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Chapter 909: Jumped Off the Cliff

Chapter 909: Jumped Off the Cliff
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Ye Xiao jumping off the cliff seemed abrupt. In fact, it wasn't his first time. He slightly moved ahead and started to fall along the cliff. After falling for about fifty meters, he reached out his hands and they became like two sharp weapons stabbing into the steep.

He stopped right in the air.

He moved his feet to find somewhere to stand on. As expected, his feet touched a rock. He stood on it and took a breath. [Luckily, it is still here.]

Sky Soul Precipice.

When he and Li Wuliang was climbing up, they were so cautious that they would stop to rest for a while from time to time. They made many spots to stand on from time to time, so as they could stop to rest.

Besides, they thought they might need to go down there again someday.

However, before they had the chance to do this again, both of them died.

These spots that they made became a secret in the world.

Only Ye Xiao and Li Wuliang knew about this!

They didn't do a good job making these spots. After all, they just needed somewhere they could step on.

If there were people on the mountain looking down, they might still not find the spots… because they were so raw… Besides, the spots were at least fifty meters away from each other… Nobody could find them from up on the mountain.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath and started to go on falling. Suddenly, he heard a sound of meow. A small white figure was rushing down from over his head.

Erhuo expected to stop somewhere when it jumped. However, there was nothing to stand on. All that it went through was clouds. It kept falling faster and faster, with its four paws waving in the air. Erhuo panicked. It was scared.


[I am so going to die because of my stupid master…]

Ye Xiao saw it, and he reacted fast. He reached out one hand and made an absorbing power in the hand. - Shoot! - Erhuo was grabbed and held on Ye Xiao's arms.

It was a short time that Erhuo was in danger, but that gave Erhuo a deep impression of death. It felt like coming back from hell just within seconds. Its hairs all stood up because it was too frightened. It was shaking in Ye Xiao's arms.

"Meow… Meow, meow… Meow…" Erhuo meowed in a shaking voice. It didn't even know what it was saying.

Ye Xiao could feel the fear in this bodacious little guy at this moment. It was huddling in his arms. He had never seen it like this before…

"Erhuo, you idiot. I never knew you could be scared like this. Do you dare to still be so bodacious…" Ye Xiao smiled and tapped on Erhuo's wet nose with a finger.

"Meow…" Erhuo rolled up its eyes and squinted at Ye Xiao. "Meow…"

[Holy heavens and hell! That sacred the shxt out of me!]

[This stupid cliff is actually this high…]

Ye Xiao laughed. He couldn't stop smiling at Erhuo.

He knew it Erhuo must have been frightened to hell this time.

In fact, Erhuo did have a way to save itself. For example, it could enter Boundless Space immediately. However, it panicked and was out of wits because of the fear. One could hardly make a right choice under an emergent situation. Erhuo was a spiritual beast indeed, but it made no difference!

Ye Xiao held Erhuo in his arms and started to fall down along the cliff. Fifty meters, a hundred meters... he did it step by step.

He kept his back on the steep while he was falling. The muscle on his back was like a tentacle touching the cliff. He could quickly get away from the cliff but still stay close enough when he needed to be.

He moved so smoothly and cautiously.

After the three months of special training, he could control every piece of his muscle perfectly. Even when he was getting down a cliff like this, he could make use of every part of his body perfectly!

After a while, after he had fallen about seven thousand meters, the wet and cold feeling hit him again. It was getting worse. Ye Xiao gasped and reached his hand to touch the cliff. It seemed he was looking for something. He operated the East-rising Purple Qi to drag a mass of earth on the cliff and then threw it down.

It was actually a small entrance of a cave. He didn't seem surprised at all. He got into the cave without any hesitation.

He made this small cave. When he and Li Wuliang were climbing up the cliff, they felt exhausted when they reached this height. Ye Xiao tried so hard and dug a cave in this place for them to both rest for half a day.

The entrance was covered by dust because it had been so long since they made it.

Ye Xiao got into the cave and it felt pretty spacious. That was reasonable. It was enough for two men to stay, but now he was alone.

Erhuo was still shaking. It showed up in Ye Xiao's arms as it noticed Ye Xiao wasn't moving anymore. It stepped on a rock to test if it was firm before it got off of Ye Xiao.

It walked a few steps and made sure it was standing on the floor.

It became elegant and arrogant again, walking around in the cave. It looked much more relieved.

It raised up its paw and walked to the entrance. It looked up and down then meowed. At last, it started to wave its tail because it was happy now.

"Meow… Meow, meow… Meow, meow oh.."

Erhuo was trying to say something.

[Oh this cliff turns out to be this type. If I knew it earlier, I would have walked down the cliff like walking on the flat floor. Such a piece of cake!]

Ye Xiao was indifferent about it. [You surely know how to boast,]

[What a belated pledge you can make. You can surely say whatever you like now. I have to say I like to see you being frightened like that… You idiot…]