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Chapter 912: Chaotic Soul Clouds!

Chapter 912: Chaotic Soul Clouds!
Translator: RITF_Rain Editor: Chrissy

Erhuo finally realized the cruel truth, but no matter how angry it was, it still told Ye Xiao. It talked and made gestures to Ye Xiao. Ye Xiao had been with Erhuo for a long time. It didn't take Erhuo much time to make Ye Xiao understand what was going on.

Things seemed difficult to the one who didn't know the trick in it. Sometimes, an expert was necessary to help figure out the truth. Ye Xiao knew nothing about the clouds, but luckily, Erhuo was an expert of such a thing. It basically figured out most of the secret about the red and white clouds!

"This is Sky Soul Power Aura, which is extremely rare… This place is like hell in human world. It naturally affected human soul.

"People under Dao Origin Stage cultivators, who haven't cultivate any martial arts to strengthen their souls, would have their souls torn into pieces and become retards. Some of them may instantly die with their souls broken into pieces. Dao Origin Stage cultivators maybe much stronger in souls than normal people, but they still can't defend themselves from this power aura.

"The closer as they get to the center of the clouds, the stronger power they will suffer. If anybody gets too close to it, even a super-powerful Dao Origin Stage cultivator will be soul-vanished at once.

"The power aura is formed for a reason. For a certain period of time, which must be a very very long time, there used to be countless superior cultivators fighting in this place. There are too many people who died in here. Their soul power stayed in this place. As time passed by, the power gathered together and became this special power aura. It is not easy to form this kind of clouds. You can imagine how powerful it can be. It is beyond the endurance of any Qing-Yun Realm cultivators."

Ye Xiao was shocked, "Holy mother heavens. Is it truly so overwhelming? Well… those cultivators… died here… how strong were they though? Level nine of Dao Origin Stage… like the people in Cold Moon Palace… are they strong enough?"

Erhuo disdainfully glanced at Ye Xiao. It made movement with its paw. "Meow… Pooooh!"

It actually simulated the sound of a fart.

What it meant, 'Those people that you think are strong enough, in front of those who died here, whose power became part of this magnificent power aura, are just like fart… In fact, your words are like fart…'

"Urh…" Ye Xiao was suddenly speechless.

However, he felt lucky. [That was close. I was going to suggest myself… Erhuo would have humiliated me to death. I was a little bit stronger than the men in Cold Moon Palace… That is surely better. But if they are like fart… wouldn't I be… something smellier… Damn it!]

[I can't mention myself!]

Suddenly, he came up with an important question.

"Wait… The ancient souls that you mentioned… Are they still here? I mean are they conscious?"

It was quite important. If those men were still living as souls, they could have swallowed him instantly!

Moreover, for him, he cared about Brother Li the most. If those souls were alive, then Brother Li should still be conscious. His soul might stay even after he was physically dead!

It was such a complicated concept, life and death, soul and body!

"Meow, meow… Meow, meow, meow. Meow, meow, meow…" Erhuo was disdainful. It made several gestures and meowed again.

That was pretty easy to understand. 'How could soul powers be conscious?'

'The souls here are from so many thousand years earlier. All those souls have long mixed together in chaos. It would terrible if they still had consciousness, wouldn't it? If the souls were conscious, they wouldn't become a mass of chaotic soul clouds. There is no singular soul inside the clouds for sure.'

"Chaotic soul clouds? What is that?" Ye Xiao asked.

It was his first time to hear about such thing.

"Yes. After lots of super powerful cultivators died and their souls came off the bodies in the same place, they wouldn't enter samsara right away because they were too powerful. This place had some special power that restrained their souls. Year after year, the souls were all converted into pure soul power. As the power accumulated more and more, they became the chaotic soul clouds. In other words, the clouds came from the souls of many super powerful cultivators…"

Erhuo seemed coveted at the moment.

"How many powerful cultivators does it need to make such a mass of clouds?" Ye Xiao looked at the boundless red and white clouds. He unbearably trembled.

"Look at the scale of the clouds here… I guess at least a hundred thousand super powerful men…" Erhuo waved its tail.

"A hundred thousand? A hundred thousand super powerful cultivators' souls?" Ye Xiao was frightened. He took a deep breath.

He was totally shocked by the enormous number.

According to what Erhuo said, even Xiao Monarch, a top-level Dao Origin Stage cultivator, was only… a fart... compared to those super powerful figures… How powerful should those cultivators be in the old days?

One thousand super powerful cultivators died in this place?

Such an enormous number!


"Why would the clouds appear in Qing-Yun Realm?" Ye Xiao was confused. "Even though these incredible cultivators might have fallen from their realms, they shouldn't all fall to Qing-Yun Realm. If there used to be people that were so powerful, one or two might be reasonable, but one hundred thousand of them in Qing-Yun Realm? That must be a tale after another! It doesn't make sense!"

He trusted Erhuo. If somebody else told him so, he wouldn't believe a word of it!

Erhuo meowed. Apparently, Erhuo didn't know the truth, either.

Erhuo looked at Ye Xiao as if it was begging. It kept rubbing its ears and whisker, looking to the clouds from time to time. It seemed suppressed.

Ye Xiao was enlightened. "Can you absorb the clouds?"

Erhuo couldn't wait. It nodded. "Meow!"

It looked arrogant again.

"That is useful for you?"


"What are you waiting for then? Go! It's all yours!" Ye Xiao waved his hand. Such a casual move.

"Urh?" Erhuo never knew its master could be so generous to it. It couldn't believe it. It unbelievingly looked at Ye Xiao and said, "Meow?"