somebody with your pure heart… you must make sure that person is worth your concern! Human beings are evil. I am just one of so many. We are all the same!

"Farewell… father!"

Long Yingtai was caught by the executors. Shangguan Zhuifeng looked at them leaving. He was shaking.

His face was twisting. His lips were trembling. He tightly closed his eyes.

The room was in silence.

Shangguan Tie was still lying on the bed like a dead body.

Shangguan Zhuifeng didn't spare his foster son. He did hesitate, but he didn't say anything to stop it. He looked so old at this moment. He was in great grief.

His foster son tried to murder his natural son for the power…

Shangguan Zhuifeng was heart-broken.

[How can a human be so vicious?]

[Shouldn't he have gratitude? Can't a little help bring much in return? You don't have to return the favor, but you don't have to hurt us, do you?]

[What is wrong with this world?]

Shangguan Zhuifeng kept asking this question in the heart.

After a while.

An executor walked in. "Report, Chief. Long Yingtai and Ying Hongxian have been beheaded. Should we bring you the heads?"

Apparently, somebody purposedly sent him to ask about it.

Usually, they should just bring the heads and show it to the Chief, as evidence for their work.

"No need…" Shangguan Zhuifeng closed his eyes and shook his head in grief.