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Chapter 907: Sky Soul Precipice!

Chapter 907: Sky Soul Precipice!
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Sky Soul Mountain. There was a branch of Saint Sunlight Sect on Sky Soul Mountain at the moment, with many people on guard.

Ye Xiao spent a few days around the mountain to dig out the information of these people. Surprisingly, he got to know that Saint Sunlight Sect hadn't extracted a bit of soul power from the mountain since they seized it.

Whoever knew about soul power could clearly sense the enormous amount of soul power inside the mountain. However, they just couldn't get it. They could certainly feel it even see it, but they just couldn't have it. That was such an annoying feeling that troubled every one of the people in Saint Sunlight Sect. In nearly two years, they had tried countless things, but ended up sacrificing four level seven Dao Origin Stage cultivators for nothing!

Soul power was a peculiar power. It was rather powerful in the hands of those who knew how to make good use of it. However, people who weren't truly good at it might get themselves hurt, even killed when trying to get it!

To collect soul power, one should be at least level seven of Dao Origin Stage. That meant any mistakes they made would lead to a loss of at least one level seven cultivator, or severe damage to at least one level seven cultivator.

For two years, some of the cultivators from Saint Sunlight Sect were severely damaged after they tried and failed to collect the soul power. Luckily or not, some of them survived unharmed, while the others were dead. Soul power was still full inside Sky Soul Mountain. Nobody ever touched it!

The mountain had become a restricted area of Saint Sunlight Sect. However, whoever in the sect heard that they were assigned to go the Sky Soul Mountain and try to collect the soul power from it, they would suddenly suffer serious diseases. No exceptions.

Of course. The soul power belonged to the sect, while their lives belonged to themselves. They surely should protect themselves first! It was such a stupid thing to do to accept that assignment and risk their lives to try something that was most likely going to fail.

The leadership of Saint Sunlight Sect didn't blame them. They understood. After all, four regretful examples had bee shown to them vividly. There was a huge amount of soul power in Sky Soul Mountain. However, there were other places where they could collect soul power too. They didn't have to push their superior cultivators to risk their lives. Since nobody wanted to go anymore, they didn't assign anybody now!

Day after day, Sky Soul Mountain completely became a training place. The young generation of Saint Sunlight Sect would come to this place to be trained. However, none of the cultivator above Dao Origin Stage would come.

It became a branch of their sect that had lots of people but in fact powerless.

In the beginning, Saint Sunlight Sect still wanted to keep it a secret. As time passed, they stopped focusing on this place. The low-level disciples who were training there stopped keeping the secret. Day after day, the secret became a well-known secret!

When Ye Xiao heard it, he felt relieved.

There was not even one Dao Origin Stage cultivator from Saint Sunlight Sect. Facing a level nine Dream Origin Stage disciple of theirs, he would still be safe, even though he was only level four. He might not be able to defeat a level nine, but it was not a problem to escape safely.

The only problem was… he planned to sneak into the mountain. If he was really going to have a fight, even though he could safely run away from it, his plan would fail.

One more thing, he wanted to reach Sky Soul Precipice. It was the top of Sky Soul Mountain, covered by clouds and fog all year. Nobody had ever gone down the cliff alive before. That was why nobody knew how high the cliff was. Nobody knew what was down there.

Ye Xiao didn't just hear about the cliff. He once checked it before. One day, he was drinking with Li Wuliang. After a few cups of liquor, they suddenly wanted to know how high the cliff was and what was down there. Two level nine Dao Origin Stage cultivators jumped down the cliff, laughing groggily.

Well, it took them one full day.

Sky Soul Precipice was a lacunal cliff. They just jumped off it directly and didn't crash on anything at all…

It took them one full day of falling till they felt like retreating. What was the height?

Nobody knew.

They both wanted to reach the end and see what was so magical down there. However, after falling for one full day and tens of thousands of meters… they still couldn't see anything except darkness. Suddenly, they felt like their souls were hit. They felt headache and they even felt their own soul power was being blown away.

Farther as they fell, longer as they kept falling, stronger they felt being suppressed.

They surely both were tough men. They wouldn't give up because of the hardship. So they kept falling for another thirty meters. However, they didn't feel quite well after that. Even though they had started to operate joint energy to fight against that suppression, they didn't make it. They nearly died in the precipice that day.

Now as Ye Xiao thought of it, he still felt frightened. He still remembered the wild wind that kept blowing everywhere. It wasn't strong, more like a breeze, but it blew so deep on his soul. It was blowing his soul away.

He didn't strongly feel it at the beginning, but when they fell down another thirty meters, it was getting more and more seriously dangerous. When they both felt ill and wanted to retreat, they were almost powerless. The two of them luckily both had strong will. They supported each other and started to climb up. The two great cultivators nearly died in this untraversed land just like that!

They supported each other and climbed up fifty meters until they didn't feel the suppression. Suddenly, the strength was back and they got up to the mountain awkwardly.

After that, they both never ever mentioned this again. Not even once. It was such a disgrace for them, so they wouldn't talk about it.

In fact, when they were having a secret conversation, sometimes they would imply it to tease one another.

"Oh you think you have guts? Why don't you go down there and see!"

"Why don't you go down there? If you go down there now, I promise I approve you're braver than me!"

"How about a bet? Huh? Who loses go down there again."

"I will make no bet on such a thing!"