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Chapter 911: Sky Soul Power Aura

Chapter 911: Sky Soul Power Aura
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This time, he remained extremely vigilant. When he just started to feel dizzy, he operated East-rising Purple Qi in full power immediately!

He knew that normal martial art wouldn't help to deal with such a strange energy. He was afraid none of the martial arts in Qing-Yun Realm could deal with the energy of the red and white clouds.

However, East-rising purple Qi was the peerless primary martial art in the universe. It was the reason why he dared to try this.

As East-rising Purple Qi was operated, a mass of purple light glowed around Ye Xiao. Purple qi filled his body. Ye Xiao's eyes were shining in some spiritual glow. He was looking at his feet which had stepped on the clouds.

He took a breath of relief and then made a sigh.

[I don't feel dizzy anymore the moment East-rising Purple Qi started running. Obviously, East-rising Purple Qi is effective against this energy. Yin Yang Eyes makes me partly see through the clouds. That is much better. At least I don't have to be blind in the dark. However, the energy seems to have wisdom. It is aiming at one place to attack. East-rising Purple Qi had built a shield to cover my ankles. It's fine now, but the clouds must be attacking it. The shield won't last long.]

[It would last no longer than a few breaths for the clouds to break the shield of the purple qi. The energy would still get into my body and start to pull my soul away. I will be unable to resist it like I used to be. That is a failure.]

[The East-rising Purple Qi is working on the energy of the clouds, but I am too weak to deal with the strange clouds myself.]

[I guess this is why Saint Sunlight Sect kept failing in collecting the soul power in the mountain.]

Ye Xiao looked at the slight glowing purple light on his feet. He felt helpless in the bottom of his heart.

To completely handle the red and white clouds, he must improve his East-rising Purple Qi to a much higher level. He had to work much harder on it. With such a thought in mind, he knew that his goal today should be put on hold. If he forcibly kept going into the clouds, he might lose further chance to make more attempts!

"Brother, I wanted to come to see you and take you home… But… I never thought it would be this difficult…" He took a long breath.

At this moment, unexpectedly, Erhuo showed its small head from its pocket. It started to roll its eyesballs up and down. It seemed it found something.

The next moment, it reached out its two paws as its ears started to wave. That was so cute.

After that, it meowed and then jumped out from Ye Xiao's pocket. It stared at the red and white clouds with two widely opened eyes.

After a while, it unintentionally raised up one paw and slowly rubbed the whisker on its cheeks. It first looked confused and shocked, and then it started to be enlightened. In the end, it was surprised and delighted. A few changes in its eyes only took an instant. What a fast eyes expression changing expert!

Ye Xiao didn't know what the cat was going to do. He knew Erhuo was quite magical sometimes, but he had no idea what was in its mind. He couldn't stop it anyway, so it decided to let it go. He was going to retreat anyway. Maybe Erhuo could bring him a surprising opportunity.

Erhuo reached out one paw and hit the air. It looked like fighting nothing.

[What is that? What does that mean? What is going on?]

Ye Xiao was confused. Before he asked, he found the red and white clouds moved! A stream of clouds came out and wrapped its paw.

Erhuo raised the paw and watched the clouds. It seemed it was studying it. Its ears kept flicking. That made it look more adorable.

Ye Xiao was surprised!

[How… How did Erhuo… grab that cloud out?]

[Isn't it untouchable?]

He thought for a while and started to try reaching his hand into the clouds. He stirred it carefully.

He found that he could also feel the clouds. It was right there, but when he withdrew his hand, there was nothing he could take out. He only felt dizzy.

"I can't handle the clouds, but Erhuo can!" Ye Xiao widely opened his eyes. He murmured, "What a peerless spiritual beast in chaos… Marvelous technique… It may just be a cat, but… it is a marvelous cat at least right here right now…"

Erhuo frowned.

Something changed on its forehead. Hmmm… Three stripes showed up on its forehead. There was usually nothing on its forehead, but now it looked just like a tiger.

That meant it was angry. It was pissed that Ye Xiao looked down upon it.

[How dare you look down upon me!] Erhuo raged up. "Meow!"

- Pah! -

Ye Xiao slapped on Erhuo's small head without hesitation. Erhuo spun several times because of the slap. "Stop the bullshit already! Just tell me what is going on!"

Erhuo was slapped. That pissed it so bad. It raged up furiously and showed the sharp claws in its paws, with its teeth out, looking at Ye Xiao. It didn't remain long before Ye Xiao slapped it again. It spun in the air like a ball again. That was more than several rounds this time.

He grabbed Erhuo on the neck and lifted it as if it was a dry fish. "Are you done? Tell me or you will fall to the bottom of this cliff!"

"Meow…" Erhuo submitted.

[Alright. I am a cat with a strong will. I can endure the present insult and wait for a better opportunity to revenge. Wait and see, you stupid master. When I become greatly stronger later, I will make you see your mistakes…]

[Wait. What can I do when I become stronger?]

[Damn it. No matter how strong I am, it benefits him at the end. Stupid bastard brutal fart master!]

[He always gets benefit!]