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Chapter 914: Full Mountain of Bones!

Chapter 914: Full Mountain of Bones!
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In his Jing and Mai, the purple qi kept rushing over. It even made a bickering sound as if a riptide rushing over a narrow gully.

Ye Xiao felt the change inside his Jing and Mai. He felt so good that he nearly exclaimed out loud. With that wonderful feeling, he got down the cliff even faster.

As he went down a hundred meters more, there were more red and white clouds. He felt dizzy again.

Ye Xiao shouted and Erhuo suddenly rushed down like a shooting arrow. It started to stir the clouds again. Erhuo actually brought the vortex down. It was like a huge tail of the sky reaching down to the bottom of the precipice.

The big tail was shaking at first and then the huge mass of red and white clouds moved with it. It was much more drastic than the last time.

It was not just louder. The soul power this time was even stronger than the last time.

The red and white clouds here were purer than the former!

Erhuo meowed! It seemed quite excited. Its tail stood up like a flagpole. Its eyes were wider than usual.

[This is awesome! Meow!]

[This is so incredible!]

[I have never felt so good before!]

While Erhuo was stirring the clouds, Ye Xiao didn't stop getting down deeper.

It took him one and half more days to get down deeper.

He had been operating Yin Yang Eyes, but the clouds were more or less covering his sight. He didn't know how long it had been.

However, powerful as he was, he could still roughly guess the time.

It was more than one and half days. He was sure, because he felt hungry now.

It was somehow certainly accurate to calculate the time by the feeling of his stomach!

It took a long time to withdraw all the red and white clouds into Boundless Space.

As the last bit of clouds entered the Space, Erhuo followed it in as soon as it could.

Apparently, it was exhausted.

It was indeed excited, but it was tired. Ye Xiao clearly felt Erhuo sweating at the end. The sweat nearly ruined its clean and beautiful white fur.

Apparently, it was totally burned out.

However, Erhuo was still quite happy about it.

Soul power had great use for Erhuo, but it was useless for Ye Xiao.

In fact, after being converted by the Boundless Space, it became something that benefitted both of them!

Of course, Erhuo didn't like to share it to others, even to Ye Xiao. However, there were too many red and white clouds. It couldn't take them all. Erhuo knew it could never take all the energy, but it didn't want it to be wasted in this precipice. That was why it worked so hard to collect them all.

The soul power Erhuo had absorbed was less than one percent of all the red and white clouds in the Space.

That was some soul power from at least one hundred thousand super powerful cultivators!

If the power belonged to one man, this man must be more powerful than billions of ordinary people.

No matter how good Erhuo was, it was still at a young age. It couldn't swallow that much power!

Besides, was one percent of those clouds a small amount?

Not really!

Not at all!

That was the soul power of one hundred thousand men. How much was one percent of one hundred thousand? That was one thousand! Erhuo took the energy from one thousand super powerful cultivators. How could that be a small amount?

Ye Xiao made sure he didn't feel dizzy anymore. That was relieving. This time, he started to get down fast again. About three thousand meters deeper down the precipice, he finally saw the ground in the bottom of the precipice.

He counted in the head and was shocked. [Holy heavens. This is more than twenty thousand meters high! Sky Soul Mountain doesn't seem to be so high. This Sky Soul Precipice was the highest cliff I have ever seen. It must be the highest in the realm…]

He pushed the cliff with his two hands and jumped off the it like a feather. Before he stood on the floor, he made two rounds in the air… Finally, he balanced himself.

Suddenly, he heard a cracking sound beneath his feet. Something happened.

He was frightened and hurriedly lifted one foot while keeping his balance. He looked down and found a skull crack under his foot.

"Holy fxck…"

He jumped aside and then heard another cracking sound…

He was confused. As he looked around down the floor, he was terrified.

Under the cliff, there was a huge piece of flat land. It looked like just a few meters wide when he was falling down, but it turned out to be about one thousand meters wide.

That entire land was covered by human bones!

There were bones everywhere in his sight.

He couldn't tell how many.

He knew what it was now, but still, he was surprised when he felt the skull under his feet. He made a palm strike to the floor and countless of bones flew up. Three meters below, the black earth was revealed.

Apparently, it was soaked in blood for a long time.

He looked around and all he could see was the same thing. He took a cold breath and said, "How… How many people died here? There are absolutely more than one hundred thousand… perhaps even more than one million… One million dead bodies are far from enough to cover the entire floor three meters thick…"

It was reasonable to feel confused. Most of the dead bodies were rotted in this place. When he made the palm strike, some bones turned into ashes before they flew up.

A small part of the bones were still firm. In fact, it was in a bright color like white jade. When it was hit, it made a clear sound.

There was a femur right beside Ye Xiao's feet that was bright like a white jade. Ye Xiao grabbed it in the hand and knocked it. It sounded like metal.

He was confused. He started to pinch it, and it was absolutely still. When he pinched it with half of his full power, the bone finally cracked. However, there was only a small fissure on the bone.

Ye Xiao was only level four of Dream Origin Stage, but half of his power was already strong enough to knead a thick piece of steel. The bone was actually harder than a piece of steel!