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Chapter 905: Grey Wolf Fought For You!

Chapter 905: Grey Wolf Fought For You!
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Erhuo had been staying in Boundless Space listening. [What? Wretched egg is a high compliment, okay? I was once an egg too! Wretched egg! Definitely a beautiful compliment! You ignorant fool!]

Ye Xiao was speechless about what happened to Shangguan Zhuifeng. However, he also felt warm in the heart.

[There are brothers who moan for Brother Li, and there are also brothers who moan for me!]

The Grey Wolf was the Chief of Grey Wolves Group, Cang Gulang [1].

He was raised by wolves and didn't have parents. He was like a wild animal.

When he was young, he met his master, an unusual person, who led him back to the human world. He didn't forget the fact that he grew up among the wolves, so he gave himself the name, Cang Gulang.

When he first stepped in the martial world, he was just like a wild wolf. He fought wherever he went. With the strength and the boldness, soon he gathered a bunch of people, and built a young force in the realm. Because he was too unruly, he pissed a big sect.

His group was still too weak compared to the enemy. No matter how brave they were, they couldn't defeat the sect. No matter what they tried, they just failed. One day, he was surrounded by the enemies, about to be killed.

At that time, Ye Xiao went by.

Ye Xiao had always been traveling alone. He didn't intentionally get involved to this. He glanced at Cang Gulang, and somehow, he liked the wolf. So he saved him.

Cang Gulang admired Ye Xiao for his great power and also appreciated him for his help. That was how he became a hardcore supporter of Xiao Monarch.

As the Grey Wolves Group grew stronger and bigger, Cang Gulang was also getting more and more powerful. Day after day, this group became a big force in Qing-Yun Realm.

Grey Wolves Group was not as powerful as Black Cavalry Alliance in Qing-Yun Realm, but it was definitely much more influential than most of the other organizations!

After Xiao Monarch died, Cang Gulang burst in tears and swore to heavens that he would take revenge!

Because of that, Grey Wolves Group was attacked by the three factions.

After a few rough fights, the group disappeared. Nobody knew where to find them. They were actually hiding, waiting for an opportunity.

In the end, Grey Wolves Group contacted Black Cavalry Alliance.

If Shangguan Zhuifeng didn't have the stroke and Shangguan Tie wasn't lying on the edge to death, maybe the two forces had been bonded together for a long time and fought back against the three factions for a long time!

Ye Xiao was lost in such thoughts for a while.

He didn't know that after he died, there were still brothers working so hard trying to avenge him. No matter how the three factions suppressed and attacked them, they didn't give up.

"Not only Gu Canglang, but also Han Bingxue, the Desolate Sword, was also insisting. When he knew Brother Ye died, he actually passed out. Awhile later, he broke a sword to make a vow. He actually swore to kill every single one in the three factions! The desolate traveler disappeared in the grey mountains, Han Bingxue, disappeared in the world.

"After that, there was a secret assassin who kept killing people in the territory of the three factions. He seemed only killing for no reason. He was so mysterious and nobody ever saw his face. Recently, this assassin has been wandering in Saint Sunlight Sect's place. Over a hundred men of Saint Sunlight Sect were killed with one strike by this secret assassin!

"I reckoned that this assassin is very likely Han Bingxue."

Ye Xiao stayed quiet for a long time when he heard that name, and then he made a long sigh.

There was an emotion in this sigh.

Shangguan Zhuifeng heard the sigh and felt touched in the heart. He slightly looked up and glanced at Ye Xiao's face.

Ye Xiao was calm and peaceful but looked full of yearning. In fact, he had a sense of indifference that only could be seen on the face of a king.

Shangguan Zhuifeng sensitively felt that this young man had a special vigor, saying 'I am the peerless lord of the world and I laugh at all heroes in history'. Shangguan Zhuifeng was shocked.

He took a deep breath and calmed down before he went on talking cautiously.


"Other than that…"

Shangguan Zhuifeng kept talking and talking. After talking a lot, he sighed and said, "The three factions thought Fierce Blade and Xiao Monarch were absolutely isolated cultivators, that they had no friends or allies. In fact, these two big brothers traveled the world and helped lots of people. They both were kind and generous. Of course, they had some loyal brothers! Each brother of them is elite! Every one of them is a tough man!

"However, they are mostly all the same with the two departed brothers. They all like to walk alone. They are all unruly… If they stay together, they are just a bunch of rabbles. They wouldn't respect each other… They wouldn't let anybody command them…

"If one of the two honorable brothers is still alive, either of them could keep them under controlled. Everyone would behave well… Either of them could lead the brothers to tear the three factions apart from bottom to top…"

Then he made a deep sigh.

"No matter what, if they are going to declare war to the three factions, Black Cavalry Alliance will be the vanguards!" Shangguan Zhuifeng added powerfully.

It was like a sincere vow he made from the bottom of his heart.

"No indiscretion," Ye Xiao said.

Shangguan Zhuifeng was the great chief of Black Cavalry Alliance, also an experienced man, but because of the finitude of his knowledge and view, he couldn't have a correct estimation of the real power of the great sects.

In fact, if Ye Xiao didn't go to Cold Moon Palace and learned the true power of the three old men, he wouldn't know either. He now knew that there were different levels above the highest level of Dao Origin Stage. Only people in great sects had the chance to cultivate those three phases. The three factions were difficult to defeat.

All the people that Shangguan Zhuifeng could think of as their allies, together, were still unable to defeat even one of the three factions. That was the cruel reality!

It was frustrating indeed!

"If you say so… You must have your reasons to say so… I and my people will obey… Hmm. About Guan Lingxiao, he loves Black Cavalry Alliance. He has always wanted to join us. I guess I will just take him in this time." Shangguan Zhuifeng smiled. "He has a big and stupid mouth, but he has a certain capability. He has an honest heart. That's a valuable thing."

Ye Xiao was surprised about it.

He didn't expect Guan Lingxiao to really become a member of Black Cavalry Alliance.



[1] Cang Gulang, means grey lonely wolf.