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Chapter 908: His Lady Came For Revenge!

Chapter 908: His Lady Came For Revenge!
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

The image of Ye Xiao and Li Wuliang laughing and talking appeared in Ye Xiao's head. Ye Xiao looked in the distance with a smile on his face.

Saint Sunlight Sect planned on snatching Sky Soul Mountain after that. The great Fierce Blade was seriously damaged and fell down the cliff. His body was never found.

Ye Xiao was afraid that his old friend had already…

After all, when he was level nine of Dao Origin Stage, he and Li Wuliang couldn't endure the unbelievable effect of the wind in Sky Soul Precipice. When Li Wuliang fell off the cliff, he was seriously wounded… How could he survive that…

At dusk.

Ye Xiao was like a cat as he sneaked into Sky Soul Mountain quietly.

There was a real cat sneaking in front of him though. Yes. Erhuo!

Erhuo must be the best expert at sneaking in the entire Qing-Yun Realm!

Hmm… An expert cat.

A man and a cat, they got into the forest on the mountain. Erhuo suddenly alerted him in a low voice. Ye Xiao got down and hid behind a bush.

He had just covered his trace and suddenly, he felt a strong mass of qi sweeping past over his head.

That strong qi was murderous. It was rushing over to the top of Sky Soul Mountain!

It seemed clouds were following it, rolling up in the sky!

He was shocked. He hurriedly jumped up to see what was making this happen. What he saw was a slim figure of a woman shooting over to the top of the mountain!

She was beautiful, cold, and bland. She looked peaceful but full of horror.

Ye Xiao froze as if he got stricken by a lightning!

He was stiff, standing there, wanting to shout but just couldn't. He felt a riot in his heart.

He suddenly felt bitter in the eyes.

It was his tears coming out.

Jun Yinglian!

"Lian Lian!"

Ye Xiao gave up hiding and jumped up high, operating One Laughter in Skyline trying to catch up with her.

He knew Jun Yinglian wouldn't recognize him like this, but he still rushed over!

[I want to tell you that I am Ye Xiao.]

[I want to tell you that I won't fail you again!]

[I want to tell you that I liked you as I do in previous life…]

He felt the heat in his heart as if it was melting in magma.

One Laughter in Skyline was a top class flying skill, but he was too much weaker than Jun Yinglian at the moment. When he jumped up, Jun Yinglian had long gone. What was left behind her was only the exclamation of people.

Ye Xiao kept chasing her. What he could see were dead bodies of people from Saint Sunlight Sect.

Every one of them was killed by one sword in the heart. The mountain was suddenly filled with sword breath.

Jun Yinglian actually didn't even say a word when she started the killing.

All Saint Sunlight Sect disciples were dead.

Ye Xiao was still chasing. He was sweating when he saw the dead men.

If he came here earlier and stayed on Sky Soul Mountain… Jun Yinglian would have very possibly killed him too…

Hiding in the bush, he did look like a guarding disciple of Saint Sunlight Sect.

He was far too weak to stand one attack from Jun Yinglian. He would die!

If he died like that, he would die with a grudge.

However, heavens blessed him. He was a bit late to catch with the death, luckily!

When Ye Xiao finally rushed up the to the top f the mountain, what he saw was a scene full of dead bodies on the floor and broken walls.

Jun Yinglian was gone.

There was a stone stele.

On the stele, some words were deeply carved on it. There were stone ashes in the notch. It was full of murderous qi!

Apparently, Jun Yinglian wrote it with her sword.

'Laughing at all heroes in the world!'

There were no other living things on the mountain anymore except for Ye Xiao and Erhuo!

Sky Soul Mountain became a mountain of death.

Far away in the sky, the cloud was rolling, moving apart and joining again. A shadow of a person flashed and disappeared.

The person had gone, yet the rolling murderous qi was shocking the clouds in the sky. It was like a furious dragon shouting and raging in the cloud like crazy.

Jun Yinglian left.

She came and left with only her sword.

Wherever she passed, only blood and corpses were left!

Ye Xiao stood in front of that stele. His heart was filled with complex feelings. He was totally at a loss. He didn't know where he should start. He felt his eyes wet and his nose sour.

He closed his mouth and then opened it again. He took a deep breath again and again, forcibly suppressing the strong emotion in his heart.

However, as he tried to suppress it, it raged up even more. Again and again, he finally couldn't hold it anymore. With a long sigh, he put a finger on the carved stele and went through every word she wrote. There was the ash on his hand.

"Laughing… at all… heroes in the world…"

Ye Xiao murmured with blank eyes.

"Lian Lian…" He closed his eyes and sorrowfully spoke.

Jun Yinglian was moving in the sky. Her blank face was dripping tears. When she started to kill on the mountain, she heard a familiar voice calling her 'Lian Lian'.

But she knew it must be her illusion.

Ye Xiao was dead.

She chose Sky Soul Mountain to be the first place to kill, just because it was on her way. It just happened to be where everything started.

[Is Xiao Xiao calling me? Does he know I am taking revenge for him now?]

[I just started to swing my sword, and he called my name… Xiao Xiao, you still care for me…]

[Even though it was just my illusion, I believe you know I am taking revenge here, no matter where your soul stays.]

[We are going to be together again.]

She looked sad but determined. There was a smile on her beautiful face.

[I am coming…]

[Wait for me!]

The cloud was rolling apart. Strong winds in the sky dried her tears on the face. She didn't look back. She just went through the clouds and left…

Her sword had been unsheathed for revenge!

[Ye Xiao, l am going to kill till the world is in chaos, until the sky is in blood!]

Sky Soul Precipice.

Ye Xiao stood in front of the rolling cloud. He was lost in thoughts of the past.

It felt like the old days.

The big rock was still there, which was flat and square-shaped. That was their table when they were drinking in the old days.

He and Li Wuliang, each on a side, drank and laughed.

He was lost. Suddenly, he felt like he had seen the Xiao Monarch in white clothes sitting with Fierce Blade in black, talking and laughing, teasing each other.

The precipice was right there beside them.

Strong winds blew up their white and black clothes.

They were both heroic, looking down upon the entire world!

Fierce Blade conquered the world; Xiao Monarch mocked all heroes!

The two of them joining together could be invincible!

"Li Wuliang, how does it feel to stay alone down there? You have been traveling your whole life. I bet you never knew you would become an isolated spirit at the end, do you?"

Ye Xiao took a long breath.

Erhuo was squatting on that big rock. It looked confused, moving its cute little head, grabbing its white tail into the mouth. It made a somersault from time to time.

It didn't know why its master was so sad about a rock, like an idiot.

[Human… what a confusing creature.] Erhuo thought, [Over there, looking at the stone, he sighed and sighed. Now he is sighing to this rock… I don't understand… What he feels sad about some rocks for… They are just two normal rocks… There is nothing spiritual in it… Does he have to treat them like this?]

"Meow? Meow, meow?" Erhuo lost its patience. It didn't make somersaults anymore. It started to meow.

Unexpectedly, right after it started to meow, its master suddenly jumped off the cliff after staying still for a long time.

Erhuo was stunned.

[Holy heavens! I was just urging you a little bit… Why did you do this? Suicide? Holy… f*ck… No…" It rushed over to him but already lost sight of him down in the precipice.

Erhuo was so worried that without any hesitation, it jumped off the cliff too, waving its tail, leaving a sound of 'meow' behind.