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Chapter 904: Why?

Chapter 904: Why?
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"Don't grieve, Chief. Power always blinds people. Long Yingtai was lunatic and unscrupulous. He deserved this!" Yin Wuqing coldly said, "What he said before he died, he was just trying to be spared. The old saying is right though. Men speak kindly in the presence of death. If he was spared from death, he would still be a vicious prick. In fact, he would be even worse!"

"He would continue as a vicious man!"

Ye Xiao nodded. He agreed with Yin Wuqing on this point.

Shangguan Zhuifeng sighed. He eventually shed warm tears. He turned around, looked at Ye Xiao, and spoke in a hoarse voice, "Brother Ye, you are the person who helped us catch the rat. Now we are counting on you about my son too…"

"I will do my best. Please don't worry. The young chief will be safe. God will help." Ye Xiao nodded and promised.

Maybe he was simply comforting Shangguan Zhuifeng, or he just wanted to praise himself. 'God will help'! If Shangguan Tie was cured, somebody must have helped. Who was the god then?

"Alright. I am tired, both physically and mentally. I should better go get some sleep now." Shangguan Zhuifeng seemed so down. His face looked grey. He nodded and then asked somebody to push him out.

What could be seen in his shadow were grief and desolation.

Every day was torture for patients. Time mattered. For those who were getting better, it was the sign of both hope and pain. When the patients felt the illness disappearing, they would become more and more delighted!

Ye Xiao had been staying in Black Cavalry Alliance for ten days. It was a long time for Ye Xiao!

However, the ten days were full of brightness and hope for Black Cavalry Alliance!

Shangguan Tie was almost cured within the ten days. He was getting better and better. He was clearly conscious now, and even his cultivation was back. Soon, he would be completely cured. Maybe he would become a better and stronger person after the suffering.

About Shangguan Zhuifeng's disease, Ye Xiao wasn't quite good at leechcraft, so he didn't work much on the stroke. However, Erhuo and the Boundless Space were his secret cheat programs. He basically could handle any disease. Shangguan Zhuifeng was back to health.

Two good news spread in the valley of Black Cavalry Alliance. Everybody was enjoying it. The valley was full of joy and happiness.

Suddenly, the grief and sorrow that had haunted everybody were gone.

Those who were clever enough had noticed that Shangguan Zhuifeng was more and more respectful to the young man nobody knew before. They even realized the Chief wasn't just respecting him for what he did for his son.

Their Chief respected the young man with his full heart.

In fact, he was even a bit afraid.

The clever ones all felt weird about it.

Shangguan Zhuifeng was level eight of Dao Origin Stage. In Qing-Yun Realm, he should be a powerful figure, let alone the huge force he was commanding. He used to be unruly. They wondered why he suddenly acted so politely to others?

To a young man who was obviously only Dream Origin Stage?


The young man saved both the Chief and his son. That was a great favor. It might be overreacting to respect him this way, but it at least had an explanation. However, this was not the reason why he respected the young man so much!

People in Black Cavalry Alliance were all confused!

Even Shangguan Tie couldn't understand. When he woke up and realized his father's attitude to the young man, he asked his father, "Why?"

It was reasonable to be grateful and polite to the man who saves their lives. However, it wasn't just that! This was questionable!

Shangguan Zhuifeng blandly answered his son, "This is about something I have been regretting all my life! Black Cavalry Alliance had some tough days in the past! But we are waiting for one day! Don't try to dig on this anymore. It isn't a good time to tell you yet. You will get to know everything when the time is right."

Shangguan Tie gave up.

However, he kept it in mind.


[What is father regretting?]

He suddenly felt chilled in the heart.

It was the day Ye Xiao left the valley.

"Everything is done. Everything is fine. I guess I should get going. I will go to Sky Soul Mountain. I was heading there earlier," Ye Xiao said.

"I will go with you." Shangguan Zhuifeng heard the words Sky Soul Mountain, so he suggested to go with Ye Xiao.

It triggered the softest part in his heart!

"I am just going to Sky Soul Mountain for a tour. What are you going to do, Shangguan? If I let you come with me, it will draw too much attention. There are lots of things that might happen if you come and I don't want any of them to happen at all. You are not asking to help. You are asking to make trouble."

Ye Xiao was surprised. He thought, [How quickly he accepted the situation. He actually wants to do something right after making sure I am on the same side…]

"Uh… I have just waited for too long. I can't wait…" Shangguan Zhuifeng looked excited and thrilled, "Now that I can run and I can ride, I can't wait to have a good fight… even if my legs will be chopped off…"

Ye Xiao was speechless. He looked at the fool who just talked nonsense without saying a word.

"Urh… I didn't mean it… I mean… The revenge… About Brother Li…" Shangguan Zhuifeng tried to explain.

Ye Xiao held his forehead and kept quiet. He nearly shed tears because of the stupidity of Shangguan.

[Oh my bloody heavens. It may be lucky that he had a stroke… Otherwise, he would definitely lead his one hundred thousand black cavalries to kill across the martial world… It would never have the chance to come to this place…]

The revenge of Black Cavalry Alliance would surely make big troubles for the three factions. However, it would also bond the three factions tighter. They would eventually defeat and destroy Black Cavalry Alliance. In other words, Shangguan was not seeking justice, but seeking death!

In fact, this great Chief of Black Cavalry Alliance seemed to be quite excited about it.

"The Grey Wolf came to see me one day. He was so worried when he saw me… Don't get me wrong, he wasn't worried because I was disabled and my son was dying… He was worried and nervous because I couldn't move… He kept scolding me… If I wasn't sitting in a wheelchair, I guess we would probably start a big fight…"

Shangguan Zhuifeng made a long sigh. "Here is what he said… Can't you pick another day to get yourself fxcked up? Why do you have to get damaged now? You can't even move? What a wretched egg…"

Then he added, "Oh… It was him calling me a wretched egg… I am not calling him that…"