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Chapter 915: My Soul Power, Your Strength!

Chapter 915: My Soul Power, Your Strength!
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That was a bone of a person who might have been dead tens of thousand years!

Ye Xiao thought of it and only felt frightened.

However, frightened as he was, he had to do what he should next. He piled the bones together, separating the hard ones from the rotten. After the time of a meal, he had cleared out an empty place under his feet.

"You were all heroic figures in your lives. It is just wrong and sad to let you be exposed to the wilderness. I happen to be here today and maybe I can do a little help on that. Rest in peace, masters."

He murmured and then hit the floor with one hand in full power. That immediately created a huge pit. He then moved all those normal bones into the pit.

He put those bright and hard stones away and decided to deal with them later.

"Whoever these bones belong to, they must be some real world-shocking figure in their time." Ye Xiao murmured, "You wouldn't want to stay with the ordinaries, right? Let me just bury you guys together, enemies or friends… just get along with each other… You can fight or you can drink, at least you won't feel lonely…"

As he collected and moved the bones, he tried to find Fierce Blade Li Wuliang's body.

It was only two years after Li Wuliang fell off the cliff. He wasn't one of the most powerful figures in the history, but he was in the top level of Dao Origin Stage after all. His body shouldn't rot so fast. Ye Xiao carefully checked every dead body that he moved…

He was looking for Li Wuliang's body in such an enormous amount of bones…

"Brother, I am here."

He made huge grave mounds behind him.

However, he hadn't sen Li Wuliang's body, not his sword either…

He was a bit frustrated. He had gotten countless soul power this time and it brought him great benefit. However, he didn't get the only thing he wanted right now. That was frustrating!

[Hmmm… Wait… Fierce Sword?]

[That's right! Fierce Sword!]

He thought of it and felt something strange. [That's right! So many people died in this place. There must be some extremely brutal fights in the old days.]

[Those must be really rough fights!]

[Here comes the question… Where are their weapons?]

[Even if their weapons were all broken, there must still be parts of their weapons!]

[Why… I have collected tens of thousands of dead bodies, yet not even one weapon have I found!]

[What is wrong?]

[Did they all fight with empty hands in the old days?]

[Even if they all fought without even one weapon, there must be the sword of Li Wuliang. It is a big flat land indeed, but it isn't a big place for my spiritual mind. How come I can't feel it? Why?]

When he was lost in deep thoughts, something happened on the ninety-nine mounds behind him. Something unbelievable just happened in the silence.

There was a stream of white smoke rising up on every mound. Ninety-nine smokes rose up and then joined as one in the sky joggling up.

Ye Xiao was deep in thoughts, but by the light of instinct, he sensed something wrong behind him. He turned around and found the smoke rising up from the ninety-nine mounds. There was a huge smoke column in the air.

He widely opened his eyes and nearly exclaimed out.

[What the… Am I haunted?]

Not that he was a coward or something, but what he saw was truly too strange, weird and creepy!

The smoke rose up to the sky and then suddenly rushed down to the floor. Then it disappeared.

Smoke flew up to the sky. It was common sense. How come the smoke actually went down to the floor?

What was happening?

However, things were more frightening than that.

Ye Xiao hadn't dealt with all the dead bodies on the floor yet. Wherever there were dead bodies, cracking sounds would echo out. Suddenly, the floor was rising up slowly, as if some giant animal was coming up from beneath the earth…

Ye Xiao was, of course, a brave man, but he was still scared so badly. His face turned pale! Without hesitation, he started to operate his martial art to full power.

After a while… - Boom! -

A huge stone stele showed up from beneath the ground!

'The battle today must be a secret to the future. Whoever buries us will be granted with great fortune.'

The words showed on top of the stele.

Ye Xiao was shocked.

[What the hell is going on?]

Things were totally out of his imagination here. One after another, he was surprised again and again down in the precipice. He was nearly scared out of his wits!

The stele showed up and some words appeared on it. What did that mean?

The words seemed to be just a beginning. After that, line after line, more words appeared on the stele. It showed up slowly but in rhythm.

'Three bolts of lightning. Cold sky. Million demons. Brothers and sisters. Sacrifice. Blood in the realm…'

'XX year XX month, without reason, three bolts of lightning connected the sky and earth, making a rift in the heaven. Millions of demons entered the realm…'

'Millions of brothers joined the demonic war against the demon. Demons had incredible weapons, which could kill us just by touching our bodies. Heaven Inverse Art activated the power of the magnetic mountain which removed all weapons from both sides. All weapons were gone.'

Ye Xiao was shocked. He murmured, "Demonic war…"

'Heaven Inverse Art removed all weapons. Ocean Overturning Art blocked all the ways. Thirty thousand brothers bravely embraced death… Their souls became blood chains… Demons died here, in the life and death battle. Nobody got away from this place, win or lose!'

Ye Xiao was absolutely astonished.

It was clearly written on the stele. In order to keep the demons from killing more people out in the world, the cultivators did whatever they could to draw the demons to this Sky Soul Precipice and started the last fight.

The cultivators used a martial art called Heaven Inverse Art to activate the power of the magnetic mountain from beyond the sky to remove all weapons.

After that, people on both sides would have to fight with empty hands. The cultivators operated Ocean Overturning Art to block all the ways out of the precipice too. They had to fight inside the precipice after that.

It wasn't just blocking the way out to stop the demons from escaping. The cultivators couldn't get out themselves either.

Before the fight really started, thirty thousand superior cultivators, who were all super powerful figures, killed themselves so as their soul power could become some restraining power, to keep all living things imprisoned in the precipice.

Nobody could leave alive.

That revealed the cruelness and severity of the war.

'After this, the demons will surely be destroyed. Our brothers will have to die in this precipice too. The soul chain will be loosened after one hundred thousand years. We will become ashes till then. Men should follow their brave hearts. We live or die, but we have nothing to regret. However, it is still a shame to have our bodies exposed in the wild.'

'Our honorable spirits will never die! Whoever of our future generation is destined to come to this place and bury us, will be granted with enormous soul power. It will help him become an undying legend, as our return for favor.'

'Soul power! Promise! Forever!'

'My name is the least important. Millions of brothers stay here with me. I am never alone. My life is devoted to the war against demons. What a wonderful life!'

The words disappeared after that.

It was simply written, a clear narrative of the story. Nothing more. Every word seemed to be casual and normal, as if nobody had treated this thing any serious.

However, it revealed the generousness and braveness of the person who wrote these words!

Millions of heroes fought against the demons and died with the invaders. They sacrificed their lives to protect the realm.

Such heroic figures!

"This is a true story of the real heroes! Undying legend! A hundred years later, the words were still shining with glory and vigor!" Ye Xiao was respectful.

This was the reason why the three factions couldn't collect the soul power.

The will of the dead.

Only the one who buried their bodies could be granted the soul power!

The three factions could never get the soul power. They would even be afflicted by death!

Ye Xiao understood all now.

He didn't stop moving the dead bodies and continued burying them one by one.

When he was doing it, the jade-like bones that had been in this place for tens of thousands of years and never rotten, suddenly all turned into ashes!

Only a stream of cyan qi appeared from each piece of the bones. That was the purest soul power. Every cultivator left only a little of it. The power gathered in the air, and then after a while, rushed into Ye Xiao's head.

Ye Xiao couldn't resist it even if he wanted to. He had to accept it. The purest soul power entered his body and he suddenly felt the universe exploding inside his mind. Everything suddenly fell into pieces in his sight.

The reality became an image full of colorful broken pieces!

- Puff! -

Ye Xiao straightly fell down to the ground with his face up.

The world was spinning in his head. He felt a really bad headache.