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Chapter 918: You Are Alive, Brother!

Chapter 918: You Are Alive, Brother!
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Erhuo meowed and twisted its mouth in disdain.

[The darkness and the space shape cannot slow me at all. I just want you to be able to catch up with me, you dumb*ss! How shameless are you to urge me?]

They had walked for a long time in the dark, till they finally saw a bit of light.

It was just a bit of light, but it was like the flush of dawn sweeping away the darkness!

Ye Xiao was spirited. He moved even faster to the light.

- Boom! -

He carelessly hit a clod over his head. He moved so fast that he kept rushing forward after hitting that clod.

Suddenly, sun shined upon him, and at the same time, there was coldness.

The coldness meant nothing to him really. However, the sun burned his eyes a little. He closed his eyes for a while until he made sure that his eyes had gotten used to the brightness. He opened his eyes slowly.

And then he was shocked by what he saw.


The coldness was from everywhere. He was surrounded by a world of snow. He had reached a valley full of snow and ice. No roads or anything else except ice and snow. Mountains were so tall, reaching the clouds. Such a weird place.

The mountains were so hard and slippery. No weapons could cause any damage on the mountains before him, and nobody could climb it.

There was another hole at the foot of one of the mountains. It was almost covered by the snow. However, it seemed somebody, or perhaps something frequently got in and out the hole.

Ye Xiao thought for a while and said, "Hello? Anybody?"

As he spoke, his voice echoed from everywhere.


"… body…"


It kept resounding in the valley.

Before the echo stopped, another voice deeply sounded, "Such a sh*t hole… yet there is another person here now? Should I say lucky or unlucky?" This man seemed to be talking to himself. It was echoing too.

The echoing voice made the place feel like a dreamland. Everything seemed so fake.

When Ye Xiao heard the voice, his blood started to boil up. His face turned red and tears nearly shed out of his eyes because of extreme happiness. He shouted loudly, "Li Wuliang! You f*cking bastard! You god damn prick! You are actually alive! How come you are still alive! You asshole! You actually survived!"

"God damn!" Ye Xiao laughed out loud and shouted loud.

He was indescribably surprised and delighted!

It was not just echoing this time. It was strongly reverberating! He inadvertently spoke with his loudest voice. It was so loud that the echo was so loud too. The sound came back to him from everywhere like moving mountains. It nearly caused a snow slide which was powerful enough to bury the entire mountain.

A man showed up from inside the cave. He was tall and had a muscular body, with a full beard on his face. He was just like a huge mountain standing there, looking at Ye Xiao in the eyes. "You… Who are you? How… How do you recognize me? Why are you calling me a bastard? Why would you talk to me like that… You…"

Apparently, he wasn't pissed by Ye Xiao's impolite words. Instead, he felt so familiar with the way Ye Xiao talked. It sounded like Xiao Monarch, but the two looked totally different. Li Wuliang was confused and nearly speechless!

"Who am I? I am your master! I am you bloody master, you prick!" Ye Xiao laughed out loud and rushed over to Li Wuliang. He raised up a fist and made a strike. When the fist was moving in the air, he turned it into a palm. His five fingers hit the air and suddenly made thousands of breezes at the same time.

The air in front of his palm started to shake and then appeared as a word.


Ye Xiao didn't stop his hand. It kept waving in the air stirring up strong wind. The wind kept hitting the word 'Xiao', which was made with spiritual qi. The word started to spin and move towards Li Wuliang.

The word kept spinning in the air like a man laughing wildly.

"You don't recognize me, but you have to recognize this word! Don't you dare to not recognize it! I will torture you for seven whole days!" Ye Xiao laughed loudly. He looked so happy and spirited.

Fierce Blade Li Wuliang was shocked as if he was hit by a lightning. After a while, he spoke with his shaking lips, "You… You are… Ye Xiao?"

Ye Xiao jumped over to him and held him in the arms while laughing loudly, "You god damn bastard! You are alive! You are actually alive!"

Li Wuliang was shocked and confused. At the same time, he was also happy and surprised. He stared at Ye Xiao and said, "You… what happened to your face? You died and revived in another's body? Walk-in?" [1]

Li Wuliang knew Ye Xiao so well. He recognized him just through his palm strike, the way he talked, and his facial expressions… He was sure it was his best friend, his brother, Xiao Monarch!

Even though he was now in a totally different body, he was Ye Xiao!

However, he was curious about what happened to Ye Xiao.

It was reasonable that he made such a guess, considering their cultivation levels. Gu Jinlong was just level three of Dao Origin stage and he could operate a Walk-in. Ye Xiao had reached the top of level nine of Dao Origin Stage back in the old days!

"Long story." Ye Xiao shook his head and smiled. "Let me see your doghouse now. I would love to see what it looks like. Hahahaha…"

Li Wuliang felt like he was dreaming. Ye Xiao pushed him back into the cave. Li Wuliang was blank as if he was still having a daydream.

Fierce Blade, who used to be world-shocking in the old days, was now wearing ragged clothes that barely covered his body. His upper body was naked, showing his copper-skin chest which was full of bruises and scars.

His beard and hair were disheveled. It must have been a long time since he last took care of them. A few pieces of cloth were tied on his waist, covering his private part. Some feathers too. Maybe he used them as decoration, or just to cover the bigger part of his body.

However, his body was still strong as always.

The day when Ye Xiao met Guan Lingxiao, he felt so familiar to the big guy, because he had the same size body with Li Wuliang. In fact, when he saw Li Wuliang again, he realized how big the difference was between them.

Guan Lingxiao was tall and big, like a mountain that people could only look up to.

However, Li Wuliang gave people an even more enormous image, beyond just mountains. He stood there and already made people feel like facing a great mountain range!

He was naturally overwhelming.

He just stood there and his two shoulders looked so strong as if they could carry the sky.

He was just like that!

Even though he was barely wearing anything, with disheveled hair, he was still domineering and vigorous!


[1] A walk-in is a new-age concept of a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new soul, either temporarily or permanently.