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Chapter 916: Undying Heroes!

Chapter 916: Undying Heroes!
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He felt like he was an inflating picket that kept inflating all the time. That was his only feeling right now.

He knew that he was close to the edge, that he couldn't inflate any bigger, but the power that inflated him didn't stop. It was getting stronger and stronger…

His mind was expanding. That made him suffer.

All skills, knowledge, technique, martial arts… whatever he had learned in the two lives, were useless at the moment!

Because it was irresistible. Even though it was reaching the edge of his endurance, the power was improving his mind's flexibility at the same time, so that he wouldn't break down when the power was expanding in him. That enabled him to keep going.

However, even though it kept him in a safe zone, he still had to suffer the pain as if he was getting through eighteen floors of hell.

Ye Xiao's body was twisting. He was rolling around on the ground. He wanted to exclaim to vent the pain out but couldn't. He felt that his entire body was twisted into some weird shape…

He had experienced lots of things in the two lives. He had even died once. He had been through the three months special training which was like a torture in hell. He used to think there was nothing else that was too painful to endure!

However, he was wrong. He knew it now. The death, the torturing training program, and all that he had been through were mostly physical pain. What was happening to him at the moment was on his soul. That power was working on his soul. It tortured his soul to the edge and made his soul become stronger and stronger. That pain was the most difficult to bear in his life!

He was sure the power inside him must be the purest. Such soul power had the most benefit for him.

However, he had to bear all the extreme pain now!

This was a gift from the heroes in the ancient days!

No matter how painful it was, he had to hold on with it!

The bodies of the heroes had vanished. Only those most powerful ones could keep their willpower stay. In fact, each of them only had one tiny bit of their power left in the world.

There were so many of them. All those tiny bits of power joined together made an enormous mass of energy. It wasn't easy to bear.

It was an extremely painful process.

Ye Xiao had never felt such pain ever!

He was so sure that he could last long!

The pain hit him wave after wave like tides. He felt that his mind, his soul, his consciousness… were all growing in the extreme pain.

Maybe it was the pain that activated the improvement of his soul, or maybe it was the improvement of his soul that caused the pain on him. Within one hour, his soul power had become ten times stronger!

The initial pain he thought to be the worst had grown even more. It was at least eight times stronger now…

Ye Xiao was sure… that other cultivators who were even beyond level eight of Dream Origin Stage would fail to bear such pain. They might break down and become crackbrained under such a painful torture!

Even those in low levels of Dao Origin Stage couldn't handle it!

After some time, he finally felt the pain decreasing. He felt better and better about it. He felt more and more comfortable…

"… Oh heavens… My heavens… That…" Ye Xiao lied on the floor. He was exhausted. He couldn't move even a bit. He felt like a mass of cotton or a pile of flour.

He didn't even have the energy to blink. However, he could feel the strong power of his mind.

He felt that he could cover the entire Qing-Yun Realm with his spiritual mind. That was what he felt right now!

In fact, it was impossible. Not to mention Ye Xiao, even Wu Fa, who was known as the No. 1 cultivator in the realm, couldn't cover over so much with his spiritual mind. However, Ye Xiao did feel the dramatical improvement of his mind power. He was obsessed with this feeling. He was sure his mind power was stronger than his previous life now!

That was right. Even Xiao Monarch, who was in the top level of Dao Origin Stage, couldn't compare to him right now!

Not only the mind power was much stronger now, but also his soul!

He was stronger than the previous life in soul power, and his soul power was purer than before!

Ye Xiao's soul power would still be improved as his cultivation level went up. His soul power would improve no matter if he would cultivate the soul power particularly or not. Every upgrade, his soul power would be stronger. Xiao Monarch's soul power stopped growing because he was already in the top level of Dao Origin Stage in Qing-Yun Realm. There was no room to improve anymore!

He had gained a lot this time. He was surely happy about it. However, he had been lying on the ground for about eight hours because he was too weak to move. When he was able to move a bit, he started to check how much he was benefited in this. He couldn't stop grinning when he did it.

He had gotten a lot.

The first thing he did after he got up was to clean the bone ashes. It was him being respectful when he first decided to sort out the bones and bury them. He didn't want the heroes to be exposed in the wildness.

However, as he did it again, he was more grateful than just respectful.

He respected them because they sacrificed themselves to fight against the enemies in this place.

That was heroic! That was a great move!

All they wanted was not just the joy of killing the enemies, but the peace for the entire world. They wanted the world to get away from the demons!

That was why they decided to kill themselves.

Before the battle started, they knew they would die there. They knew it was a one-way ticket.

They would sacrifice themselves to make sure none of the demons would go out to murder innocent people!

How could he not respect such heroic figures!

After working for a full day, he finally buried all the bones.

The entire land was full of huge mounds.

When he was taking care of the bones, he carefully used the rocks around the place to make a wall to make a cemetery.

The entree of the cemetery, there was a stone stele standing high.

'In Memory of the Undying Heroes!'

'Set by a humble young man, Ye Xiao, with respect to their glory.'