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Chapter 917: Where Is Li Wuliang?

Chapter 917: Where Is Li Wuliang?
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Ye Xiao stood in front of the stele, humble and solemn. He bowed and stayed low for a long time.

After all was done, he started to think about the one question he cared from the beginning… Where was Li Wuliang?

Where was Li Wulaing?

And his Fierce Sword?

Where was it?

The heroes who died in this place had no weapons because they did it on purpose. The magnetic mountain took all the weapons away before the demonic war began. It was reasonable that none of them left any weapon in this place. However, Li Wuliang fell down to this place only two years earlier. His body might be rotten, but the sword must be somewhere in this place!

How come Ye Xiao still didn't find it?

He was quite confident that he could recognize Li Wuliang's body from the other bodies. However, other than the weapon, he didn't find the body either. Besides, when the willpower of the dead cultivators came out, all bones turned into ashes. There should be no other full bodies anymore.

There came another question.

Li Wuliang didn't make such a strong wish with such a powerful willpower. He died only two years earlier. Powerful as he was, his body shouldn't have rotten so fast…

Ye Xiao searched the entire place again but still found nothing.


Nothing at all!

He looked around and all he could see was the dense fog around him. He couldn't see any further, even with his Yin Yang Eyes on.

He frowned.

"Why? According to the landscape of this place, when Brother Li was hit and fell off the cliff… he shouldn't have hit anything when he fell down. He should have fallen straight down to the ground here!

"It is at least twenty thousand meters from the top of the mountain… He was badly injured when he fell off. In fact, even if he was in prime condition, he would still die for sure after falling straight down and hitting the ground…"

"But… He just disappeared… There is no clue of him at all… What happened?"

He frowned in confusion.

While he was lost in thought, he casually walked to a place on the edge of this land. He got to a corner where there were lots of plants growing in it, like all plants in this place were gathered together.

Ye Xiao looked at the bush in front of him. He didn't notice anything at the beginning, but as he looked at it, he found something wrong.

"This is strange… The war in the old days was so dramatic. The entire land should be affected… How come there are no even grasses in other places, yet there are so many plants growing in this corner? This must be a special place!"

He frowned and stared at a bush. After a while, he made a palm strike. The energy of the strike unrooted the grasses and bush.


He was shocked.

What came after that palm strike had truly shocked him!

After the plants were removed, there was a fissure on the cliff. The top of the fissure was only as wide as half a hand. The bottom of the fissure was almost two meters wide! He looked into the fissure and couldn't see the end.

However, he saw a hole. It was dark inside and he couldn't see anything in it.

"The war happened at least a hundred thousand years ago. Nobody in Qing-Yun Realm knows about it. Even the three factions didn't know it…

"In the hundred thousand years, the power chain in this mountain eventually disappeared as time passed by. It became an ordinary mountain. Is this fissure an outcome of the earth's movement

"Maybe because of it, the fissure was produced, and the power chain was destroyed. Day by day, the power of nature shaped this mountain into an ordinary mountain…

"No matter what, this fissure must be important. It must have appeared many years after the war ended… The super powerful cultivators wouldn't have left such a leak.

"What's inside this fissure? Where does it lead to?"

Ye Xiao searched around trying to find Li Wuliang's body, but he got nothing. With a long sigh, he moved to the hole without any hesitation.

Erhuo was naturally running before him.

When he was about to enter the hole, he suddenly thought of something. He reached out one hand and made a pulling power. A huge pile of mud moved over to him fast.

When he entered the cave, the entrance of the cave was blocked by the mud.

The hole couldn't be seen from the outside anymore.

Erhuo was leading the road, and Ye Xiao was following. A man and a cat, they were both walking in the cave quietly.

Ye Xiao's Yin Yang Eyes wasn't at a high level, so he still couldn't see clearly in the dark cave. However, he could still see some of the things around him. It was much better than being blind.

As they moved forward, the cave was getting more and more spacious. However, he felt something cold in the cave. He was quite familiar with the coldness now after experiencing it for so many times. Sometimes, he would hit something in the cave. It turned out to be stalactite that was formed after hundreds of thousands of years.

These were not important though. The most important thing…

He couldn't see clearly, but he still had sharp feelings by touch. He could feel some stalactite was broken. There were some broken parts of the stalactite on the floor. He had found many of them already.

It was normal that the stalactite would break and fall down to the ground, however, as he touched the fracture, he found it was new. If one or two fractures were new, it was still reasonable. However, there were many stalactites with a new fracture. In fact, all the fractures he found were new. That only pointed out one possibility…

"Did somebody enter this room before me?"

"These fractures… The stalactites are broken not very long ago…"

He was suddenly enlightened. "This… Wait… Is Li Wuliang alive? Did he make this? It must be… He is alive!"

Thinking about that, he urged Erhuo, "Erhuo! Move faster! Quick!"