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Chapter 906: Sky Soul Mountain!

Chapter 906: Sky Soul Mountain!
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"Even the finest feast must come to an end. You and your son are both well now. It only takes time to fully recover. It doesn't really matter whether I am around or not. I guess I should go."

Ye Xiao was always not niggling.

"Hmm. Please wait a minute. I have one more question… I wanted to ask you earlier, Brother Ye… However…" Shangguan Zhuifeng seemed hesitating. He looked at Ye Xiao's face and said, "I wonder… which of the two honorable brothers was your…"

Ye Xiao was riding on Darky. He squinted at Shangguan Zhuifeng, with weirdness and coldness in the eyes.

After a while, he blandly said, "Shangguan, the rats among you have been removed. However, I don't think they can do such damage to you by themselves. Who's out there? I guess you know better than I do.

"Take care. We might meet again.

"As for who I am… You will know when the time comes. One more thing, I promise you, when you know who exactly I am, you will be astonished."

After that, Ye Xiao kicked on the side of Darky. Darky neighed loudly and then rushed out like a shooting arrow. After seconds, they disappeared in the horizon.

Shangguan Zhuifeng was trembling. His eyes nearly popped out of the eye frames.

Suddenly, he had an extremely horrible thought.

He thought of an extremely horrible person.

An extremely absurd but terrific possibility appeared in his head.

However, he didn't dare to say anything, not even think further of it. He decided to bury the thought deep in his heart.

"About Brother Ye, nobody speak anything about him. Keep it a secret. Nothing about him should be leaked! Whoever divulge anything about him should be killed with his entire family!"

He made such an order in Black Cavalry Alliance.

People were all confused. However, Shangguan Zhuifeng was so determined, so they didn't dare to question it.

They thought maybe the Chief didn't want to bring troubles to Master Ye. It was reasonable. Master Ye was marvelous in dan-making and he had lots of valuable dan beads. It was easy for him to be targeted. It was a brilliant way to protect Master Ye by keeping his information a secret!

A few old men who had been following Shangguan Zhuifeng for many years noticed something different… They knew that their Chief wasn't worried or scared.

He was excited and thrilled!

Every time when there was a war going to happen and he was confident to win the battle… he would be excited and thrilled just like that!

Their great chief was obviously much more excited and thrilled than before…

Ye Xiao was back on the road to Sky Soul Mountain while riding Darky.

Oh, right. Not just him and Darky, there was a cat too. Erhuo was sitting on Ye Xiao's head right now.

His two white little paws were grabbing Ye Xiao's hairs. No matter how fast Darky was running, Erhuo stayed in the same pose.

Ye Xiao was riding a pony, with a cat on his head…

That was such a hilarious image that whoever saw him couldn't stop smiling.

They were finally close to Sky Soul Mountain.

It took Ye Xiao one month, even though Darky was running so fast, to reach Sky Soul Mountain.

During the one month, lots of things had happened. Martial world in the Qing-Yun Realm was much troublesome than the Land of Han-Yang for real. There were countless of bandits and thieves. Experienced and smart like Ye Xiao, he still didn't avoid them all.

He surely wanted to avoid facing any of these men, but he had no choice sometimes. So he would fight if he was confident he could win. If he wasn't, he would run away. As long as he ran as fast as he could, those small figures in this realm could never catch up with him.

If somebody truly caught up with him even when he was operating One Laughter in Skyline, that somebody must be much better than just a bandit!

Ye Xiao thought that he would probably avoid most of the fights. In other words, he would have to fight the way along.

He sighed. He had been away from the realm for less than two years. However, he felt that the martial world was much more disordered. He remembered in the previous life, one would never have to face so many fights on the road…

"Human hearts are not what they were in the old days…" Ye Xiao sighed.

Well, he must be a retard. In his previous life, he was the world-shocking Xiao Monarch. He flew here and there so fast wherever he went. Bandits and thieves would never be able to even see him on the road.

Even if he walked on the road, the murderous qi around him would suppress the area of three miles. How could any small figures dare to stand on his way?

Human hearts were not changed at all. He was just too weak at the moment. Even cats and dogs dared to piss him…

Anyways, the fights on the road were good for him, although he had less time to rest and enjoy the view.

After the fights one after another, he was improved to level four of Dream Origin Stage now.

In fact, he even tried to hold the improvement a bit, not to break through too fast. Even so, he was two levels higher now.

He could feel that as his cultivation capability was improving, the East-rising Purple Qi was also activating, especially when he reached level three.

He felt the massive change.

He tried to operate East-rising Purple Qi and found that the purple qi was filling his body. It was even going to be 'too full'.

If he could use the breakthrough to activate the upgrade of East-rising Purple Qi, he might be able to rush up to the upper phase of the second degree.

In other words, he might be able to reach the late phase of Purple Qi Descends.

He had been looking forward to it for quite a long time. He tried so hard to absorb every bit of spiritual qi that he could every day, and at the same time, he suppressed the breakthrough of his basic cultivation.

He had to make his cultivation foundation strong and firm so that once he started to rush on the East-rising Purple Qi, he could have a bigger chance to succeed.

Ye Xiao knew that Dream Origin Stage, Dao Origin Stage and all the other stages in basic cultivation were nothing for him.

Only East-rising Purple Qi was the essence of his true power!

Eventually, Ye Xiao was one step away from Sky Soul Mountain.

He was now standing on top of the mountain beside Sky Soul Mountain. He looked at the thick clouds covering the mountainside of Sky Soul Mountain. Suddenly, he frowned. He looked fierce and murderous!